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Television has evolved significantly from the era of merely switching between a few channels. Today, handheld devices like smartphones and tablets are facilitating constant and mobile access to TV programming, so that we no longer have to just stick to our TV sets and couch. Plus, we have an array of channels to choose from so that we can access unique blend of entertainment whenever we like.

This simply means that cable TV has not lost its charm yet. The cable TV regime is trying to adapt the novel changes in order to give a wholesome entertainment experience to TV buffs. And cable providers like Optimum have managed to outdo themselves in this aspect.

The service provider offers an expansive array of channels designed to quench the thirst of captivating TV content of avid viewers. If you happen to be an Optimum subscriber and wondering how to find the channel number of TBS on Optimum, you have landed on the right page!

In this article, we will provide you the channel number that will help you tune into in your go-to network on Optimum channel lineup.

TBS – A Quick Overview of the Channel

TBS, short for Turner Broadcasting System, is considered a giant in the realm of cable TV industry. Owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, the channel offers varied content, including sports programming, comedy shows, and a vast selection of evergreen TV shows and movies

TBS has managed to consistently deliver a captivating fusion of entertainment that appeals to an array of cable TV viewers. From rerunning iconic comedy shows like Friends to broadcasting exclusive sports coverage, such as Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball team and several National Basketball Association games featuring MLB and NCAA tournaments, TBS offers a rich collection of content to cater to numerous tastes and preferences.

This is the reason why the channel has successfully made a notable position in the ever-changing landscape of TV entertainment. Whether you're a fan of comedy series or a sports enthusiast seeking enthralling games, TBS has something in store for you.

How to Watch TBS on Optimum?

We presume that you are either a new Optimum Cable TV subscriber or a TBS enthusiast looking to watch TBS on Optimum. If it’s the latter case, you can access TBS network with any Optimum TV plan in majority of its service areas.

Optimum makes sure to enhance your televisual experience by giving you access to your favorite channel even when you are on the go. No one wants to settle for a service that doesn’t meet the entertainment needs of the entire household.

With Optimum TV packages, you can effortlessly search and filter your favorite shows, receive recommendations based on your watching history, and enjoy the convenience of a voice-activated remote.

All in all, the sought-after programming of TBS will reshape your TV watching experience like no other. If you want to bundle your Optimum TV plan with Internet, take a look at the table below to choose a plan that suits your connectivity and entertainment needs, or call 844-520-8978 to learn more.

Plans Number of Channels Download Speed Pricing
Core TV w/ 300 Mbps Internet 200+ channels 300 Mbps $125/mo.
For 12 months plus taxes w/ Auto Pay & Paperless Bill
Select TV w/ 300 Mbps Internet 290+ channels 300 Mbps $145/mo.
For 12 months plus taxes w/ Auto Pay & Paperless Bill
Premier TV w/ 300 Mbps Internet 340+ channels 300 Mbps $165/mo.
For 12 months plus taxes w/ Auto Pay & Paperless Bill
*Data effective as of published date. For latest plans and pricing, contact Optimum customer service at 844-520-8978.

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum?

As much as having a wide array of channel choices sounds tempting, it could leave us feeling overwhelmed. It can be difficult to locate a channel without knowing its number. Finding the channel is a task in itself because with most cable TV providers, channel numbers for each channel vary across locations. No one wants to flip through different channels to the point of exhaustion just to tune into their favorite channel. If you know the exact number of your favorite channel, you will be able to access unrivaled entertainment in no time.

The quickest way to the channel number is to search ‘What channel is TBS on Optimum’ on the Google search bar. If you are still unable to find TBS channel number via Google search, take a look at the following TBS channel number in Optimum service areas. Thankfully, in most of Optimum service locations, TBS channel number remains constant.

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum Connecticut?

Area Channel Number
New Haven 39
Norwalk 39
Litchfield 39
Bridgeport 39

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum Long Island (West)?

Area Channel Number
Islip / Woodbury 39
Great Neck 39
Lynbrook 39

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum Long Island (East)?

East Hampton / Riverhead Channel Number
Hauppauge 39
Brookhaven 39

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum NJ (Central)?

Area Channel Number
Newark 39
Bayonne 39
Elizabeth 39
Bergen/Cresskill 39
Morris County 39
Hudson 39

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum NJ (South)?

Area Channel Number
Hamilton (NY DMA) 39
Raritan Valley 39
Wall 39
Hamilton (Philly DMA) 39
Freehold / Lakewood / Jackson / Millstone 39
Seaside 39

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum NJ (North)?

Area Channel Number
Oakland 39
Warren / Sussex County (Sparta) 39
Rockland 39
Matamoras 39
Ramapo 39
Paterson 39

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum New York City?

Area Channel Number
Brooklyn 39
Bronx 39

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum NC?

Area Channel Number
West Jefferson 47
Hendersonville 47/847

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum Westchester?

Area Channel Number
Yorktown / Cross River 39
Dutchess 39
Warwick 39
Yonkers 39
Wappingers Falls 39
Port Chester / Harrison 39
Ossining 39
Ossining / Rockland County 39
Southern Westchester 39
Matamoras 39
Eastchester / Bronxville / Tuckahoe 39

All in All…

TBS is not a new channel that comes with Optimum TV plans, it has been a part of American households due to its diverse programming for a long while. If you are a TV buff, you would be glad to know that TBS is not the only entertainment network offered by Optimum. The provider has a wide range of entertainment options on the menu for its subscribers. You have the freedom to tune into your favorite channel and watch it away when you hit the couch after a long tiring day at work. However, it’s important to note that the availability of a specific channel varies with your package subscription and address.

If there’s still something that’s holding you back from subscribing to Optimum cable TV service, feel free to reach out to Optimum customer service at 844-520-8978. The customer service representatives will respond to your service-related inquires instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum in New York?

Watch TBS on Optimum TV by tuning into channel 39 in New York City.

What Channel Is Hallmark on Optimum?

Hallmark is on channel number 92 in most Optimum service areas, except in Hendersonville and West Jefferson. In Hendersonville, Hallmark is on channel 33/833, and in West Jefferson, it is on channel 60.

What Channel is TV One on Optimum?

You can access to TV One on channel number 178 on Optimum.

What Channel Is Telemundo on Optimum?

Telemundo is on channel number 16/1007 on Optimum. In Hendersonville, Telemundo is on channel 63, and in West Jefferson, it is on channel 75.

What Channel is Discovery Channel on Optimum?

You can access the Discovery Channel on channel number 27 in most Optimum areas. However, in Hendersonville, Discovery Channel is on channel 16/816, and in West Jefferson, it is on channel 24.

What Channel is Fox News Channel on Optimum?

Fox News Channel number varies across locations on Optimum TV. Check out the Optimum channel lineup to find the correct channel number for your area.

What Channel Is Paramount Network On Optimum?

You can access Paramount Network on channel number 41 on Optimum in most service areas. However, in Hendersonville, Paramount Network is on channel 35/835, and in West Jefferson, it is on channel 30.

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