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Comcast is one of the biggest media and technology companies in the U.S., connecting millions of people to quality facilities. Xfinity happens to be the largest of all Comcast subsidiaries, dedicated to bringing high-speed residential internet, VOD, cable TV, and other services to your home. With over 30 million subscribers nationwide, Comcast Internet, widely known as the Xfinity internet service, offers internet that is one of the best and forever evolving.

Although there are plenty of internet services in the U.S., Xfinity is one of the most popular ones. In this article, we discuss how to switch Comcast’s internet and exactly why you should do that! So, let us begin.


Reasons to Choose Xfinity by Comcast for Your Home

When it comes to internet services, Xfinity is simply one of the most popular options in the country, for multiple reasons. Here is everything that you can enjoy with Comcast internet powered by Xfinity:

  • Enjoy high-speed internet in a wide variety of tiers ranging from 75 Mbps to 1200 Mbps at most locations, with a 6 Gbps speed tier available in select locations.
  • Meet all your fun and work needs with the generous data allowance of 2 TB across all internet plans with an option to add unlimited data.
  • Unravel a world of fast internet speeds, quality entertainment, and a whole lot more with the advanced Xfinity technology as seen in the xFi Gateway device and Flex.
  • Get your choice of entertainment on any TV screen at your home with unlimited streaming with the Xfinity Flex device in 4K picture quality.
  • Keep connected on the go over a safe network with free access to millions of out-of-home Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots across the country.
  • All Xfinity internet plans come with flexible term agreements so you can choose whatever works before for you. Choose to go without a contract and pay the standard rate on a month-to-month basis, or get a contract and enjoy promo pricing for a certain time.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee acts as a safety net for you to experience the service and get a feel of it before making any lasting commitments.
  • A range of plans and market competitive pricing, bringing you some of the finest services at the best possible rates ranging from $19.99/mo. to $80/mo.

Learn more about it or call 844-207-8721 for more information.


Get More Value for Your Plan - Switch to Xfinity!

One of the best things about Xfinity internet is the flexibility and value you get with it. Not only do you get to pick your service tier and agreement type, but it packs great value so you are also able to save a little. This can go towards your retirement savings, 401K plan, and other such programs that help you in the long run. Plus, Xfinity also often has ongoing promotional offers and schemes that get you even more savings and value, so you don’t have to compromise on the quality and get a great price.

Some examples of how Xfinity adds value to your internet plan include:

  • Enjoy unlimited streaming in 4K on any TV you want with the Xfinity Flex device
  • FREE access to millions of out-of-home and secure Wi-Fi hotspots to get internet services on the go
  • Promo pricing ensures that you get a reduced price for a year or two of your service and helps you save money
  • Bundle Comcast internet with other services and enjoy considerable savings on the side

As Xfinity is currently offering its unlimited gig-speed internet and streaming for as little as $50 per month when you add an unlimited mobile line to your service. This deal is exclusive to new internet customers only and comes with no contracts and a 2-year price guarantee. So if you are considering making the switch, now is the perfect time to do so!


Switch to Comcast Internet – Contact Xfinity Customer Service

If you have decided to switch to Xfinity internet, there is no reason to wait around any longer. All you have to do to get the service is simply call Xfinity customer support and let them guide you through the process. Pick an internet plan and explore other things that you can add to your service for an even better experience. Xfinity offers TV, Phone, and even Home security services that are every bit worth the investment.

You can reach Xfinity sales support 24/7 at 844-207-8721 or 844-207-8725 for Spanish speakers. Call now and get your favorite services today!



Xfinity by Comcast offers great residential internet and TV services that are dedicated to making your life better. Choose Comcast for a one-of-a-kind internet experience, powered by Xfinity internet, with ample data allowance, various speed tiers, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a whole lot more.

Explore the best Xfinity internet plans in your area, or call 844-207-8721 for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. How can I contact Xfinity customer service?

 To get any help with Xfinity sales support, you can reach out to customer care, which is available 24/7 at 844-207-8721. Take a look at the best Xfinity plans available in your area and choose whatever you want.


2. Is Xfinity internet available in my area?

 Xfinity services are available in about 36 states across the U.S. Check Xfinity availability in your area or call Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721 to learn more!