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With a population of nearly 5000 people, Le Claire, Iowa is one of the fastest growing communities in the Quad Cities. Considered both a part and a suburb of the Quad Cities Metropolitan area, Le Claire is   situated on a beautiful bend along the upper Mississippi River. Many people know this small city as the site for History Channel’s reality TV series American Pickers, and home to Antique Archaeology, an antiques store that got featured on the show.

Le Claire offers plenty of unique attractions. A day at the Buffalo Bill Museum as you listen to the story of Bill Cody, a wine tasting session at the Wide River Winery in the historic downtown, or a cruise aboard the Riverboat Twilight. The city gives you opportunities to shop, eat and have outdoor fun despite its dense rural feel.

The city’s safe environment, its country vibe, local business diversity, the well educated and cultured communities, and its closeness to larger Quad cities like Davenport, make it a great place to raise a family. While living in Le Claire may not be as cheap you’d imagine given the city’s size, the quality of living is well worth it. You will be surprised to find 11 ISPs serving the residential quarters of the city, and like so 94% of its population has access to multiple wireline services.

How does MetroNet in Le Claire, Iowa compare?

Le Claire gets access to the full variety of residential internet types. Fixed wireless, high-speed DSL, satellite, Cable, and Fiber, all are available. As for Fixed Wireless and Satellite, these internet types do not really cut the deal when you can get high-speed internet via a wired network. If however, you are part of a community that is beyond the reach of wireline services, wireless internet becomes a viable option. Whether it is HughesNet satellite internet or Fixed Wireless from T-Mobile.

As for wired providers, Windstream, CenturyLink, Mediacom and MetroNet rule the Le Claire market. Mediacom is the only cable broadband option. Windstream and CenturyLink primarily deliver high-speed DSL in Le Claire and also have a pure Fiber service, which remains limited to more select neighborhoods. And this is where MetroNet Fiber gets an edge despite being a smaller sized service provider. The MetroNet network covers 72% of the city’s population with its Fiber-to-the-home connections.

In many neighborhoods you’re also likely to see MetroNet Fiber pitched against Mediacom’s widely available Fiber-backed cable broadband. Like its competitor MetroNet also delivers a TV and home phone service over its 100% Fiber network. And you can bundle services under the same roof and on one bill, to save the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors, especially when new to the city. So, this is where you must know which network type would do the trick for your needs, and how well does MetroNet compete when you judge the value of offers from your unique viewpoint.

MetroNet Fiber Internet plans & prices in Le Claire, Iowa

MetroNet started off from Greencastle, Indiana, with its first Fiber network. And grew to make the 100% Fiber advantage accessible to about 5 million people in 7 states. The Tallahassee, Florida market is the most recent addition to the list of MetroNet service locations. The provider has remained focused on provision of FTTH (fiber-all-the-way) connections at affordable rates, which gives it a significant edge over competition. 

In Le Claire, Iowa, MetroNet Internet speeds max out at 1 Gbps, downstream and upstream. One big advantage of 100% Fiber is that you can get symmetrical speeds for downloads and uploads. Along with all the bandwidth that you don’t get with any other internet type.

For an ultra connected home with multiple users and devices that must remain seamlessly connected the Gig service is a great fit. Lower MetroNet Fiber speed tiers include 100, 200 and 500 Mbps plans, which can take care of a variety of household sizes from small to medium.

Get a good idea of the number of users/devices that connect routinely in your household, and also as to what kind of activities is the internet used for. And take your pick from one of the following plans available in Le Claire. With unlimited data, and a 100% Fiber connection, you will not be disappointed, especially given the appealing price tag.

MetroNet Internet Plan


MetroNet Internet prices

100/100 Mbps


200/200 Mbps


for the first 12 months

Regular Rate: $59.95/mo.

Include whole-home WiFi and get the special offer for 24 months
$54.95/mo. for the first 12 months
$59.95/mo. for next 12 month

500/500 Mbps


for the first 12 months
Regular Rate: $69.95/mo.

Include whole-home WiFi and get the special offer for 24 months
$64.95/mo. for the first 24 months

1/1 Gbps


for the first 6 months

for the next 12 months
Regular Rate: $89.95/mo.

Include whole-home WiFi and get the special offer for 24 months

$69.95/mo. for the first 12 months
$74.95/mo. for next 12 months


Appealing Perks with MetroNet Fiber Internet in Le Claire, IA:

No data cap

MetroNet understands the consumer preferences and chooses to allow subscribers the freedom they want. You get to enjoy unlimited internet data every month with all internet plans. Chances are, you may not need unlimited data to accomplish your day-to-day tasks, but you’ll be at peace knowing you will not run out of data, face throttled speeds, or incur an overage fee.  

No mandatory annual contract

MetroNet does not bind you in an annual contract. If you are not one for commitments, just take the month-to-month option instead of going for a discounted special offer. When your broadband service is for a term longer than one month, in case of an early cancellation you are likely to incur a pro-rated early termination fee.

MetroNet Contract Buyout

MetroNet offers you up to $150 in contract buyout. If you are tied up to sub-par broadband service only because of a hefty early termination fee, MetroNet helps you out. You can switch to 100% Fiber, and send MetroNet a copy of your final invoice from your ex-provider. They will place the corresponding credit on your account.

The total buyout credit is calculated based on the ETF amount on the bill from your ex-provider, and is not to exceed $150. Just make sure you send all pertinent details to MetroNet within 60 days of service installation. 

MetroNet Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Aware of the fact broadband access on the go is a must these days, MetroNet endeavors to provide you with secure high-speed internet via its WiFi hotspots in specific locations. So if you are out for the day in Davenport, and in the range of the MetroNet Storefront on West Kimberly Rd., you will be able to connect to MetroNet out-of-home WiFi.  

MetroNet bundling options

MetroNet Fiber TV and home phone services bundle with Fiber internet to give you better value for your money, and a chance to have a complete residential service suite via one provider.

MetroNet IPTV service is delivered over pure Fiber and offers 3 channel tiers. The Basic, Standard and Preferred.

As for the MetroNet home phone, you can get a real bargain deal if you choose to include it with your internet subscription. For $4.95/mo. (for 12 months) you can enjoy 1000 FREE domestic long distance free minutes, unlimited local calling, and 17 handy calling features. So if you have family elsewhere in the U.S., add it to the bundle, and enjoy the free talk time.

The Final Word

MetroNet is without doubt a worthy choice in Le Claire, Iowa. The pure Fiber advantage is brought straight to your door step over Fiber lines, unlike most providers of hybrid internet that is backed by Fiber. Like so you get the full benefit of a fiber optic network.

From learning online to working remotely, carrying out everyday tasks like banking and shopping, relaxing with streaming TV or online gaming. You can do it all with a reliable MetroNet Internet connection. The best part is the attractive price points which add to the appeal of  MetroNet services.

We hope our discussion today helps you compare better with other options in your Le Claire neighborhood. To confirm MetroNet availability at your address, you can speak to a MetroNet Customer Service representative at 1-844-343-1143 anytime. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MetroNet internet available in my area?

MetroNet offers are available in 7 states including Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, and Kentucky. More recently the Tallahassee, Florida market has been added to the MetroNet service locations. To confirm MetroNet availability at your address, you can speak to a MetroNet Customer Service representative at 1-844-343-1143 anytime. 

How can I get MetroNet Fiber Services installed?

Reach out to a MetroNet representative at 1-844-343-1143. MetroNet Customer Service representatives will help as necessary.

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