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Garland is a small city in Texas and as part of Dallas County, makes up some part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area. It is a culturally and racially diverse place to dwell with plenty to explore and enjoy: rich history, good food, shopping centers, and the great outdoors.

Moving to Garland can be a good decision – with its suburban feel, excellent job market, and a cost of living that is around the national average. Housing and grocery costs are not too expensive in this part of the country and it is a nice place to raise a family.

Garland, TX, is also a city that is well-connected to the world in terms of broadband internet availability. Therefore, if you have or are planning to move to Garland soon, do go over this guide. We have outlined some of the best high-speed internet choices in the city for you to decide on. Let us get to it!


Access to Residential Internet in Garland, TX

It may look like a small suburban city, but the truth is that the residential internet scene in Garland, TX is quite interesting. About 98% of the city’s population has access to multiple providers at their addresses. You can find a good mix of local and regional providers in Garland, TX, along with some national brand names.

Among wired providers, cable and fiber internet are both widely available in Garland, TX. Spectrum forms a huge chunk of the coverage in this city with its cable internet service available to almost the entire city. AT&T is another large internet service provider in the city of Garland, TX, with its much-famed fiber-based internet service available to around 16% of the residential population.

Moving on to wireless internet providers, satellite internet powered by HughesNet is one of the most prevalent and popular options. Fixed Wireless is also accessible through Rise Broadband and is available to around 25% of the city’s population. These wireless internet providers are a great option, particularly for people living in far-flung or remote communities with little access to wired internet.


Top Wired Internet Providers in Garland, TX


Spectrum in Garland, TX

Spectrum is one of the largest cable internet providers in the U.S., offering high-speed internet to 41 states across the country. The provider also offers cable TV and phone services in areas of its footprint. Spectrum is one of the most widespread providers available in Garland, TX, boasting coverage of almost 100% throughout the city.

Spectrum Internet is delivered via a hybrid-fiber coaxial network that is able to support higher speeds than conventional cable internet. Plus, you get quite a few features to enjoy with the service along with extremely market-competitive pricing, making Spectrum a wise choice for most people.


Spectrum – Service Features and Perks

Spectrum is one of the best choices you can make for residential internet services in Garland, TX. This is because Spectrum internet service comes with features and benefits that are hard to beat. These include:


Spectrum Internet – Plans & Pricing


Spectrum Internet packages come in 3 easy service tiers – a starter, a mid-tier, and a high-tier plan. You can pick any plan depending on the internet speed requirement of your home and the budget you have. We have outlined all the Spectrum plans that you can find in Garland, TX, in the table below. For more information about Spectrum services or to order, call now at 844-481-5997.


Spectrum Internet Plan Max. Download Speeds* Promo Price

Spectrum Internet Standard

Up to 300 Mbps

For 12 months.

Spectrum Internet Ultra

Up to 500 Mbps

For 12 months.

Spectrum Internet Gig

Up to 1000 Mbps

For 12 months.

*Wireless speeds may vary.
Offer and speed availability may vary by location.


AT&T in Garland, TX

AT&T is a service provider everyone across the U.S. is well familiar with, courtesy of its quality distribution of cellular services. Even so, there is so much that AT&T has to offer its customers. AT&T also offers home internet and phone service across the U.S.

In Garland, AT&T has a limited footprint of about 15.9%  and employs the use of its hybrid DSL and Fiber to the Home (FTTH) networks to deliver multiple speed tiers across its footprint. A comprehensive selection of internet speeds, along with favorable market rates, and a number of other perks make AT&T Internet a popular choice in this city, even with its limited coverage.


AT&T Internet Service Features & Perks

There are a few reasons why AT&T Fiber is a good choice for residents in the U.S. These include:


AT&T Internet – Plans & Prices

AT&T Internet offers the full range of its services in Garland, TX. In most areas, AT&T Internet plans are available with up to 100 Mbps speed. You can also enjoy fiber internet with symmetrical internet speeds, ranging from 300 Mbps to 1 Gbps, and get the multi-gig plans with AT&T (2 Gig and 5 Gig) in select locations. So you can experience blazing-fast internet speeds for all your work and entertainment.

Here is a table of all the AT&T Internet packages you can get in Garland, TX. For more information or to subscribe, please reach out to the professionals at 855-925-2541.


AT&T Plans Max. Internet Speed Promo Price

AT&T Internet

Up to 100 Mbps
Wireless speeds may vary. Speed subject to location

$55/mo. for 12 months plus taxes. Autopay & paperless billing req’d

AT&T Fiber 300

300 Mbps
Wireless speeds may vary. Speed subject to location

Plus taxes. Autopay & paperless billing req’d

AT&T Fiber 500

500 Mbps
Wireless speeds may vary. Speed subject to location

Plus taxes. Autopay & paperless billing req’d

AT&T Fiber 1000

1000 Mbps
Wireless speeds may vary. Speed subject to location

Plus taxes. Autopay & paperless billing req’d


Wireless Internet Service in Garland, TX



Wireless internet providers in Garland, TX, are widely available, but HughesNet is one of the main ones. You not only get high-speed internet with HughesNet, but the satellite-based service ensures connectivity throughout the city, even in areas with little to no wired internet provision. It sometimes tends to be a little more costly than wired internet as well as more vulnerable to external changes, but worth considering.


HughesNet Internet – Service Features

Here is a quick look at the features you can enjoy with the HughesNet internet service:


HughesNet Internet – Plans & Pricing


All HughesNet plans come with the same speeds, just varying on the monthly data allowance. Take a look at the available plans or speak to a HughesNet Customer Service representative at 1-855-349-9309 for more information.


HughesNet Internet Plans Internet Speeds (Download/upload) Price Data

15 GB

25/3 Mbps

Equipment lease or purchase fees extra.

30 GB

25/3 Mbps

$49.99/ mo.
In select markets with a 24-month agreement. Equipment lease or purchase fees extra. Limited time offer.

50 GB

25/3 Mbps

$64.99/ mo.
In select markets with a 24-month agreement. Equipment lease or purchase fees extra. Limited time offer.

100 GB

25/3 Mbps

$99.99/ mo.
In select markets with a 24-month agreement. Equipment lease or purchase fees extra. Limited time offer.


Rise Broadband

Rise Broadband in Garland, TX is another wireless internet provider, available to about 24.5% of the population. It is a fixed wireless internet service that offers you internet connectivity that is somewhat more cost-effective than satellite services and boasts a lower latency.

You can expect good internet service from Rise broadband and customers get to pick one from a variety of speed tiers ranging between 25 Mbps and 100 Mbps. You get a choice between limited or unlimited monthly data allowance with its internet plans. Plus, users can enjoy top-quality internet without any lag or other issues that usually accompany wireless internet service. 

To learn more about Rise Broadband coverage and offers in your area and to subscribe, call 1-844-343-1169.


In the End

Looking for the perfect internet service provider for your home in a new place can be a tricky business.  However, never underestimate the power of market research, talk to your neighbors, get an insight, and with a little bit of luck, you would find the best internet service in no time. It is best if you know the needs of your household, the monthly budget you can allow for it, and other requirements if you have any. And, do remember to take a good look at all the nice benefits you get with each provider and plan!

For more info on the top internet plans in Garland, TX, please reach out to us at 855-349-9328.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who has the best internet service in Garland, TX?


Garland, TX, gets good quality internet service from multiple providers. However, Spectrum has the greatest coverage around the city with offers available in most areas and some of the best-priced plans. AT&T, Rise Broadband, and HughesNet are also available in Garland, TX.


To learn of the best deals in your area, call 855-349-9328.



  1. Does AT&T offer fiber internet in Garland, TX?


AT&T offers some of its best fiber plans in Garland, TX, serving about 16% of the population. You can enjoy extremely fast internet with speeds, ranging from up to 100 Mbps to 5 Gig, with AT&T in this city, along with no contracts, unlimited data, premium online security, and a lot of other perks.


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