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Since high-speed internet forms a big part of our lives today, so do the accessories that you have to get with an internet connection. One of these is an Ethernet cable, which connects your devices for networking purposes. It can plug directly into your PC, with the other end connected to your modem. While there are plenty of Ethernet cables out there in the industry, there are a few that stand out due to their unique specifications and features.

The Ethernet cable market is full of confusing variants, with too many details to consider. However, fear not. In this article, we discuss some of the top Ethernet cables in the industry, to go perfectly with your handpicked internet deals.


What Features to Consider in an Ethernet Cable?

Ethernet cables come with a whole variety of features and specifications. But, as the internet speeds and other details change over time, so do the cable models that can cater to such a connection. With gig internet speeds becoming more common, it is only fitting that the new cables should be able to carry those speeds without causing any delays or lag. Hence in 2022, there is a certain set of product features and specifications that you should consider before getting an internet cable for your home.


1.      Speed

The Ethernet cable you get should be able to support the high internet speed plans that you get for your home. For instance, if you have a gig speed plan from Xfinity or Spectrum, your cable should not top out at half that speed. If you do not have a good Ethernet cable, it would end up affecting your final internet speeds no matter how high-tier your internet plan is. Similarly, if you have a low-tier plan there is no reason to place a hefty investment in a cable that can support multi-gig speeds. When you know your needs, you are able to pick the right product for your home.

CAT 5 Cables are perfect for speeds up to 100 Mbps, whereas CAT 5A cables are better for speeds up to 200 Mbps. However, if you are looking for a cable that supports gig speeds and multi-player games, CAT 5E or CAT 6 cables work beautifully. CAT 7 and CAT 8 support multi-gig speeds up to 40 Gbps and are perfect for busy homes or office networks.


2.      Durability and Shielding

The copper wires inside an Ethernet cable are quite durable but they can be damaged over time, owing to chinks in the insulation material. Look for a cable that comes with a longer life span, which most certainly means it should be durable enough to handle the tough tests of time and your pets wreaking havoc on it.

Shielding is another important element to consider in your hunt for the perfect cable. Shielding is vital because it protects the copper wires in the Ethernet cable from electromagnetic interference, appliances, crosstalk, and other things that can cause an error in your data transfer. Shielding may be in the form of a braided material or foil wrappings. There are a few exceptions but most CAT 5 cables and older versions do not come with any shielding. So if you are looking for a shielded cable, you ought to go CAT 6 and above.


3.      Connectors

When getting an Ethernet cable, try to get one with gold-plated connectors. This is because not only is gold a great conductor, but also does not corrode, which increases the lifespan of your cable. Simple metal connectors do get the job done, but they are patchy at best, especially not recommended with quick-data transfer activities such as gaming and streaming.


The Top 5 Ethernet Cables in 2022

Once we have established all that we ought to look for in an Ethernet cable, let us get into specific model names for your ease. Here is a list of some of the top cables in the industry today, so read through them and see which best fits your need.


1.     Cable Matters Snagless Ethernet Cable – CAT 6A

Although CAT 6 cable was pretty adequate to begin with, it was updated to meet the demands of heavy networking, paving way for the 6A cable. The Snagless Ethernet cable by Cable Matters is one such cable, an optimized version of the CAT 6 cable. It comes with thicker conductors, and a more durable design with proper shielding. The Snagless clip protector on this cable helps prevents accidental or aging damage to the cable. It supports a bandwidth of 550 MHz and a speed of 10 Gbps up to 330 feet. You can count on high internet speed with this cable, as well as multi-player gaming and HD video streaming.


2.     Ugreen Flat Ethernet Cable – CAT 7

This CAT 7 Ethernet cable is flat, which makes installation in certain areas much simpler since it is easier to run under carpets and avoids tangles. With lengths ranging from 3 feet to 50 feet, this cable comes with gold-plated connectors. It supports 600 MHz bandwidth and over 10 Gbps of speed. You can use it for your PC, laptops, and even gaming consoles with its easy, flexible, and soft design. Along with universal compatibility and design, this cable is highly durable which makes it a good choice for both indoor and outdoor connections.

If you are looking for a cable that supports multi-gig speeds without going too overboard, this cable is a great pick for your home internet connections.


3.     DanYee Cable – CAT 7

If you are looking for a tough and durable cable for indoor use, the DanYee braided cable is the one for you. This cable has a semi-flat design that makes it a good candidate for running under carpets, baseboards, and even mounting. The braided design of this cable allows it to be more durable than other cables on the market. The nylon braiding grants it greater strength and flexibility. It is less prone to damage by wrapping or bending around table corners. It supports a bandwidth of 600 MHz and speeds up to 10 Gbps.

This cable is appropriately shielded with aluminum foil and a high-density polythene (HDPE) jacket. Plus this cable is available in different colors which makes it more fun to get.  DanYee products come with a lifetime of free customer service, so that is an added bonus that you can enjoy with this product.


4.     DBillionDa Ethernet Cable — CAT 8

Although the CAT 8 cable may not be necessary for most households, it is one of the best cable types out there. And this DBillionDa version comes with gold-plated connectors, in various lengths from 3 to 100 feet. Plus, it supports over 2 GHz of bandwidth and up to 40 Gbps of speed, perfect for multi-gig use. Cat 8 cables like this one are anti-corrosion, durable, and shielded, not to mention completely waterproof so can brave outdoor connections too. You can trust in improved performances and more with this pick of Ethernet cable.

However, for most residential internet networks, CAT 8 cables like DBillionDa may seem like overkill, for they can support over 40 Gbps speed, whereas most home networks are 2-3 Gbps at most.


5.     Dacrown Weatherproof Ethernet Cable – CAT 8

If you have internet use that requires running heavy-duty cables to the great outdoors, this Dacrown Ethernet cable is the answer to your prayers. This quadruple shielded cable with an upgraded PVC sheath is perfect for long-distance data transmission with little to no interference. It supports over 2 GHz of bandwidth and internet speeds up to 40 Gbps, which makes it a top choice for gaming and streaming. It is also suitable for use by AI devices in your home, including Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and more. Its weatherproof and UV-resistant design ensures that your cable can withstand severe weather conditions without a decline in service.

Dacrown CAT 8 cable comes with an 18-month warranty and accommodating lifelong customer service. 


Comparing the top Ethernet cables

Here is a short rundown of everything we have discussed so far, in a comprehensive table. We have also included the prices of the products as listed on Amazon for your ease.


Ethernet Cable Model





Cable Matters Snagless

10 ft. – 200 ft.

Cat 6A

10 Gbps

$8.99 - $49.99

Ugreen Flat

3 ft. – 50 ft.


10 Gbps

$6.99 - $19.99


1.6 ft. – 100 ft.

Cat 7

10 Gbps

$6.99 – $36.99


3 ft. – 150 ft.

Cat 8

40 Gbps

$7.99 – $72.99


1.5 ft. – 150 ft.

Cat 8

40 Gbps

$6.99 - $65.99


As you can see, the prices of the cable vary on the basis of the cable length, and all other specifications and features remain the same.


Final Word: Which Ethernet Cable is the Best?

With so many choices out there, it is only natural to get confused about what exactly to get. But, it really is nothing to fear. If you have many people living in your household with multi-gig speed use, you might want to consider a CAT 6 or CAT 7 cable. You can go with braided or weatherproof depending on what you want. For most residential units, CAT 8 cables would be overkill because nobody is usually using speeds up to 40 Gbps. However, if you are looking for an office or even smaller commercial setup, this cable might just be the thing for you.

Your pick of the best Ethernet cable depends solely upon how well you estimate the needs of your household. What cable you find the best may not be the best for your neighbor or other people in your family. The point is that before you go out there to purchase a cable, make sure that you are well aware of the dynamics of your family’s internet use and need. A cable that meets all the needs of your home and works with your internet service provider without going too overboard is the one you should pick for it is what would serve you best.

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What is an Ethernet Cable?

An Ethernet cable or a network cable is a cord that runs from your modem to your router or PC and immediately connects it to high-speed internet. They come in many different types, for different uses.

What are the top internet service providers in 2022?

The top internet service providers in 2022 are Xfinity, Spectrum, AT&T, Cox, and Mediacom. They offer high-speed internet options at market-competitive rates.

How can I get high-speed internet?

You can do your market research for the top internet services in the U.S. and decide what service you want to get. Or, you can call us at 1-855-349-9328 and let us guide you through the process.