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A cluster of big and small islands in the Pacific, some 2,000 miles from mainland U.S., the 50th state of Hawaii does not really need an intro. Its 750 miles of immaculate coastline marked by dormant volcanos, lush and lofty landscapes, vibrant sunsets, stunning beaches, wildlife, food, culture, and history make it a sought-after destination for holidaymakers.

Moving to Hawaii maybe a great idea for people who don’t mind the high cost of living in the “paradise on earth”, so to speak. But, for thousands of American tourists Hawaii presents a combination of beauty and serenity, which makes it a perfect place to escape from the ultra-fast pace and loud hubbub of the urban life in the mainland states.

Whether you plan to settle down on one of the 7 inhabited Hawaiian Islands, or you have a vacation home in the Pacific, either way you cannot ignore the connectivity factor. You must look out for resources you can rely on. After all you’ll be many hours away from family and friends in the U.S., and travelling back and forth is not the least as easy as crossing the state border between California and Oregon or Alabama and Georgia. Internet accessibility thus becomes critical.

What Is Internet Accessibility Like In Hawaii?

In the late 1960s, ARPANET (The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) planted the seedling for the Internet of modern day. In 1973, when only around 40 computers belonging to U.S. universities and government concerns were connected to the ARPANET, the University of Hawaii became the first to develop a wireless computer network ALOHAnet, and connect to ARPANET via satellite. Not only the development of ALOHAnet was revolutionary, it proved to be the basis of any modern form of wireless data networking and modern day wireless internet.

Today, nearly 99% Hawaiian population gets access to wired internet, DSL, Cable and Fiber. An impressive 97.7% get 100 Mbps or faster broadband. And perhaps to your surprise 58% Hawaiians can also enjoy 1 Gig service if they so wish. The current average state-wide speed settles in at around 114 Mbps, and Hawaii ranks #27 when it comes to state-wise broadband access around the U.S. All in all these statistics are nothing less than noteworthy.

What’s more, you find a great mix of internet service providers on the island state. On one hand there are ISPs like SpectrumTM and HughesNet® which carry a massive reputation for cable broadband and satellite internet in their service locations across the mainland U.S. And on the other you have the likes of Hawaiian Telcom which have history and roots in Hawaii itself.

What Type Of Internet Is Available In Hawaii?

When you are searching for an internet connection, there are several factors you must keep in mind. And, one of the most important aspects, which is often forgotten, is the type of internet connection. Based on an assessment of your home needs, you can get an idea as to which type of internet service can fulfil your bandwidth, speed and data needs. Here is one look at the types of internet services available in Hawaii, and what is it best for.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

DSL internet is available to about 95% of the Hawaiian population. Delivered over pre-existing Copper line phone network, DSL gets you online connectivity without interfering with your landline connection. DSL speeds vary depending on the networking technologies utilized by an ISP. Traditional DSL is slow but residential high-speed DSL can deliver up to 100 Mbps nowadays. When you don’t have Cable or Fiber, and DSL is the only wired option as opposed to satellite, you must think twice about settling in with either.


Cable broadband is faster than DSL. It is delivered over the same coaxial cables that get your cable TV. While conventional Cable systems may not be able to deliver higher than 500 Mbps, hybrid Fiber-Coaxial networks can get you up to 1,000 Mbps. Even upload speeds go as high as 35 Mbps with most providers. For homes where multiple device connectivity and bandwidth extensive activities are a norm, Cable is a wise choice relative to DSL. Cable Broadband is available to 96% Hawaiians.


Fiber optic internet is the fastest type of internet you can currently get in the residential market. With speeds up to 1 Gig, Fiber delivers all the bandwidth a large household needs. You get the edge with data travelling at nearly the speed of light through optic fibers that constitute Fiber cables. And the fast and sturdy connection is able to handle all devices and users in your family with ease. As we said earlier, Hawaii is one of the luckier states, with over 56% population able to access fiber optic internet.


Satellite internet saves the day for many communities across the mainland U.S., and no less in Hawaii. In parts of Hawaii where a wireline service is unavailable, or the only accessible wired option does not cut it for you, satellite internet makes for a wise option. While it is far more susceptible to external factors given how satellite communications work, and is also the pricier option, satellite internet can still be a better choice if all you have is Fixed Wireless or slow DSL. Its 100% availability in Hawaii makes it a top choice for suburban and rural communities away from the reach of wireline services.

Fixed Wireless

Relatively new in the U.S. residential market, Fixed Wireless comes to the rescue of many communities which cannot get a worthy wired option or none at all. Compared to satellite, it is low on latency which makes it a better option, especially if you can get it as fast as 25 Mbps or above. Plus it is less costly. In Hawaii, Fixed Wireless is available primarily via Aloha Broadband, and its coverage extends to areas like South Point, Ocean View, the Hawaiian Paradise Park and more.

Our Pick Of Top Internet Providers In Hawaii

When searching for an internet service provider you have to make sure you scrutinize available options in every aspect to evaluate which is a better fit for your home. Knowledge of what you are looking for and what is available in your area comes in handy when you start to compare options in order to narrow down to the best suited one for your digital lifestyle.

In the Hawaiian Islands choice is sure abundant. And over half of the population also has access to a “low-priced” i.e. $60/mo. or less internet plan. But there are pockets of communities without access to a wireline service. And others where only one wired option is at the residents’ disposal. Our top picks of internet providers in Hawaii are based on network coverage, the overall quality of service, and the value for money you get with these provider’s offerings.

It is likely that you’ll see Cable pitched against high-speed DSL or Fiber in many Hawaiian neighborhoods that enjoy access to wired services. And this is where your knowledge of how the internet service type can impact your connection’s performance will help you assess better.

Read on to learn about popular Hawaii Internet choices, and see which one holds the potential to become your home provider.

Hawaiian Telcom

Hawaiian Telcom is rooted in Hawaii, and is counted as the 12th largest DSL provider in the U.S. with services accessible to an estimated 1.3 million people. But, the provider has fast upgraded its network infrastructure so as to deliver Fiber-to-the-Home connections, bringing the full advantage of cutting-edge internet to the residents of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Telcom Internet is the only straight-to-your-home Fiber service in Hawaii. And, you get to pick from plans that offer speeds ranging up to 1 Gig. The provider delivers the fastest upload speeds available in the market, because pure Fiber means not just powerful downloads but uploads. With the $14.99/mo. add-on, you can bag whole-home WiFi, internet security, 24/7 local tech support, and coverage for inside wire maintenance. With the fiber internet service from the provider, you become eligible for the Google WiFi Gateway instead of another. It uses Mesh technology for enhanced whole-home coverage, gives you parental controls, and convenient access to network management via the Google Home app.  

DSL internet service from Hawaiian Telcom is a window of opportunity for customers residing in service locations away from its Fiber network reach. A steady wired connection over a reliable copper line phone network can be more stable than any wireless form of broadband, even if slower.

Hawaiian Telcom Fiber plans are priced competitively to say the least. And you can squeeze more value from your subscription by bundling with TV and home phone. This way you can have one provider to negotiate with and pay your bill to.

Here is a look at Hawaiian Telcom Fiber plans. Familiarize yourself with what maybe available at your address. To confirm availability and prices in your area you can always call the Hawaiian Telecom Customer Service at 1-844-945-2202.

Hawaiian Telcom Internet Plans Key Features

Fiber 300

  • 300 Mbps downloads
  • 300 Mbps uploads
  • Unlimited data
  • Connect multiple devices for streaming, gaming, virtual learning and working from home
  • $39.99/mo. with 1-year Price Lock
  • Add on Premier for only $14.99/mo. more

Fiber 500

  • 500 Mbps downloads/uploads
  • Unlimited data

  • Connect multiple devices for streaming, gaming, virtual learning and working from home
  • $44.99/mo. with 2-year Price Lock
  • Add on Premier for only $14.99/mo. more

Fiber 750

  • 750 Mbps downloads/uploads
  • Unlimited data

  • Connect multiple devices for streaming, gaming, virtual learning and working from home
  • $54.99/mo. with 3-year Price Lock (Online Only)
  • Add on Premier for only $14.99/mo. more

Fiber 1 Gig

  • 1 Gbps downloads/uploads
  • Unlimited data
  • Connect multiple devices for streaming, gaming, virtual learning and working from home
  • HBO MAX included ($14.99/mo. value)
  • $74.99/mo. with 1-year Price Lock
  • Add on Premier for only $14.99/mo. more


If you’d rather place your bet on an internet service provider that is widely known and popular across the U.S., Spectrum is your one-stop shop for all connectivity and entertainment needs. The Spectrum Internet service is delivered over a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network and is widely available in Hawaii. Given Spectrum offers are not rivaled by another noteworthy all-round cable service provider in the market, if available it should be a no-brainer choice.

Spectrum Internet plans, TV bundles, and if you need a home phone service, are competitively priced, offer great value for money and are among the most popular in Spectrum markets nationwide. Internet-only plans get you a FREE modem and antivirus software, and a great starting speed of 300 Mbps download. The upload speeds max out at 35 Mbps with the Spectrum Gig service, and are not as fast as Fiber can deliver, but for all standard usage Spectrum gets you more than adequate upload power. The connection is reliable, fast, and able to take care of all household usage ranging from modest to heavy.

All Spectrum plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee so there is no risk really. Plus there are no annual contracts, and no early cancellation fees. A contract buyout offer is also on the table when you pick a qualifying internet bundle.

Here take a look at Spectrum Internet Hawaii plans and contact Spectrum Sales Support at 1-855-423-0918 anytime to check offer availability in your area. Spectrum currently serves around 100 Hawaiian cities, so whether its Spectrum Mililani deals that you are looking for or Spectrum Honolulu promo offers, you can get all the information from Spectrum representatives at this number.

Spectrum Internet Plans Key Features

Spectrum® Internet

  • 300 Mbps download speed
  • 10 Mbps upload speed
  • Unlimited data
  • FREE Internet modem & anti-virus software
  • $49.99 /mo.for 12 months with auto pay

Spectrum Internet® Ultra

  • 500 Mbps download speed
  • 20 Mbps upload speed
  • Unlimited data
  • FREE Internet modem & anti-virus software
  • $69.99 /mo. for 12 months with auto pay

Spectrum Internet® Gig

  • 1 Gbps download speed
  • 35 Mbps upload speed
  • Unlimited data
  • FREE Internet modem & anti-virus software
  • $89.99 /mo. for 12 months with auto pay


HughesNet is reputed for its coast-to-coast availability on mainland U.S., and is America’s top choice when it comes to satellite internet. In Hawaii as well, the HughesNet Internet service is ubiquitous. Communities which are outside the reach of wireline services, and forced to rely on wireless forms of internet find a worthy choice in the provider.

Satellite internet has its inherent downsides. Such as stringent data caps or expensive unlimited data offers, high latency, and vulnerability to harsh weather conditions. Yet when you don’t have a fast enough wired option or there is none at all, HughesNet Gen 5 saves the day for you. It delivers 25/3 Mbps fast internet which is able to support standard household usage in small to mid-sized homes pretty reasonably. It is as reliable as satellite broadband gets. And, to compensate for the limiting data allowance, HughesNet also gives you 50 GB Bonus Zone data which accounts for all online activities during off-peak hours. Plus there are no data overage fees if you exceed the monthly allowance. Your connection is not suspended either. Albeit you do have to put up with throttled speeds until the next billing cycle kicks in. Then again, you can buy data tokens if necessary.

The one thing you must be aware of is HughesNet plans come with a 24-month commitment, and there is an early termination fee as well. The cost of service installation is upfront and you must be prepared to accommodate it. Although HughesNet often runs promotional offers that give you a discount on installation and lease of equipment.

To check current deals, speak to HughesNet Customer Service at 1-855-349-9309.

HughesNet Internet Plans Key Features

10 GB

  • 25/3 Mbps downloads/uploads
  • Works for 1-2 people not big on the internet
  • $39.99/mo. for 6 months

20 GB

  • 25/3 Mbps downloads/uploads
  • Ideal for small families with standard household usage
  • $49.99/mo. for 6 months

30 GB

  • 25/3 Mbps downloads/uploads
  • Mid-sized families with regular household usage can fare well on this plan
  • $79.99/mo. for 6 months

50 GB

  • 25/3 Mbps downloads/uploads
  • Larger families with standard household usage can do it all with this plan
  • $129.99/mo. for 6 months

To Wrap Up

When you move to Hawaii or have a vacation home in “the paradise on earth”, it is not that difficult to get the right provider-plan when you have done your homework. We hope our talk of the Hawaii  Internet scene helps you compare available options better. In any case if you feel by talking to a professional things can be better understood, contact us at 1-855-349-9328.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the popular connection types in Hawaii?

Hawaiian residents get an impressive access to wired networks with nearly 99% of the state covered by Cable, DSL and Fiber networks. Cable is a popular choice in the Hawaii Internet market, and so is Fiber from Hawaiian Telcom which is fast expanding its reach around the Islands.  

Can I get a fiber internet connection in Hawaii?

Hawaiian Telcom offers a range of speeds with Fiber-to-the-Home connections to the residents of Hawaii. Coverage spreads over 47% of the state. To check availability of Hawaiian Telcom Internet offers call at 1-844-945-2202.

Which are the best Internet providers available in Honolulu?

Spectrum and Hawaiian Telcom are the top wired internet service providers in Honolulu, Hawaii. To check availability in your Honolulu neighborhood call at 1-855-349-9328