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In this digital age our reliance on the internet is higher than ever. We all need a trustworthy high-speed internet connection to stay connected to everything that matters. From mundane everyday tasks to earning a living via remote work, and accessing online entertainment avenues. The price hikes and the quagmire of service availability can make it quite challenging for us to choose the best provider-plan that fits our digital lifestyle the best.

But, just because you have to rely on the internet does not mean a subscription to quality broadband must break the bank. You should be able to stay connected for work and entertainment without having to throw your monthly budget off the track.

Signing up for the best possible option needs a lot of consideration. And, there is a good chance you are familiar with the struggle involved in finding the right provider for your home. Our today’s article takes a look at some of the best promotional offers in the market from Windstream Communications. And, if you are in any of the following states, you can rest assured Windstream Internet packages make for a viable option for more than one reason.  

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And, read on to learn about what Windstream Kinetic brings to the table so you are able to compare better with what else may be available to you.

A Word About Windstream Communications

Windstream Communications delivers high-speed internet and home phone services to residential customers in its footprint. And, also offers products and services for small, medium and large businesses. Having started off as a telephone company back in the 1940s, today Windstream Kinetic is one of the fastest broadband services available to urban and suburban communities in 18 states. And, it is also one of the few providers which depict significant network coverage in rural America.

What type is Windstream Internet?

When you are looking to subscribe to an internet service provider, you want quality service and no compromise on factors that matter the most such as speed, data, perks, and of course the price. But one  aspect often overlooked is the type of broadband service. Albeit the service type plays a critical role in your connectivity experience.

The Windstream service primarily rests on the company’s widespread phone line network, so in most service locations what you get is a DSL based service. But, that does not mean slow speeds. Unless you are located in a rural area far from the provider’s hub, which makes it difficult for the advantage of network enhancements to reach you. In most rural locations, you can expect Windstream speeds to be faster than satellite and fixed wireless internet. Which makes the wireline service a more worthy option.  

In urban and suburban settings in particular, Windstream is continuously expanding its fiber line network with heavy investment supporting the rollout. Kinetic fiber internet now empowers 150 communities with cutting-edge connectivity, and by 2027 aims to cover 50% homes in Windstream’s footprint. In urban and suburban service areas, Windstream Kinetic speeds are super fast. And, all the more enticing given the attractive price points. Fiber to the Home connections maybe available in select neighborhoods as of yet, but hybrid high-speed internet is widely accessible, and gets you an edge with the Fiber line network running in close proximity to your location.

Knowing how the variation in Windstream network capacity can yield a different type of service, it shall be easier to compare with what else maybe available at your address. Internet type plays a key role in determining the quality of your experience. So when comparing, keep in mind what the Windstream broadband network can do for you depending on where you are.   

Windstream Internet packages: Appealing service features

Windstream offers vary from one service region to another. The speed tiers and promo offers available at your address are largely dependent on where exactly you are in the Windstream footprint. But a few service features are common to all offers. Here is a look at what you get with Windstream plans across the board.

No annual contract

Windstream does not hold you captive with an annual contract. You can cancel the service anytime you want, and not be penalized. Only when you pick a promotional offer which carries a term agreement, an early cancellation can result in having to pay liquated damages as Windstream refers to it. Which is essentially an amount based on an estimate of the actual reduction in the value of the agreement as determined by the provider. 

30-day money-back guarantee

Windstream offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with its internet service. If you are not fully satisfied with the Windstream Kinetic service, you can cancel the subscription within 30 days of service installation. In which case Windstream will refund you all service charges, and any equipment and installation costs if applicable.  

A variety of fast speeds

Kinetic by Windstream gets you a variety of speeds. As we said, in urban and suburban dwellings you are more likely to get access to 300, 1,000 Mbps, 2,000 Mbps, and even 8,000 Mbps speed in select areas. This is where the full capabilities of the advanced Windstream network come into effect. In rural service areas where pure Fiber may not be available, you can get fast speeds via a dedicated DSCL connection for multi-device/multi-user consumption.

Unlimited data

Windstream plans do not have a data cap. With Kinetic’s fiber connection, you can do what you love online without the anxiety of running out of data or facing an overage fee. Undoubtedly, this makes for a value perk that you can get with any Windstream Internet package.

Windstream Kinetic in-home WiFi

Windstream Kinetic offers you a wireless gateway device to connect to its network, and extend WiFi coverage for everyone in the family. If you need to extend coverage to areas where the WiFi signal drops, you can add on the Kinetic WiFi Extender from Windstream. It is a whole-home WiFi solution that works perfectly when paired with the Kinetic Gateway.

The monthly rental cost of the Windstream wireless gateway varies, and ranges up to $10.99/mo. depending on where you are located. With your Go Kinetic account and the FREE Go Kinetic app, you can used the Windstream WiFi management tool to personalize, manage and control your home network in a user friendly way.

Enhanced internet security

Windstream gives you a chance to add-on internet protection software with Kinetic Secure packs. You can save your family and devices alike from cyber threats. Protect yourself from identity theft, viruses, ransomware, and malware. Block inappropriate content via filtering and make the internet safe for your young ones. With enhanced security you can manage all your devices with ease.

Windstream offers 3 add-on plans to secure your online experience: Connect Secure at $9.99/mo., Self Secure at $11.99/mo. and Total Secure at $14.99/mo. Each comes with features to ensure your online experience is totally secure whether you’re working, streaming, learning or gaming.   

Bundling option

As we said, Windstream also offers a home phone service. So, if you want a reliable backup to your cell phone, go for a Windstream bundle. This way you can take advantage of unlimited talk time nationwide, which lets you save on the cellular service bill every month. Additionally the service allows you to connect to family and friends in Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This traditional landline phone service includes popular calling features as well. All of that at a low flat monthly rate of $25/mo. on top of your internet price, is a great reason to bundle it up with internet.

Top 3 Windstream packages: Grab your promo deal!

Now that you know what all you can get with a Windstream Internet package, here are our 3 top picks at enticing promo rates for you to consider.

We must caution you, these offers are currently running in Concord, North Carolina, but Windstream may just be running something similar at your address. To confirm the availability of Windstream plans in your area, contact Windstream Customer Service at 1-855-349-9312.

Kinetic by Windstream Internet Plans Download Speed Price Per Month
Kinetic High-Speed Internet 100 Mbps From
For 36 months with AutoPay
Kinetic Fiber 300 Mbps 300 Mbps From
For 12 months with AutoPay
Kinetic Fiber 1 Gig + Phone 1000 Mbps New Customer Promo
$94.99 $64.99/mo.*
For the first 3 months with AutoPay (month 4-24 $94.99)

All in All..

Windstream Internet packages are a great choice for both urban and rural homes. In urban areas where you’re likely to find Windstream Kinetic pitched against Cable broadband. And in rural regions where it competes with satellite and fixed wireless internet. Either way brilliant promo offers that we often see from Windstream make it worth a shot. After all the 30-day money-back guarantee is always there making it a no-risk investment.

We hope the info we’ve shared helps you make a more informed choice if Windstream packages are indeed available in your area. To determine availability of Windstream offers at your address call  Windstream Customer Service at 1-855-349-9312. You can speak to experts and get pro advice regarding the best Windstream plan for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Windstream internet-only plan?

Windstream offers a variety of download speeds in its service locations across 18 states. You can subscribe to speeds starting at 100 Mbps ranging to 8,000 Mbps in select areas. Which speed tiers are available to you depends on your location. Promo offers also change with your region. To determine availability of Windstream offers and pricing at your address call Windstream Customer Service at 1-855-349-9312.

Is Windstream available in my area?

Windstream offers its high-speed internet via its DSL-based network and Fiber-to-the-Home connections. The provider also delivers a landline home phone service to residential customers. To determine availability of Windstream offers at your address call  Windstream Customer Service at 1-855-349-9312.