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With internet providers, you’ll often find that the smaller they are, the better the service they provide. This also holds true for TDS Telecom. So if you’re based in its 30 service states, it’d be unwise not to tap into a TDS Telecom subscription—especially so in Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Utah where the TDS network has a wider footprint.

Whether you run a small home-based business and are looking to get high-speed internet, or you only require a connection for everyday household usage, you’ll find a TDS Internet plan that fits your needs. What’s more, TDS internet offers other residential services which you can bundle with your plan to make a complete suite for your home at a bargain price.

TDS Internet Service Types

TDS Telecom utilizes multiple networking technologies: DSL is the most widely available broadband type—the traditionally slow as well as high-speed versions are accessible to an estimated 2.1 million people. The TDS cable broadband network takes about 500,000 people in its fold. But, with the rise in demand for the fastest internet type in urban & suburban markets, the provider has focused on fast-spreading the reach of TDS fiber-optic network—which is thus far limited to select urban or suburban neighborhoods.

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TDS Internet Speed Plans

Given the diversity of its network infrastructure, TDS Telecom is able to deliver a range of speed tiers—but more often than not subscribers get access to anyone type in their neighborhood. With that said, each service type offers speeds that can be a good fit for a variety of standard patterns of household internet consumption.

TDS Fiber offers speeds up to 1 Gbps, and so does TDS Cable—the difference is with fiber internet you get symmetrical downstream and upstream power, while with cable broadband the upload speed is lower. High-speed DSL speeds max out at 50-100 Mbps in most service locations, and in rural areas, traditional DSL speeds go as high as 15 Mbps. Here is a quick glance at the popular speed tiers from TDS Internet:

Popular TDS Internet Plans 

Max. Download/Upload Speed

Turbo Internet

15/2 Mbps

Mach Internet

25/5 Mbps

WarpX Internet

100/15 Mbps

Extreme100 Fiber

100/100 Mbps

Extreme300 Fiber

300/300 Mbps

1 Gig Fiber

1 Gbps/1 Gbps

From Basic to Lavish TDS Internet Speeds Cover All Bases

While ultra-fast Fiber broadband speeds and unlimited data may seem alluring, it is only wise to know what you need, and what will do the job. Keeping your requirement in perspective can help you land a plan which is just right, and does not make you pay for speed and data which you never end up utilizing.

For some, all you’d require is a stable internet connection that lets you check emails, browse the web, chat with friends and stream some nice beats. The 15 Mbps TDS Turbo Internet connection can more than handle light internet consumption on more than one device.  

If you are a small to medium-sized family, the 100 Mbps TDS WarpX Internet will connect you all—and support remote work, virtual learning, online shopping & banking, as well as leisure time activities such as streaming video and online gaming—quite without a hitch or a glitch.

For big households where everyone likes to indulge in bandwidth extensive activities, and many work from home or attend school online—lower speed tiers won’t cut it. This is where TDS Fiber plans come in handy—especially so the TDS 1 Gig Internet—because you cannot only connect all users in the family but all smart home devices too!

TDS Internet Data Allowance

Data allowance is one key aspect that all internet users must take into consideration—because each internet service provider follows a different norm. Some ISPs are known for offering unlimited data as a policy while others don’t. And there are also some which offer both options depending on the type of plan you choose.

TDS Telecom offers both options. Meaning if you subscribe to high-speed DSL, you’ll be given a 250GB data allowance every month, and if TDS Cable or Fiber is available, you get unlimited data. With that said, it is worth bearing in mind even a 250GB data allowance is worth 125 hours of HD streaming!

Other Features of the TDS Internet Service

Let’s take a look at some additional features TDS Telecom puts at your disposal. And, each is essential in its own right. These add-on service features are priced competitively, and good value considering with a few more dollars on your bill you can equip yourself with a set up that is stable, fast, and secure.  

TDS Whole-Home Wi-Fi

TDS Internet offers all the essential bits and pieces to set up your in-home network—so that everyone is able to connect devices and do their thing. For this reason, TDS Telecom gives you the option to choose dependable and affordable Standard Wi-Fi or TDS Wi-Fi which utilizes advanced Mesh technology.

Standard Wi-Fi

Standard Wi-Fi gives adequate coverage over a relatively smaller space., via the TDS-provided Wi-Fi modem, and comes with an app that helps you streamline the set-up and manage the network.


While TDS Wi-Fi is scalable and suited for larger homes—standard installation of TDS Wi-Fi includes one base station and one beacon. But you can add more access points at strategic points around the house. The setup increases the routing capacity of Wi-Fi signals and minimizes the slow and dead spots ensuring a strong signal no matter which room you’re in. Plus the management of your in-home network is at your fingertips with the mobile app.

Premium TDS Internet Services

TDS Internet Security Suite

Online security is extremely important and having the right layer of protection is critical. Protect your sensitive information like usernames, and passwords. And safeguard yourself from credit card fraud and loss of personal information. You can block malicious sites, keep your financial transactions secure, and also implement parental controls. If you are lucky, you may be able to get a bargain deal with a FREE 30-day trial on the TDS Internet Security plan, following which you can continue to subscribe cheaply, and keep up to 10 devices covered.

Identity Protection

Quality identity protection and identity theft resolution service offered by TDS is in partnership with Experian®. Subscription to the plan can make you eligible for the benefits of Experian® IdentityWorksSM.

Hacker Alert

The TDS Hacker Alert is another feature at your disposal. The service ensures your in-home network and all connected devices are safe from malware, spam, and virus, you are notified regarding any suspicious activity, and you can not only manage notifications but take action too. 

Remote PC Support

Troubleshooting is a pain, but with remote PC Support on hand, you won’t ever have to stress yourself over it. Subscribe to TDS Remote PC Support. And, get a TDS technician to resolve any problems you may have. They will ensure internet settings are configured right, and even help you out with setting up your gaming console if you wish.

Online Backup

Cloud storage is a game-changer and with 200GB of storage on offer, you’re sure to be tempted. With the TDS Online Backup service, you can make all your important files safe, and rest assure you’ll find them when you need them.

How to Save Money on TDS Internet Subscription

Here are some tips to save a good buck on your TDS Internet subscription—but do remain mindful of any downside if pertinent to your circumstance.

Bundle Your Services

Bundling has its benefits. And, in this time and age, every home needs in-home TV entertainment. TV from TDS comes with all the bells and whistles of a modern IPTV service. With up to 190 channels, you get the popular broadcast and cable TV networks, on-demand, a connected DVR service, and a TV Everywhere feature. When you bundle TDS Internet with TDS TV, you not only throw the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and their bills out the window but save.

If you wish to have a landline at home, by all means, go ahead and explore the variety of TDS Voice plans.

 Be Mindful of the Trial Period

30 days means 30 days and if you fail to provide a notice of disconnection within the set time you will have to pay for the services used. So, make sure you know exactly when your 30-day money-back guarantee period starts and when it shall end. Also, make sure to return all the equipment at the time or you’ll have you pay a penalty.

Get Your Own Modem

Monthly rent on modem can add to your expenses with nothing to show for it when you end the subscription so if you are tech-savvy, we’d recommend you get your own modem. That’s the better option in the long term. If however you are not inclined towards handling techy stuff, spending an extra amount, and keeping yourself taken care of by TDS equipment and tech support would be surely worth it.

Choose Your Package Carefully

Make sure to determine the type of TDS Internet service available in your neighborhood. If TDS Fiber is available, you must not opt for another broadband type. Albeit, it is rather unlikely that may be the case. Still, do determine which type of TDS Internet service you are subscribing to—connection type has a lot more to do with your online experience than you may think.

Beware of the Cancellation Fees

TDS subscription comes with a contract—the term may vary from 1-2 years. Cancellation fees can be a nightmare so make sure to check how much you’ll have to pay if you end your contract early—this will save you from a nasty surprise. 

Final Word

TDS Telecom makes for a great option if you are looking for reliable and competitively priced quality residential services. As we said, TDS is not among the giants in the U.S. ISP industry, but being smaller in size only helps the company focus better on delivering the best to its subscribers.  

Having learned about what TDS Internet has to offer, and how you can bundle services for a complete experience of connectivity and entertainment, we’d recommend you explore further along with expert advice by calling TDS Customer Service at 1-844-343-1172.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TDS Internet really worth it?

TDS Telecom offers a variety of broadband service types included DSL, Fiber, and Cable. And each type gives a variety of speed tiers. Depending on where you are located you could be within the TDS Fiber network fold. To determine the availability of TDS Internet in your neighborhood call 1-844-343-1172.

Does TDS have cancellation fees?

Yes. TDS service plans come with a one or two-year contract. So if you wish to stop using the service earlier than the end of the contract, you’ll have to buy yourself out of it with an Early Termination Fee.

Do you need a TDS phone to use TDS internet?

A phone line is needed only for DSL internet. If you are subscribed to TDS DSL broadband you’ll need a landline too. But, if you are in an area where TDS Cable or TDS Fiber is available, you won’t require a phone line.