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Lincoln, the capital city of Nebraska, serves as the economic and cultural pivot for larger Lincoln Metropolitan area, and is loved by the residents for its dense suburban vibe and the small town-big city feel. Essentially a college town, that many people look at as a boring place, Lincoln is in actuality quite a unique city to live in with its cultural attractions, abundance of farmland, and the cannot-miss historic Haymarket District!

All in all whether you are looking to move to Lincoln for college, or as a professional attracted to the opportunities offered by the growing Silicon Prairie, rest assured the city is as great a place to raise a family as to settle in after retirement. Whatever maybe your reason to move to Lincoln one thing is for sure. You’ll have to be quick at ensuring your new home gets equipped with high-speed internet that you can count on for all tasks big and small. After all, you cannot live on mobile broadband hotspots for long.

Our article today focuses on one of the most widely available internet services in Lincoln, NE. Read on and see if Windstream Communications is able to deliver what your new home needs.  

About Windstream Communications

Windstream Communications began its operations in 2006 following a merger between Alltel’s local landline service and Valor Communications Group. The company not only delivers voice, data network communications, and managed services to U.S. businesses, but high-speed internet and voice services for residential consumption.

Currently, Windstream offers high-speed DSL and pure Fiber connections to its urban and suburban communities in 18 states. And it is also one of the few wired providers with a rather impressive footprint in rural America. Windstream Communications has invested significantly to expand its fiber line network further into its service locations, and it is estimated by the year 2027, its Fiber network will come to cover about 50% of its nationwide footprint. For now, where Windstream Kinetic Fiber has not yet reached, customers can take advantage of Fiber powered hybrid DSL internet which is pretty widely accessible.  

Whether you can connect via Windstream Kinetic Fiber or high-speed DSL, the broadband service is one of the fastest and most reliable in the U.S.

How does Windstream Kinetic Internet compare in Lincoln, NE?

Among the 15 residential internet service providers in the city Windstream is the second most widely available across Lincoln neighborhoods. Its high-speed DSL and Fiber covers nearly 99% of the city, and in about 1% neighborhoods you also find cable broadband from the provider.  

With plenty of wireless service providers in Lincoln and fewer wired options, Windstream’s wireline service faces real competition when pitched against strong rivals such as Spectrum and Allo Fiber. Services overlap, and compete viciously, to say the least. But high speeds with an enticing price tag make Windstream packages a great choice for cord-cutter homes that are not looking for internet and TV bundles rather super fast internet that supports streaming TV.  

Let’s take a look at service features and perks you can enjoy with Windstream Kinetic in Lincoln, so you can better compare when in the market to buy.

Windstream Internet plans & prices in Lincoln, NE

Windstream Internet covers an array of household sizes and their internet usage patterns with the variety of its speed tiers. Everyone from a light internet user to a pro gamer with heavy online needs, as well as everyone in between stands covered. The one downside however is speed availability at your address. As that depends solely on your location, as to what the Windstream network is able to deliver.

Largely speaking, the city does get to choose from speeds between 25 Mbps and 1 Gbps. And some Windstream Kinetic plans are more popular than others. For instance, the 200, 400, and 500 Mbps tiers are perfect for the vast majority of households where multiple devices and users must be connected. If adults work from home, young ones learn online, the family runs its in-home entertainment via streaming TV, and the love for online gaming runs strong, any of these speed tiers work well. The Gig service is ideal for ultra connected homes, with smart home security devices that need reliable high-speed internet with ample bandwidth.

As we said earlier, the best thing about Windstream Internet packages is the totally jaw-dropping price tag. With one of the best promotional offers in town, Windstream Kinetic packages in Lincoln pretty much steal the show for cord-cutters. Even if you compare the standard month-to-month price option for each plan, you will be pleasantly surprised. Standard rate with a month-to-month payment option is a true winner when you look at what competitors are charging.    

Here, take a look at popular Windstream Internet plans available in Lincoln, NE. But, make sure you take the time to confirm speed availability at your new address with a Windstream Customer Service representative at 1-855-349-9312.

Windstream Internet Plan

Max. Download Speeds

Promo Price

Windstream Kinetic 200

  232 Mbps

$19.99/mo. for 12 months
First 3 months Internet & Modem FREE
Regular: $39.99/mo.

Windstream Kinetic 400

  450 Mbps

$29.99/mo. for 12 months
First 3 months Internet & Modem FREE
Regular: $49.99/mo.

Windstream Kinetic 500

  799 Mbps

$39.99/mo. for 12 months
First 3 months Internet & Modem FREE
Regular: $59.99/mo.  

Windstream Kinetic GIG

1,000 Mbps

 $49.99/mo. for 12 months
First 3 months Internet & Modem FREE
Regular: $69.99/mo. 


Windstream Kinetic Internet: Appealing service perks

30-day money-back guarantee

If for any reason you do not feel satisfied with Windstream Kinetic Internet, you can always cancel the service within 30 days of service installation.

The provider will refund you all service charges, any modem fee for equipment rented out to you, and install charges you incurred. Which means there is a no-risk really.

Fiber-backed speeds

As we mentioned earlier, Windstream network is backed by the most advanced Fiber technology, which keeps your digital lifestyle afloat with added advantage. With stable internet speeds, connecting multiple devices to the network becomes all the more easy.

From working remotely to attending online meetings and classes, carrying out everyday chores such as banking, shopping, and more, as well as indulging in fun activities like gaming and  streaming video, you can do it all with a reliable Windstream Kinetic Internet connection. 

No data cap

No matter which Windstream Internet plan you subscribe to, all of them come without a data cap. While you may not need unlimited data to indulge in your favorite online activities, it certainly is a great perk because it removes the anxiety of having to pay an overage fee, running out of data at the most unexpected time, or facing reduced internet speeds.

No annual contract

When you opt for Windstream, you are not required to sign an annual contract. Meaning, even if you decide to cancel the service at any time, you won’t have to pay an early termination fee. So, if you are not into commitments, choose a month-to-month plan for maximum flexibility. Another great advantage which makes the Windstream Internet service a worthwhile experience.

To wrap it up

Before we go, let’s add, Windstream home phone service is a great addition to your internet subscription. For $20 more per month you can give your new Lincoln home a reliable backup. It’ll also gets you unlimited nationwide talk time, essential and popular calling features, and alerts for spam calls.  Additionally, you can bundle Windstream Internet with modem and Total Secure, to squeeze more value from your internet subscription. Each of these Windstream Internet deals is pretty value packed and can help you save on your utility bills overall.

We hope the info we have shared above helps you make a more informed choice if Windstream Internet plans are indeed available where you live. Make sure you reach out to Windstream Customer Service at 1-855-349-9312 to determine availability of Windstream offers in your area. Representatives can assist you with pro advice regarding the best Windstream package for your new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Windstream Internet monthly?

Windstream Internet speeds and prices vary depending on your area. To inquire about Windstream plans available to in your area, speak to Windstream Customer Service representatives at 1-855-349-9312.

Does Windstream have WiFi?

With Windstream Kinetic One plans, you get a wireless gateway device. If you are more interested in other plans offered by Windstream, which do not come with WiFi for your home included in the monthly service charge, you can rent the equipment from the provider. The monthly rental cost is between $6-$10 per month depending on where you live.