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To survive in this fast-paced world, investing in a reliable internet service provider has become more necessary than ever before. For this reason, the competition in the ISP industry is getting more intense with every passing day. And, that also makes it a more difficult to discern as to which provider you should give your money to. One of the authentic providers to emerge as a popular choice in recent times is Suddenlink by Altice.

About Suddenlink Communications

Founded in 1993 as Classic Communications, the company was acquired by Cequel in 2003 and renamed Cebridge Connections. All cable system acquisitions made by Cequel until that time were brought under the Cebridge Connections umbrella. The process of acquisitions continued and in 2006 Cebridge Connections was rebranded as Suddenlink Communications.

As mergers and take-overs continued, so did Suddenlink’s endeavor to upgrade its network infrastructure. As a result of handsome investment, Suddenlink became one of the first internet and TV service providers in the U.S. to expand its operation to HD services, as well as deliver faster broadband speeds owing to the induction of new DOCSIS 3.0 tech.

In 2012, a big turn around in the corporate life of Suddenlink Communications started to transpire. And, in 2015 the ISP was acquired by the European telecom giant Altice. The following year, Altice bought Cablevision. Cablevision (with its Optimum brand) and Suddenlink thus came to form Altice’s American division called Altice USA. And today, both Optimum and Suddenlink continue to operate as two distinct subsidiaries of Altice USA.

Altice did not declare any alteration as far as the branding of Suddenlink services. For that reason, marketing and sales strategies have continued to revolve around the original brand name Suddenlink.

Why Choose Suddenlink?

Given how Altice shapes the company culture around core social values, and how words like inclusion, relentless, diversity, optimistic, and innovative describe the company’s aspirations, rest assured you will receive only the finest in service from Suddenlink. With the mission to connect more and more communities across America and equip people with the necessary tools to simplify their lives, Altice USA strongly believes in sharing the benefits of ingenious tech through innovative products and services.

The Suddenlink brand offers a complete service suite which links your home to a reliable internet connection, provides you access to popular cable TV entertainment, as well as an affordable phone service.

With Suddenlink, you can relish internet speeds up to 1 Gbps, a digital TV service equipped with intelligent technology, and a digital home phone service which gets you unlimited calling. Everything that is placed at your disposal allows maximum flexibility at the most affordable rates. You can sign up for a standalone Suddenlink internet plan or combine all services together in a bundled package. Either way, you can take delight in the high-rated service at competitive prices without a care.

Suddenlink Plans & Pricing

With high-speed internet, cable TV, and digital home phone services, a variety of Suddenlink packages are available at competitive prices. To help you pick the perfect option for your home, let’s run you through the range of Suddenlink plans and pricing.

Suddenlink Internet

Whether you are into HD streaming or multiplayer online gaming, Suddenlink internet plans are the perfect pick. Suddenlink provides 100, 300, 400, and 1,000 Mbps fast internet. This variety gives you options to choose from according to your needs and budget. Fiber-rich cable broadband speeds let you connect several devices with minimal interference—you get to watch videos in the best picture format, enjoy expeditious downloads, and play games without unexpected delays. Even if you have family members working from home or studying online, everyone stays connected seamlessly.

With higher Suddenlink speed tiers, you get to benefit from unlimited data and Price for Life Guarantee, while lower speed tiers come with data caps as well as price locks.

Suddenlink provides powerful in-home Wi-Fi that eliminates dead spots and reaches every nook and cranny of your house. Plus, when you are away from home, a subscription to Suddenlink Internet makes you eligible to connect to over 2 million strong Suddenlink Wi-Fi hotspot network.

And, the best part about Suddenlink plans is that the provider doesn’t make you sign a contract, so you are not bound by a long-term agreement.

Suddenlink Internet Plan Speed Tier Data Allowance Price
Suddenlink Internet 100 100 Mbps

250 GB

for 12 months
Suddenlink Internet 300 300 Mbps 350 GB $44.99/mo.
for 12 months
Suddenlink Internet 400 400 Mbps Unlimited $74.99/mo.
for 24 months
Suddenlink Internet 1 Gig 1 Gbps Unlimited $74.99/mo.
Price for Life

Suddenlink Cable TV

Suddenlink cable TV service comes with a variety of options to select a channel line up from—Core TV, Value TV, Select TV, and Premier TV, with more than 200, 225, 290 and 340 channels respectively. Each lineup provides you an assorted range of over-the-air network affiliates for TV networks such as CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and more. Moreover, you get a number of popular networks watched in millions of households across America—AMC, A&E, Hallmark, Discovery, Cartoon Network, MTV, CNN—all adorn the different Suddenlink channel lineups in varying numbers. Not to forget the premium networks of the likes of the widely loved HBO® that come included in Suddenlink Premier TV.

Other appealing features include: Cloud DVR which allows you to schedule recordings of your favorite shows to watch them later, and the flexibility to record 15 shows at a time. The Altice One mobile app which lets you take your Suddenlink TV anywhere you go. The Suddenlink On Demand library which comes packed with thousands of titles as well as Live events that you can access via Pay-per-View. A voice-activated remote control which helps you tune into your desired channel, show or movie, and do a lot more. And, last but not least the brilliant picture format whether you prefer HD or 4K UHD.

All these service features together not just enhance your televisual experience, but revolutionize it.

Have a look at Suddenlink packages with Suddenlink TV and internet—if you want you can add-on the Suddenlink digital phone to each of these Suddenlink internet and TV bundles. A 3-in-1 Suddenlink deal will give you the maximum return on your investment. At the same time, making it super easy for you to pay your monthly bills—a single bill for all three services!

Suddenlink Packages Package Tier Speed Tier Price
TV and Internet 100 Value/Internet 100 Mbps $54.99/mo.
for 24 months
Select/Internet 100 Mbps $69.99/mo.
for 24 months

TV and Internet 300


300 Mbps

for 24 months


300 Mbps

for 24 months

TV and Internet 400


400 Mbps

for 24 months


400 Mbps

for 24 months
TV and Internet 1 Gig Value/Internet 1 Gbps $94.99/mo.
Price for Life
Select/Internet 1 Gbps $109.99/mo.
Price for Life
Premium/Internet 1 Gbps $129.99/mo.
Price for Life

Suddenlink Phone

Suddenlink home phone is a digital service that offers unlimited local and long-distance calling in the U.S., and to Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and U.S. Virgin Islands without binding you to a time slot. The voice quality is superb. And, you get all of that at a low flat monthly rate when paired with other Suddenlink services.

Other hard-to-resist calling features like Anonymous Call Blocker, Busy Redial, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Call return, Three-Way Calling, Private Outbound Calling, and many more help you streamline your daily communication.

You can access Suddenlink digital phone service by pairing it either with Suddenlink internet or Suddenlink Internet & TV bundles for $10 only.

Suddenlink Availability

When it comes to Suddenlink availability, services span across 15 states in the U.S. with the greatest coverage in Louisiana, Texas, and West Virginia. Other Suddenlink service states include: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Virginia. Nearly 6 million people can access Suddenlink internet, TV, and voice services in these areas. While pure fiber optic internet service from Suddenlink is accessible to businesses in over 525 zip codes.

Here it is worth mentioning, Suddenlink is one of the few cable service providers which also extend their services to parts of rural America, where fast Suddenlink internet speeds make for a great option particularly given the attractive price tag they come with.

Bottom Line

Suddenlink internet, digital TV, and home phone services have been tailored to meet consumer needs and preferences. And the best part is, Suddenlink pricing is such that it makes it possible for a great number of consumers to afford Suddenlink packages without breaking the bank.

We would recommend you get in touch with Suddenlink Customer Service at the Suddenlink phone number i.e. 1-844-520-8978 for advice from experts. Spanish speaking subscribers can contact Servicio al Cliente Suddenlink at Telefono de Suddenlink i.e. 1-844-527-5633.


1- What is the cheapest Suddenlink package?

The cheapest Suddenlink package you can get is Suddenlink Internet 100 and Value TV priced at $54.99/mo. You get download speeds as fast as 100 Mbps and over 225 channels.

2- Did Suddenlink raise their prices?

No, the provider has not issued any notice recently regarding a price hike.

3- Can you negotiate with Suddenlink?

Yes. You can request Suddenlink to either reduce your bill or just eliminate the cost of service features you don’t use. If you call and speak to a customer retention representative, chances are you can negotiate to avail yourself of a promotional price or discounts available for new and existing customers.

4- What are Suddenlink package deals?

Suddenlink offers a variety of internet, TV, and phone packages with prices starting from $34.99 per month for an internet single play. Double play (internet & TV) prices start from $54.99/mo. and the starting price of triple play Suddenlink packages is $64.99/month.

5- How much does Suddenlink cost per month?

Suddenlink prices differ based on the type of package. However, the cheapest standalone option is Suddenlink internet 100 priced at $34.99 per month. In bundles, the cheapest available option is Suddenlink Internet 100 with Value TV, which costs $54.99 per month.&

6- How can I get a better deal with Suddenlink?

Go for a Suddenlink 3-in-1 internet, TV, and phone bundle deal to get the maximum return on your investment. After the end of the promotional term for your Suddenlink package, chances are you’ll be able to negotiate a better deal by asking for a discount available for existing customers.

7- Is Netflix free with Suddenlink?

The Netflix app is available on Suddenlink select set-top boxes—for instance Altice One. But subscribers need to have an existing Netflix subscription to view content. In case you don’t have one, and you are using a TiVo set-top box, you can sign up directly. You never know you may be able to grab the Standard Netflix 1 month free offer.