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An internet connection is essential for navigating your way through the world. Learning, working, streaming, and gaming without the internet seems like a nightmare to most of us now. Competing professionally without a LinkedIn account and other such platforms will automatically decrease your chances of success. And that is not all, you need to have internet access for your day-to-day chores and for a healthy social life too. A life without Instagram and Twitter is hard to even imagine.

In this era, having an internet connection is no longer a luxury that you can do without, it is a basic necessity. Too bad, the associated costs often do not reflect the evolved status of internet connectivity. Finding an affordable internet plan that also meets your connectivity needs is therefore not that easy. Sometimes you think you have found a reasonably priced package that fits your budget only to get blindsided by hidden costs that drain your pocket. This entire ordeal can be a nerve-racking process, frustrating beyond comparison. Luckily, it does not have to be.

We have done the research so you do not have to and compiled a list of cheap internet services—all under $55 per month—that you can surely benefit from. Just read on to learn more!

Cheap Internet Plans: Quick Comparison

Xfinity Logo


Up to 400 Mbps

for 12 months. No Term Contract. Taxes not included. Automatic payments and paperless billing required.

AT&T Logo

AT&T Fiber

Up to 300 Mbps

plus taxes. Autopay & Paperless bill req’d*
*Price after $5/mo autopay & paperless bill discount (w/in 2 bills). Monthly State Cost Recovery Charge in TX, OH, NV applies. One time install chrg may apply. Ltd. avail/areas.

Kinetic by Windstream Logo

Kinetic Fiber Internet

Up to 500 Mbps

for 12 months. 12-month promotional pricing requires Autopay.
Price subject to change after the promotional period. Taxes & Fees not included.

Optimum Logo

Optimum 300

Up to 300 Mbps

For 12 months plus taxes w/ autopay & paperless bill

Spectrum Logo

Spectrum Internet Standard

Up to 300 Mbps

For 12 months

Best Cheap Internet Providers of 2023

Read on to learn everything about the best cheap high speed internet plans from top internet service providers in your area.

Xfinity from Comcast

Cheapest Plan: Xfinity Fast

Cost per Mbps: 13 cents

Xfinity offers one of the cheapest cost per Mbps rates out there starting at $55/mo. Xfinity Fast offers up to 400 Mbps download speeds and 10 Mbps upload speeds—though exact speeds, pricing, and other plan terms may vary from one market to another.

If you live in the region where this plan is available, you’re in luck as it is a great bargain for anyone with moderate to high internet usage. Here are all the details:

  • Data Limit: Xfinity Internet offers you virtually unlimited amount of data. In most markets, the provider imposes 1.2 TB data caps across all speed-based plans. Even though this is a generous data cap, if you run out of data you get a courtesy month. You don’t have to pay additional charges unless you exceed your data limit twice in 12 months.
  • Contract: Some Xfinity plans require you to sign up for a year-long contract, while others come without any contractual obligations.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not happy with the Xfinity plan, price, or service, you can always get your money refunded under Xfinity’s 30-day money-back guarantee. Meaning, there is no risk really.
  • Equipment: In most service areas, the Xfinity Fast package includes the WiFi equipment rental in your monthly fee.
  • Installation: Xfinity’s professional installation is a tad costlier at $89.99, but you can always opt for the Self-Install Kit which will cost you $15 in shipping and handling in most markets. If you do not want to go over the complete installation yourself, you can get their Self-Install Plus, which costs $39.99, and have a technician assist you with the basics.

To learn more about Xfinity internet availability in your area or to subscribe, reach out to Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721.


Cheapest Plan: Kinetic Fiber Internet

Cost per Mbps: 8 cents

Windstream has earned the trust of subscribers across the U.S. based on the quality of its internet service. Starting at just $39.99/mo. for the first year, Kinetic Fiber internet offers up to 500 Mbps symmetrical speeds. However, only one-third of those in Windstream service areas are eligible for fiber service—available to roughly 31% of its footprint.

If you are lucky to access the Kinetic Fiber internet plan, you will be able to enjoy all the perks of a 100% fiber service—fast uploads and downloads, maximum reliability, and less volatility to slowed speeds during peak usage times. Here are all the details:

  • Data Limit: All Kinetic internet plans come without any data caps, so you don’t have to worry about any throttling issues or overage charges.
  • Contract: Windstream doesn’t believe in binding its customers to contractual commitments but rather in providing quality and value through its services. None of Windstream’s internet plans requires you to enter an annual contract.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Windstream offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with all Kinetic internet plans. So, if you’re not happy with their service or internet plan, you can cancel the plan within 30 days of installation/activation and get your money back!
  • Equipment: If you choose to rent equipment from Windstream, their Gateway modem-router combo costs up to $10/mo. whereas in some markets it is $7/mo. You can avoid this charge altogether by using your own Windstream-compatible router and modem.
  • Installation: Kinetic by Windstream does carry some associated costs. These include the one-time $50 activation fee and $35 professional installation charge. You can skip the latter by opting for self-installation, but the former is unavoidable.

To learn more about Windstream internet availability in your area or to subscribe, reach out to Windstream customer service at 855-349-9312.


Cheapest Plan: Optimum 300

Cost per Mbps: 13 cents

Optimum Internet plans are great for anybody looking for fast and cheap WiFi plans. Starting at $40/mo., Optimum 300 internet plan offers up to 300 Mbps of download speed—perfect for streaming, multi-player gaming, or downloading large files without any interruptions. Perhaps the best part is Optimum internet is backed by a fiber-powered network that delivers fast and reliable speeds for seamless internet usage.

If you reside in the Greater New York area as well as the South and West Coast states, chances are you might get access to Optimum internet. Here are all the details:

  • Data Limit: Optimum does not impose data caps on any of their internet plans nor do they throttle internet speeds.
  • Contract: Optimum does not force you to sign a contract, so you are not bound by any long-term agreement. Plus, the provider offers up to $100 for contract-buyout.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Your Optimum subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you the option to cancel your service anytime during the first 30 days if you are not satisfied—without any fear of penalties.
  • Equipment: All Optimum internet plans include the equipment fee in the monthly price. However, the model you get depends on your internet plan and network type.
  • Installation: Optimum offers free standard installation when you order online. However, if you prefer professional installation, it will cost you a one-time charge of $149. Or opt for self-installation to save the hassle.

To check Optimum availability at your address or to subscribe, get in touch with an Optimum customer service representative at 844-520-8978.


Cheapest Plan: Spectrum Internet Standard

Cost per Mbps: 16 cents

A safe bet for all your internet needs is Spectrum. Standard Internet from Spectrum offers up to 300 Mbps fast connectivity and is priced at $49.99 a month for the first year. Spectrum has widespread availability in 42 states out of 50 including Hawaii, so you are likely going to have access to Spectrum internet where you live.

If you are looking for cheap internet services to escape the hefty startup costs associated with getting your home internet connection set up, Spectrum could be it. Here are all the details:

  • Data Limit: All Spectrum internet plans are free from data caps, so you won't have to track your data usage for fear of incurring an overage charge.
  • Contract: Spectrum doesn’t enforce any contracts so you can enjoy a seamless internet experience without contractual limitations.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Spectrum offers a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee, so there is no risk involved.
  • Equipment: With Spectrum Internet plans, you get a free modem that is easy $100 saved in initial costs and their equipment rental fee is also the lowest of the lot at only $5/mo.
  • Installation: Spectrum professional installation is a one-time $59.99 cost, but by buying a self-install kit, you can reduce your bill by doing the handy work yourself and only paying $24.99 activation charges.

To check Spectrum availability at your address or to subscribe, get in touch with a Spectrum customer service representative at 855-423-0918.

AT&T – Fiber-Powered Internet without Any Contracts

Cheapest Plan: AT&T Fiber 300

Cost per Mbps: 18 cents

If you looking for a cheap fiber internet service, look no further. Starting at $55 a month, AT&T Fiber 300 offers you a lot of your internet dreams. Stream away HD content on multiple devices without those endless buffering loops. The service is reliable and consistent so you need not worry about any of those accounts. The best part is there is no price hike for AT&T Internet 300 plan after 12 months as this is not a promo offer.

AT&T fiber availability is more limited than desired. If you are lucky to reside in an AT&T fiber-serviced area, you can sign up for this plan at a very reasonable rate. Here are all the details:

  • Data caps: AT&T internet plan comes with virtually unlimited data, so you can take full advantage of the fast download and upload speeds.
  • Contracts: AT&T does not bind you by an annual contract and an Early Termination Fee, so you can cancel your subscription anytime you wish.
  • Equipment: AT&T does not charge for internet equipment however, you may have to pay a one-time internet activation fee.
  • Installation: AT&T charges $99 for professional installation. However, you can avoid this fee by requesting a self-install kit, which is absolutely free.

To check AT&T availability in your area or to subscribe, reach out to AT&T customer service at 855-925-2541.

There You Are!

As you can clearly see, even on a budget you can get reasonably fast internet service. All you now need to do is select the one that fits your preferences and call 855-349-9328 to subscribe. BuyTVInternetPhone will set you up in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cheapest internet?

Windstream has the cheapest internet plan on our list. Their Kinetic Fiber internet plan provides 500 Mbps symmetrical $39.99/mo. Call Windstream customer service to confirm the availability of the plan and place your order now!

What are some cheap fiber optic internet connections for residential use?

You can find some great deals with AT&T starting at $55/mo. Windstream also offers fiber internet starting at $39.99/mo. however, the plan has limited availability.

Which cheap internet plans are great for the large household?

If you are looking for a good internet plan for a big family with heavy internet usage, you should go for either the Kinetic Fiber Internet at $39.99/mo. or AT&T Fiber Internet at $55/mo. These plans offer unlimited data and seamless connectivity for multiple connected devices.

Are there data caps on cheap internet plans?

Most cheap internet plans do come with unlimited data, such as Spectrum, Optimum, Windstream, and AT&T. While some come with a virtually unlimited 1TB data cap, which is more than enough for a small-ish family of binge watchers.