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The power struggle between traditional TV and OTT streaming continues. Both mediums of entertainment are evolving in order to fit in better with changing consumer preferences in terms of access, content and value. And, with how the emergence of OTT streaming has changed viewer habits, Cable and Satellite TV services have also been driven to stesp up to the plate. Innovative ways of watching traditional TV now allow you convenience, mobility and flexibility similar to that of streaming TV. Yet, there is no denying if you are not crazy about live TV and your entertainment regime is powered by on demand content alone, there are savings to be had when you cut the cord.

With that said, the current number of streaming services in the U.S., estimated at around 300, does not make it easy to choose the right one(s). And, whatever maybe your reason to cut the cord, if you are looking to run in-home entertainment via streaming, a single subscription is unlikely to do the job. The reason why the average SVOD American household is reported to hold up to 4 subscriptions. After all, it’s not be possible to cater to the preferences of everyone in the family with just one.

For this reason, in today’s market you’ll see offers which allow you to bundle different streaming services, and thus encompass a wider variety of programming genres. Whichever streaming bundle you may find in line with your family’s entertainment taste, the key is to not only assess each for the content mix, but service features, how user-friendly and efficient the correlating apps are, and the overall value of the deal.

Our article today focuses on some of the most popular streaming bundles in the market, so read on if you are convinced cord cutting is the way to go for your home!

The Disney Bundle— Disney+, ESPN+ & Hulu

The Disney Bundle includes 3 of the best streaming services in one deal i.e. Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. And when bundled, these streaming services cost you less than à la carte subscriptions. Whether you go for the ad-supported version of Hulu or the ad-free one, either way it’s a bargain deal. The former costs $14.99/mo. and the latter 24.99/mo.

Disney+ created quite the hype with its launch in 2019. For all Disney fans looking for a one-stop shop for the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars titles, the service is a no-brainer. Its mega library of favorite classics, exclusive originals and new releases, makes it one of the most popular among the younger members of the family.

And when you include Hulu into the mix offered by Disney+, you can keep  the adults in the family as happy. Because Hulu gets you access to thousands of movies and shows. You get to stream full seasons of exclusive series, or episodes from a current season. And there is a growing library of original content with award-winning titles.  

The third ingredient in this wholesome bundle is ESPN+ which makes it ideal for sports fans. You get to stream thousands of live events, archive content, and exclusive originals. Watch daily studio shows and listen to insightful analyses, or binge-watch the complete 30 for 30 library! With ESPN+ you’ll never be out of the loop.

The Disney+ bundle thus ensures everyone always has something to tune into. And, if you have access to a fast and reliable connection, like Cox Internet which is ranked as one of the best for streaming, everyone can stream seamlessly on their favorite devices. To check availability of Cox Internet offers in your area you can call at 1-855-349-9316 anytime.

Hulu with the HBO MaxTM Add-on

This is the perfect combo for anyone who wants to sign up for popular and premium entertainment without stretching the budget. Especially if they cannot wait long to watch the next episode of their running NBC and ABC favorites.

Hulu offers you to pair up a base plan with HBO MAX at $15.99/mo. This is on top of what your base Hulu plan costs. You maybe able to grab a limited time cheap deal, with a FREE trial, for this streaming bundle if you get lucky. Otherwise you can pick a Hulu base plan, ad-supported or ad-free, and include HBO MAX as an add-on. There is no discount to be earned here. But it makes it convenient to combine the 2 streaming services under the Hulu roof for ease of billing as a bundle.

You can sign into HBO MAX with your Hulu credentials or just watch HBO MAX content via your Hulu app. Albeit, in order to watch MAX Originals, and other classics, you’ll have to stream via the HBO MAX app.

All in all, this is a great way to access exciting new MAX Originals and all of HBO content, alongside diverse popular programming from the huge Hulu library inclusive of the award-winning Hulu Originals. So, if you want to watch Warner Bros. 2021 movie premiers the same day as theaters, get thousands of hours of series, and stream exclusive originals and movies, while you also get to stream a variety of popular entertainment, this is the streaming bundle you should go for.

Hulu with HBO MAX add-on makes a good deal at an affordable price with no strings attached. HBO Max boasts a wide range of content from HBO and other media properties owned by WarnerMedia. So, it is unlikely this bundle will allow boredom to make its way.

With that said, when you are choosing to cut the cord, it becomes all the more necessary to ensure you have the right speed and data combo available to you. Spectrum Internet deals are one of the most popular and widely available across the U.S. For a great internet bundle with streaming TV, check Spectrum availability in your area at 1-844-760-4220.

Spotify Premium Student with Hulu & SHOWTIME®

Spotify has successfully gained popularity in the music streaming industry for a myriad of reasons. A user-friendly app which makes smart use of machine learning. Expansion into other forms of audio content such as podcasts. Universal device compatibility. And simple pricing. These are some of the service features that make the music streaming app a favorite for its 165 million subscribers.

When you choose to pay for Spotify Premium, instead of listening to your favorites via the free ad-supported version, you get rid of commercials that can simply ruin the moment, and much more. For instance, skip as many songs as you want, double the quality of streaming to 320 Kbps, download up to 10,000 songs and play offline on up to 5 devices, or enjoy special new releases from Universal Music Group artists for 2 weeks. Plus when you are a Spotify Premium member, students get to bundle up with Hulu and SHOWTIME at an irresistible price!  

Spotify offers a streaming bundle deal for students in particular which includes the ad-supported Hulu service too, for only $5.99/mo. Meaning you get to save over $20!

Imagine having access to next-day viewing of lots of current favorites on NBC and ABC with Hulu! That comes in addition to thousands of movies, shows and Originals in the extensive Hulu library, plus all the top-quality music.

So, if you are enrolled at a U.S. Title IV college or university and are looking for discount on a video streaming service, Spotify Premium has you covered! Visit the Spotify website and create an account or you can log into your existing Spotify account and proceed to qualify as an eligible student via Sheer ID.  

Remember, you must also ensure access to high-speed internet which allows you to stream your TV favorites seamlessly. For students, Xfinity from Comcast has great deals on offer. In case you would like to explore better options, do check out and Order Online!

Wrapping it up…

For people who often find themselves running out of content to watch on the streaming platform they have signed up for. Or they get itchy for original content they could access with another streaming service. It is wise to bundle up one or more services that fit your individual or family preferences. Not only does this give you more choice of content, but ease of billing as well.

Bur remember, if it is cord cutting that helps you strike a balance between in-home entertainment and your budget, don’t forget to count in an affordable internet package which gets you a reliable and fast connection. It is the fuel that powers your video streaming on multiple devices. In case you would like to speak to a professional and explore internet deals in your area, call 1-855-349-9328 anytime.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Hulu plan is included with the Disney+ Bundle?

You can include either the ad-supported or ad-free Hulu plan to your Disney. It’ll cost you $14.99/mo. with the ad-supported Hulu plan, and $24.99/mo. the ad-free one.

How much does Disney+ cost?

The Disney+ subscription costs $10.99/month or 1099.99/year, and gets you access to the Disney vault of entertainment with the best from among Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars titles, and much more.