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Walstonburg is a quaint town in North Carolina’s Greene County. The population is very little and most of the residents live in their own homes. But if you’re all about that rural ‘feel’, then retiring to this town would mean a great deal.

Walstonburg is the perfect example of why size doesn’t matter. Even though it’s small, residents and visitors to the town can delve into quite an assortment of activities. Go for wine tasting at the Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery, or visit the nearby Imagination Station Science & History museum. Plus, if you’re not in the mood to go out and about, you can always kickback at your home and spend the day with some light-hearted internet browsing.

Residential Internet Access in Walstonburg, NC 27888

Walstonburg is less competitive in terms of internet coverage as compared to the rest of North Carolina. This town has a very limited selection of wireline and wireless internet for its residents. As of now, there are only 6 residential internet providers serving Walstonburg. In terms of internet connectivity, Walstonburg is not among the best connected cities in North Carolina.

But, if you reside in Walstonburg or have chosen to retire here, these are the types of connections you’re likely to come across.

(Note: we’ve ranked them by their coverage rate, with the most widely available service type being on top)

  • Satellite
  • DSL
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Fiber

Fiber internet has the lowest coverage, even though it is the best kind of internet connection in the market. About 21% population in select Walstonburg neighborhoods can access it. Currently, the city’s fiber internet needs are being catered by a local provider. The highest download speed offered is up to 1000 Mbps. If Fiber internet is available at your Walstonburg address, then there’s no other better option, unless you don’t want to spend money on all that speed that you would not use.

Fixed wireless has a bigger coverage rate than fiber internet. It’s wireless, hence you may experience less reliability as compared to wired speeds. But if it’s the only option available at your address, then feel free to bring it home. Currently, T-Mobile is the only nationwide name delivering Fixed Wireless in Walstonburg 27888, with download speeds up to 115 Mbps. But, interestingly a local service Ultra Home Internet is also available as widely as T-Mobile.  

Widely Available Providers in Walstonburg, NC 27888

DSL stands out with the biggest wireline internet coverage in Walstonburg, NC. For households that can’t access Fiber, but don’t want to settle for wireless internet speeds, high-speed DSL can be a worthy option to invest in. In Walstonburg, NC 27888, CenturyLink is the one wired provider that spans almost the entirety of Walstonburg. With high-speed internet ranging from 15-100 Mbps, you can stream HD, enjoy casual gaming, and do much more with better reliability than wireless internet.

Satellite internet is also available to all of Walstonburg, NC. If you can’t access wired broadband at your address, satellite internet is always there to connect you with sufficient download speeds when no other provider is able to do that. Albeit, it is wireless, and cannot deliver the kind of bandwidth wired types are able to offer, it’s good enough to take care of your standard needs.

Currently in Walstonburg, NC 27888, HughesNet and Viasat are leading the satellite internet market. HughesNet offers download speeds up to 25 Mbps with upload up to 3 Mbps. Plus, subscribers get the freedom to choose their internet plan based on monthly data.

HughesNet in Walstonburg, NC 27888

HughesNet has been America’s #1 choice for satellite internet. In Walstonburg, NC 27888, HughesNet offers high-speed internet by using the world’s largest capacity broadband satellite, and advanced Gen5 technology. It is one of the very few providers that cover the U.S. from coast to coast, and the one way you can connect via high-speed internet even when wired infrastructures do not reach out to where you are.

If you’re new in Walstonburg, NC and this is your first time with HughesNet Internet, there are a few aspects that you must acquaint yourself with first.

HughesNet Internet plans are unlike what wired providers usually offer. There’s no such thing as speed tiers, and instead there are data plans. To give you a better overview, these are the HughesNet Gen5 Internet plans that you can subscribe to at your Walstonburg, NC residence.  

10 GB Internet Plan

for 6 mos. w/24-month commitment

Perfect for a single user or a couple. This plan supports light-weight online activities at fast speeds. Email, online banking & shopping, web browsing, social media sharing etc.

20 GB Internet Plan

for 6 mos. w/24-month commitment

This plan works for a small family with growing kids. Light weight internet usage that includes video streaming every now and then, standard web browsing social media sharing, etc.

30 GB Internet Plan

for 6 mos. w/24-month commitment

A mid-sized family can enjoy standard online activities with this plan. You can stream video, download, browse the web and share on social media

50 GB Internet Plan

for 6 mos. w/24-month commitment

Good for a larger family. Video conference, download bigger files, attend online class and do more.

Features That Make HughesNet in Walstonburg, NC Worth It!

Data Cap with a Twist

ISPs usually impose hefty overage fees when you exceed the data limit. HughesNet, however, does things differently. When you go beyond your data threshold, HughesNet limits your download speed to 1-3 Mbps until your next billing cycle kicks in. You wouldn’t get deprived of the internet; you’d still be able to browse the web and enjoy additional light-weight activities.

Bonus Zone Data

Every HughesNet Gen5 Internet plan comes with 50 GB Bonus Zone data. And this additional data, which you get at no extra cost, becomes your savior. Everything that you do online during the off-peak hours between 2 am and 8 am, counts towards this complementary allowance. So you can schedule movie and system downloads during these hours to save your regular monthly allowance for peak hour usage.

Fast Satellite Speeds

Satellite internet is assumed to be lag-laden and less reliable. While latency is an issue that is inherent to this type of internet, HughesNet was the first satellite provider in the U.S. that fulfilled the broadband speed criterion defined by the FCC. All 4 data plans, come with 25 Mbps downloads and 3 Mbps uploads. And as far as standard usage in different sized households, HughesNet Internet plans can keep you connected with high-speed internet without frequent connection-drops.

Built-in WiFi Router

HughesNet Internet provides you with an advanced satellite internet modem that also has a built-in WiFi router. The 2 in 1 modem from HughesNet utilizes dual band 802.11ac and providers coverage to multiple devices and ensures lag-free connectivity. Plus your WiFi connection is totally secure.

One More Thing…..

HughesNet does not offer a namesake TV service, and there are no bundles. But, you can pair HughesNet Internet with DIRECTV Satellite or a DISH channel lineup. If you want to get more info on how you can pair HughesNet with a satellite TV service contact HughesNet Customer Service representatives at 1-855-349-9309.

CenturyLink in Walstonburg, NC 27888

Now comes the wireline DSL internet. In Walstonburg, NC 27888, CenturyLink boasts the largest wired network. CenturyLink utilizes a myriad of advanced technologies to boost traditional DSL speeds, and comes with Fiber to the Loop. So depending on how far you are from the Node in the vicinity, you can get better speeds, consistency and more bandwidth overall. Speed availability can however vary with network capacity from one location to another. And you are likely to see speeds ranging from 15 to 20 Mbps or 40 to 100 Mbps.

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet
15 Mbps to 20 Mbps


Best for smaller families with fewer users. Download music, share files, work from home, stream, play online etc.

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet
40 Mbps to 100 Mbps


Perfect for mid-sized households with standard usage. This CenturyLink plan supports multi-device connectivity, HD video streaming, online shopping and so much more.

What More Do You Get With CenturyLink Internet?

No Data Cap

CenturyLink Internet plans now come with unlimited data across the board. There is no overage charge, speed throttling, or account suspension. So you can do your thing online without experiencing the least data anxiety.

No Contract Plans

CenturyLink plans are no-contract. The price you see is what you pay on a month-to-month basis from the get-go. And you are free to cancel the service anytime you need to without the fear of a hefty early termination fee.   

No Bundling Required

You don’t have to bundle CenturyLink Internet with another service to get a better price. You can sure bundle with CenturyLink home phone, and/or pick one of CenturyLink’s partner TV providers/streaming services alongside internet. This is however not a condition for you to get a better price on CenturyLink Internet.

CenturyLink Complete WiFi

CenturyLink Internet gets you an advanced wireless modem which is essentially a modem-router combined in one device. Users can enjoy faster and more steady WiFi connectivity across multiple devices. Most leased CenturyLink modems come with tools such as built-in security, privacy and parental controls, that protect your devices and allow you to relax. 

Plus the My CenturyLink App allows you to manage your in-home WiFi network with ultimate ease. You can monitor all connected devices, check signal strength of your network, carry speed tests and do more, all with the help of a single mobile application.

DIY Self-Install

Going for an internet-only high-speed DSL plan? You’ve earned the ticket to install and activate your high-speed CenturyLink Internet all by yourself. Of course, you could opt for professional installation if you’re ready to shell out up to $125 upfront. But, if you’re tech savvy and want to save, going down the DIY route is the best option.

Two is Better Than One! Add TV to Your CenturyLink Internet Subscription

CenturyLink in Walstonburg, NC allows its users to add value to their high-speed internet plans by adding TV to the mix. Be sure to check with CenturyLink Customer Service about pairing any of these TV services, because two is always better than one!


DIRECTV is the top-ranking satellite TV service of in America. When you pair it with high-speed CenturyLink Internet, you can enjoy 99% signal reliability, a brilliant 4K experience, access to a huge On Demand library, a free HD Genie HD DVR, and so much more.

DIRECTV offers 4 tiers at different price points. Each tier includes an array of popular TV networks. The best part? All DIRECTV plans come with the FREE DIRECTV App. Stream live TV or On Demand titles and schedule DVR recordings remotely. DIRECTV truly does redefine traditional pay-tv. And stands truly unbeatable when it comes to sports!


Another sought out satellite TV service in the U.S. is DISH TV. And you can pair CenturyLink Internet with a DISH TV channel lineup fit for your in-home entertainment needs. Simply pick the plan right for you and have a ball.

All DISH TV plans come with high-end Hopper DUO Smart DVR which delivers an integrated TV experience. Plus, there are several other features that it includes – you’d have to bring it home find out.

Concluding Words

CenturyLink and HughesNet are making better internet accessible to Walstonburg, NC 27888 with high-speed internet plans. And while you cannot get an internet and TV bundle with either, you can sure pair a TV service. So, if you want to check out more about either, call at 1-855-349-9328 anytime.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Which provider offers the best internet service in Walstonburg, NC?

In Walstonburg, NC, CenturyLink stands out as the top wired broadband provider. The type of connection offered is DSL and the download speeds available are up to 100 Mbps.

How much does wired internet cost per month in Walstonburg, NC?

In Walstonburg, NC, the widest available wired internet option is DSL from CenturyLink that starts from $50 a month for download speeds ranging from 15 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

Does Walstonburg, NC have fiber internet?

Unfortunately, you’d have to wait a little longer for fiber internet to roll out in the town of Walstonburg, NC.

Which internet provider offers unlimited data in Walstonburg, NC?

In Walstonburg, NC, CenturyLink DSL is a prominent provider that offers no data cap.