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Just moved, and on the hunt for reliable home services for your new home in New Orleans, Louisiana?

Well, let’s first welcome you to New Orleans, the consolidated-parish located at the mouth of the great Mississippi-Missouri river system, which carries a unique blend of many heritages that have shaped its culture and society.

The birthplace of Jazz is sure a city to move to for music lovers. It allows you to explore a variety of music genres, each with a distinctive connection to the city. Be it Blues, Bounce, or Brass. But, if that is not your thing, let’s tell you, the city offers you crazy-cool nightlife. From dance clubs to sports bars and late night restaurants. Its after-dark itineraries e.g. night tours give you new ways to discover how NOLA transforms after the sun sets. And come Spring, you can look forward to the famous Mardi Gras celebrations!

The best part is New Orleans is one of the top 10 connected cities in Louisiana. And most neighborhoods get to choose from 2-3 wirelines options. So finding a decent internet service provider at your new address should not be as difficult as you may imagine it to be. Especially with Cox Communications that carries an impressive footprint in the city, and gives you many reasons that make it a worthy shot.

Is Cox Communications in New Orleans, Louisiana, a good choice?

New Orleans is served by 13 residential internet service providers. Fiber, high-speed DSL, Fixed Wireless and Satellite, all shapes of internet are widely available in the city. But, Cable broadband services from Cox Communications stand nearly unrivaled for more than one reason.

When it comes to availability, Cox services are accessible to around 96% of the city’s population. So you are likely to have a competitive choice in terms of quality services at your New Orleans address. Besides ease of access, the popularity of its Fiber-backed cable internet service, and the ability to make your own Cox bundle with any number of services from the Cox portfolio, also play a big role in making the provider a real choice for your home.

With value-packed options from Cox, you can easily get a complete residential service suite under one roof, that too at market competitive rates. When you bundle high-speed internet with cable TVhome phone, and Homelife, picking whichever services your home requires, you can keep your household’s digital life afloat with one vendor and on one bill.

Our today’s article talks about the range of Cox Internet plans, and how you make your own Cox package by adding one or more services to your chosen internet speed tier.

Cox Internet plans and prices in New Orleans, LA

Perhaps the best thing about the Cox Internet service is there is a plan for a range of consumer needs. You can pick a speed plan from any of the 5 unique speed tiers that deliver 25, 50, 150, 500, and 940 Mbps downloads. While speed availability can vary with your location, chances are you will find a good variety of download speed tiers at your address, that can serve the online needs of homes small to big.

Delivered over an advanced hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network, Cox Internet is ranked at the top for streaming video, which makes it a great choice for cord-cutter homes or families that complement skinny Cable with streaming TV. With Cox internet in place everyone gets to enjoy fast and steady data transfer rates, plus you also enjoy other perks of the service, some included and others as add-ons.

  • Free access to over 3 million Cox WiFi hotspots that help you save mobile data when you are on the go.
  • Robust WiFi coverage around the house with Cox Panoramic WiFi Gateway, which comes as an add-on for $12/mo. and provides a smart and secure connection for all your devices.
  • For gaming fans, when you include the Panoramic WiFi Gateway to your subscription, you can take advantage of the Cox Elite Gamer at no additional cost.
  • Internet security to protect your devices from cyber threats such as viruses and malware .
  • 24/7 access to tech support, and when you add on the Cox Complete Care you can receive advanced tech support for all your home devices.

Here is the popular range of Cox Internet speeds in New Orleans, LA.

Cox Internet Plan

Max. Download/Upload Speed

Data Allowance

Promo Price

Who is it for?

Starter 25

25/3 Mbps

1.25 TB (1280 GB)

for 12 months with a 1-year service agreement

A good option for light internet usage on up to 3 devices

Essential 50

50/3 Mbps

1.25 TB (1280 GB)

for 12 months with a 1-year service agreement

A perfect fit for light internet usage on up to 5 devices

Preferred 150

150/10 Mbps

1.25 TB (1280 GB)

for 12 months with a 1-year service agreement

Good for up to 7 devices at once, game online, work and learn from home

Ultimate 500

500/10 Mbps

1.25 TB (1280 GB)

for 12 months with a 1-year service agreement

Connects up to 9 devices

Stream 4K video and play multiplayer games


940/35 Mbps

1.25 TB (1280 GB)

for 12 months with a 1-year service agreement

Connect 9+ devices at once

Stream 8K video, connect smart home devices and more!


How to make your own Cox Bundle in New Orleans, LA

When setting off to make a Cox bundle with other accessible services, you must first carefully assess what your home needs. Quite like it is necessary to run an evaluation of your internet consumption before you pick a Cox Internet plan to build your bundle.

Pair Cox Internet with TV

Cord-cutter homes can be very happy with a higher speed tier of Cox Internet service, and will perhaps prefer to add on the Cox Contour Stream Player and enjoy their favorite streaming apps all in one place. But for homes where Cable is still watched with traditional ardor, one of the Cox Contour TV plans, such as Preferred and Preferred Plus, can be an ideal fit for your customized Cox package. While the basic Cox Contour Starter TV plan makes just the skinny Cable bundle for households where streaming TV is the primary source of in-home entertainment.

From the diverse Cox channel lineup, On Demand, Contour TV app, a vast range of à la carte channel add-ons and mini channel packs, and the Contour TV Experience, there is much the Cox Cable TV service has to offer. In New Orleans Cox TV plans start at $50/mo., and you get quite a few freebies with the service, such as the free of cost first Contour TV set-top box.

Add Cox Voice

Got family elsewhere in the U.S.? Interested in cutting down on your cellular service bill? While many of us ignore the significance of a home phone, it is nonetheless a great way of making sure you have a back up to your cellular service. And if you get unlimited nationwide talk time at a low monthly flat rate, you can pretty much nail it. Cox Voice Preferred is a bargain deal at $20/mo., and also allows you to connect to family and friends in Canada and Mexico as part of the plan.

Plus the service comes complete with over 20 popular and essential calling features, that make it convenient to keep track of your day to day communication.

Want a smart and secure home?

If you are into home automation and smart security, your New Orleans home can be well looked after by Cox and pretty reasonable prices. Starting at $40/mo. you can benefit from 24/7 professional monitoring and base level equipment, while you always have the choice to build the Homelife plan further with smart add-ons as necessary.  


The Endnote

Whether you prefer a super-fast internet connection with the Cox Contour Stream Player, or you want a Cox Cable package for your home, you are likely to find great value in the provider’s offerings in New Orleans. As we said before, the key feature which sets Cox Communications in New Orleans apart is its Fiber-powered Cable broadband, and the opportunity it gives you to customize and personalize your Cox bundle.

We hope our talk today helps you understand the value of Cox offerings, compare better with other available options, and match better with your household needs, as you navigate through your decision-making process. To determine the exact Cox bundle offer availability in your area, and to get pro advice, speak to a Cox Customer Service representative at 1-855-349-9316. (Cox Servicio Al Cliente o llame +1-844-520-8979)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the upload speed of Cox Internet Ultimate 500 plan?

Cox Communications delivers its high-speed internet service over a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network to your home. You get to enjoy super-fast download speeds, but upload speeds from Cox are considerably lower. The Cox Internet Ultimate 500 offers an upload speed of 10 Mbps. For standard home usage this is however pretty reasonable.

What is the download speed of Cox Gigablast?

With Cox Gigablast, you can enjoy up to 940 Mbps download speeds. In order to determine Cox Gig service availability at your address, call at the Cox Customer Service number i.e. 1-855-349-9316