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Austin is a small city located in heart of Delta County, Colorado. With just about 1500 residents, this city does not have a lot going on. However, Austin does have a lower cost of living than the national average, not to mention a suburban feel to it, which is perfect for raising a family.  All of this contributes to the city being a solid choice for new movers.

When it comes to the broadband scene in this city, there are quite a few options to go about. Even so, TDS forms the largest chunk of wired internet services found in the area along with few other options. About 99.2% of the city receives coverage from this provider, which specializes in high-speed DSL, fiber-optic, and cable internet among other services in over 23 states. HughesNet and Rise Broadband are both wireless internet services and the next most popular options for internet connectivity in Austin, CO, albeit both come with a certain set of limitations.

In this blog, we discuss the extent of TDS services in Austin, CO – complete with internet services, features, perks, pricing plans, and more. We hope you can read up and learn about the service before getting the service.


TDS Internet Services in Austin, CO

TDS Internet is one of the most widely available broadband services in Austin – high-speed internet powered by a DSL-based network. Although TDS does offer a coaxial cable and fiber-optic network in some service locations too, it has limited availability in Austin, CO.

High-speed internet by TDS is a great choice for households looking to connect to the internet. Not only do you get access to the fastest internet speeds but you can also enjoy special features, value perks, and more. Promotions can vary from area to area and sometimes can include even greater value ― such as a price guarantee for 2 to 5 years, FREE internet and Wi-Fi for a limited time, or free professional installation.

In addition, TDS also offers a phone service that makes everything easier and more convenient – connecting you to your loved ones around the globe. Whether it is keeping in touch with your family and friends, entertainment options, or connecting to the internet for work, you can be assured that TDS has it all.


TDS Internet: Features and Perks

There is an interesting array of service features that you can enjoy with TDS Internet in Austin, CO. Here is a quick rundown:

  • A wide range of speed tiers ranging from 5 Mbps to 100 Mbps to fit all household types
  • High-speed internet that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home
  • A generous data allowance of 500 GB with all high-speed DSL plans, and get more with a fiber connection
  • Standard Wi-Fi comes included in the price of the plan and you can even choose whole-home Wi-Fi for larger homes with the TDS Wi-Fi+
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee makes your investment entirely risk-free
  • Choose from a range of products to add to the service and make your online experience secure. TDS Internet Security suite comes highly recommended along with features like hacker alert and remote PC support
  • All plans come with 24/7 tech support, plus you can keep your data safe on a cloud service with 15 GB of storage on every email address


TDS Internet in Austin, CO: Pricing Plans

TDS offerings in Austin, CO, are mostly made up of high-speed DSL, which encompasses all speeds from 5 Mbps to 100 Mbps. These speed tiers may not be as fast as fiber but are a reliable connectivity option, adequate for standard family use. Of course, this includes speed for working online, remote learning, streaming, and more. TDS speed tiers and varying pricing plans allow you to pick an option that works best for your family without having to go overboard with anything.

TDS Internet prices do vary a great deal from city to city, and sometimes even between zip codes.  We suggest you check for the best deals and offers available at your address before getting the service to make the most of your money. Call our experts at 1-844-343-1172 anytime.


Internet Plans* Download/Upload Speeds Promo Price
Warp Internet
1-Year Price Lock
Up to 50/10 Mbps $29.95/mo.
For 12 months. Plus taxes and fees. Equipment charges not included.
WarpX Internet
1-Year Price Lock
Up to 100/15 Mbps $39.95/mo.
For 12 months. Plus taxes and fees. Equipment charges not included.
Express Internet
5-Year Price Lock
Up to 5/0.512 Mbps $30.00/mo.
For 5 years. Plus taxes and fees. Equipment charges not included.
Turbo Internet
5-Year Price Lock
Up to 15/0.768 Mbps $35.00/mo.
For 5 years. Plus taxes and fees. Equipment charges not included.
Mach Internet
5-Year Price Lock
Up to 25/5 Mbps $40.00/mo.
For 5 years. Plus taxes and fees. Equipment charges not included.
Wrap Internet
5-Year Price Lock
Up to 50/10 Mbps $40.00/mo.
For 5 years. Plus taxes and fees. Equipment charges not included.

*Not available in all areas.


Bundling Internet with TDS Phone Service

While TDS internet is a wonderful pick for your home, TDS phone service is a great addition too. It allows you to enjoy the modern twist on a conventional phone with plenty of fun features to look forward to. You can get unlimited local and long-distance calling along with voicemail and other features. TDS phone is super convenient to add to your service, especially if you already use the TDS internet service.

Below are the available TDS phone plans in Austin, CO, that you can bundle with your TDS internet and TV services. Since offers and plans are subject to change with time, we suggest you speak to a TDS customer service representative at 1-844-343-1172 about this offer as soon as possible to add it for maximum value!

TDS Phone Plans Price Features
3-Star Voice Package $29.99/mo. 30 minutes long distance every month, unlimited local calling and popular calling features like Caller ID and Call Waiting.
4-Star Voice Package $39.99/mo. 30 minutes long distance every month, unlimited local calling and popular calling features like Caller ID and Call Waiting.
5-Star Voice Package $49.99/mo. Unlimited local & long distance calling, and a complete calling-feature set including Voicemail.


Enjoy Great Entertainment with TDS – Pair with DISH

TDS TV is available in most cities of the U.S. where the TDS footprint is present. However, TDS TV services unfortunately are limited at best in the city of Austin, CO. Fortunately, this does not mean you have to compromise on entertainment at all. In fact, with the easy pairing of services available with TDS internet, you can simply get top-notch entertainment options with DISH TV – and enjoy the full extent of its wonderful services. With DISH TV, you not only get to enjoy live TV channels but also a wide library of original on-demand content, which makes everything much more fun

All you have to do is simply get a TDS internet plan and then choose from a variety of DISH TV plans to make a package that works for your household. Once you are done, you can simply check out and enjoy the service with any added promos the provider is offering at the time.


Dish Plan Channels On-Demand Library Price
America’s Top 120 190 28,000+ $64.99/mo.
Price guaranteed for 2 years
America’s Top 120 Plus 190+ 28,000+ $79.99/mo.
Price guaranteed for 2 years
America’s Top 250 Plus 290+ 36,000+ $99.99/mo.
Price guaranteed for 2 years

*Offers availability may differ across locations.



TDS offers the full spectrum of its services in Austin, CO – with a few tweaks and changes here and there. Going over your market research and the assessment of your home needs would help you pick the perfect plans for your home. Most TDS services are quite affordable and fall in the right range for a house on a budget. Which is what makes it such a popular internet service among users.

Learn about the cheapest internet packages in your area and reach out to our helpline at 1-855-349-9328 at any time.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Is TDS internet a cable service or DSL?

TDS offers internet as both a cable and a DSL service. High-speed internet powered by TDS DSL is available to a large number of users nationwide, making TDS the 10th largest residential DSL provider in the U.S. TDS Telecom also offers fiber internet in select states and areas. For more information or to subscribe, call us at 1-855-343-1172.


2. Does TDS offer internet service in Austin, CO?

 TDS is one of the largest wired internet services available in the city of Austin, CO. It is available to 99.2% of the population and offers high-speed internet and phone services to its customers. For more information or to subscribe, call 1-855-343-1172.