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Looking for exceptional connectivity and premium entertainment in Lubbock, Texas? You may not need to search further as Suddenlink offers every service you require for a complete in-home connectivity and relaxation experience through high-speed internet, cable TV, and home phone.

A Word about Suddenlink Communications

Suddenlink Communications muscled its way to becoming one of the first TV and internet service providers in the US. The provider expanded its HDTV services as well as increased the number of HD channels in the early 2010s. And, revamped its network to deliver faster cable broadband speeds by inducting the new DOCSIS 3.0 tech. Today, Suddenlink offers its services in 15 states, and Texas is one where its footprint is particularly impressive.

Among the many perks a Suddenlink subscription gets you, one of great value is the Suddenlink Wi-Fi hotspot network—counted among the nation’s most powerful. It does not only provide you with high-speed internet on the go, but is FREE of cost. For Lubbock that means from Bluesky to Carlisle, residents are fully covered and connected!

So, read on to learn details of offerings from Suddenlink in Lubbock, Texas, and see what benefits you may get if you subscribe to their services.

Suddenlink Internet in Lubbock, TX

With 88.1% availability, Suddenlink is the only cable service provider in Lubbock. The provider’s cable network is capable of delivering faster speeds than satellite, DSL and fixed wireless providers offering services in the city. Albeit, Lubbock residents in densely populated areas may experience a slack in speeds during peak usage times—which is a characteristic of cable broadband. With that said, the speeds offered by Suddenlink internet in Lubbock, TX are so fast you are not likely to suffer even during the rush hour.

So, if you are a household where many work from home and attend school online, or enjoy multiplayer online gaming and stream HD on multiple devices simultaneously, Suddenlink packages in Lubbock, TX make for an ideal choice.

Subscribe to Suddenlink and elevate your internet experience today!

Suddenlink Internet Speed & Data

Suddenlink offers Lubbock internet plans in 3 unique speed tiers—100, 400, and 1,000 Mbps. This assortment gives you choices to select from as per your budget and requirement. Each plan brings you fiber-rich cable broadband fit for multi-device connectivity with minimal disruption—meaning, no buffering with HD video, no sudden ping spikes while you game, and no drop in connection when you are in a video conference with your superiors. Everyone stays seamlessly connected!

As for data allowance, Suddenlink offers both capped and unlimited plans—depending on the network capacity in the area.

Suddenlink Internet Pricing

Suddenlink Internet deals in Lubbock start at an appealing price point—$34.99 per month, which is extremely competitive especially when you look at the value of your investment, and other available options. In addition to the affordable price point, Suddenlink locks the price for you either for one full year, 2 years or LIFE—depending upon which plan you subscribe to.

To top that off, there is no contract. Yes, you heard it right. Suddenlink does not force you to sign a contract, so you are not bound by any long-term agreement. Plus the provider offers up to $100 in contract buyout to new internet subscribers.

Add-Ons & Extras

Your Suddenlink internet in Lubbock, TX also gets you FREE access to the leading news, media, and entertainment company Cheddar—you can access the latest information and news from the worlds of business, tech, and culture via the Cheddar app or the website. Still more exciting is your complementary subscription to CuriosityStream—as you get to watch thousands of award-winning non-fiction TV shows and documentaries!

Moreover, Suddenlink Internet offers you ways to safeguard your connection so you don’t have to worry about tech visits and service fees—no matter how rare that maybe. A device protection and virtual support add-on plan is also on the menu. The best offer you can benefit from is the Smart in-home Wi-Fi system, which comes with intelligent built-in tech, is scalable, and its advanced Mesh technology kills all bothersome dead zones around your house.

Suddenlink Internet Packages in Lubbock, TX

Now, let’s have a quick look at Suddenlink Internet plans available in Lubbock, so you can choose the perfect speed for your family depending on your digital lifestyle and budget.

Suddenlink Internet Packages Lubbock, TX Max. Download/Upload Speed Data Allowance Price

Suddenlink Internet 100

100/7.5 Mbps

250 GB

34.99/mo.for 12 months

Suddenlink Internet 400

400/40 Mbps


$54.99/mo.for 24 months

Suddenlink Internet 1 Gig

940/50 Gbps


$74.99/mo.Price for Life


Suddenlink Cable TV in Lubbock, TX

With more choices than you thought were possible, Suddenlink TV in Lubbock, TX, is a lot more than a mere TV service. It is TV the way you want to watch it.

Suddenlink Channel Lineup

Suddenlink digital TV service in Lubbock, TX, brings you a range of options to pick a channel line up from—Core, Value, Select, and Premier—with over 200, 225, 290, and 340 channels respectively. With every lineup, you get broadcast TV networks like FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and others. Plus, a bunch of most sought-after networks watched in almost every American household—Discovery, AMC, Hallmark, CNN, A&E, MTV, Cartoon Network—all enrich the multiple Suddenlink channel lineups in different numbers. Not to mention the premium channels of the likes of the well-loved HBO® that is a part of Suddenlink Premier TV.

Add-ons & Perks

Other hard-to-resist perks for Lubbock include: The Altice One mobile app which allows you to watch your Suddenlink TV anywhere you are. The Cloud DVR or TiVo® which lets you record your much-awaited TV programs to watch later, even record multiple shows simultaneously, and gain ultimate control of your entertainment. The Bluetooth-enabled voice-controlled remote which lets you tune into your favorite channel, movie, or show, and do much more at just the command of your voice.

The Suddenlink On Demand library is another feature that adds to the available choice of content, from diverse genres. It comes with thousands of popular titles for you to pick any that suits your mood. While the Pay-per-View option lets you access live events and so much more. Not to forget, you get to watch all you love in the finest picture quality.

Altogether the Suddenlink TV service attributes not only improve your television watching experience but dramatically alter it.

Suddenlink Cable TV Bundles in Lubbock, TX

Explore Suddenlink packages in Lubbock, TX. These are TV and internet bundles. And, you can also add-on the provider’s home phone service for $10/month. A 3-in-1 Suddenlink bundle means a single bill for all 3 services, which makes it absolutely effortless for customers to pay their monthly dues. At the same time, providing you maximum value for your investment—as each service brings you its own discount relative to standard pricing. As with internet-only plans, these internet and TV bundles give you a price guarantee for one year, 24 months or LIFE! Truly a bargain deal.

Suddenlink Packages Lubbock, TX Package Tier Speed Tier Rates

TV Internet 100


100 Mbps

$54.99/mo. for 12 months

TV Internet 400


400 Mbps

$89.99/mo. for 24 months

TV Internet 1 Gig


940 Gbps

$129.99/mo. Price for Life


Suddenlink Voice in Lubbock, TX

Suddenlink voice service allows you to take delight in unlimited local and long distance calling anytime and to anywhere in the U.S. and its Territories, as well as Canada. All that at one flat monthly rate.

As a cherry on top, you also get access to Enhanced 911, and many popular and useful calling features—Busy Redial, Anonymous Call Blocker, Call Forwarding, Call Return, Caller ID, Private Outbound Calling, Three-Way Calling & more—you can expedite and organize your daily communication, and make nifty use of the voicemail service.

Add Suddenlink Voice to your internet and TV package for $10 more a month. Rest assured you’ll cut more than $10 on your cellular service bill!

Bottom Line

With a network as reliable as Suddenlink, you can share images from the First Friday Art Trail without having to quit streaming your favorite TV. And the best part is, Suddenlink internet, TV, and voice plans are competitively priced making it possible for a great number of people to afford quality services without breaking the bank.

Not that worthwhile options are not available in Lubbock. After all, you’ve got AT&T with its IPBB and Fiber—which comes out as a strong contender. But, when it comes to a combo of internet and TV at bargain prices, you cannot beat Suddenlink. Where AT&T gets you its IPTV service—AT&T TV or DIRECTV—to take your pick from, Suddenlink gets you the traditional cable TV in its contemporary form—yet Suddenlink bundles in Lubbock, TX are not as pricey.

We would suggest you contact Suddenlink Customer Service Lubbock, TX, at 844-520-8978 to get pro advice. For the Spanish speaking, call at 1-844-527-5633.


  1. Is Suddenlink available in Lubbock, TX?

Suddenlink offers every service in Lubbock, TX, that you may require for a complete in-home connectivity and relaxation experience through high-speed Internet, cable TV, and home phone. From Bluesky to Carlisle, Suddenlink ensures Lubbock is covered and connected. By coverage area, Suddenlink covers an estimated 88% of the city.

  1. Best Suddenlink bundles in Lubbock, TX?

Among all available Suddenlink bundles Lubbock, TX, we would recommend you go for a Suddenlink 3-in-1 internet, TV, and phone bundle deal to enjoy the maximum value on your investment. Once the promotional period of your bundle deal ends, you may as well get the chance to negotiate another by asking for any ongoing discount available for existing subscribers.

  1. What is the cheapest Suddenlink package in Lubbock, TX?

The cheapest Suddenlink package available in Lubbock, TX, is Suddenlink Internet 100 and Value TV priced at $54.99/month. You get download speeds as high as 100 Mbps and more than 225 channels with 70 in HD.

  1. Is the Suddenlink internet outage in Lubbock, TX, one of the most reported?

Of the most reported service outages in Lubbock, TX, it is the Suddenlink internet outage that contributes to around 70% of Suddenlink complaints, followed by Suddenlink TV outage at 11%, total blackout at 9%, and Suddenlink Wi-Fi outage at 7%.

  1. Is there an outage of Suddenlink services near me?

If you want to know about a likely Suddenlink service outage in your area, an easy way to do this is through your Suddenlink online account. Log in to your account on your smartphone through the Suddenlink Support app or via the web. Once you are signed into your account, go to My Services to find out about Suddenlink service outage details.