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Cord-cutting promised you the world by giving you complete control of the channels you subscribe to and the programming you watch. You can cherry-pick what you love and only pay for that. It is understandably deemed the more affordable option, the better option, as compared to cable TV. So, if you have already considered making a switch, today may a good time to do so.

While running after streaming services is one way to go, you are pleasantly surprised by what the cable providers have to offer. Adapting their services to changing times, cable TV providers have come up with plans that give its viewers greater control over what they watch. If you are looking for the plan to get your daily dose of entertainment then look no further than the Charter Spectrum. It is best at giving you exactly what you want. Their Spectrum TV Choice is a customizable option that lets you choose a total of ten Spectrum Choice channels to add to the lineup of existing fixed channels that come with the package. Interested in learning more? Well, here is all you need to know about the Spectrums ala carte plan.

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What is Spectrum TV Choice Plan?

Spectrum TV Choice is the ultimate TV plan. Simply put it is a streaming service offered to Spectrum internet users. It gives you a great channel lineup at affordable rates and without having to sign a contract with them! Exciting, isnt it?

When you think of cable providers, the first thought to come to mind is the traditional cable connection. Its possible to have missed their streaming service as you dont often get to hear about it, but now that you are aware it exists you might want to consider subscribing to it. With this Spectrum service you can say goodbye to the bulky cable boxes and all the paraphernalia a cable connection requires. And, you wont need to wait for technical support to come and set it up. You can easily run it on your phones, smart TVs, Roku, Xbox One, or Apple TV, whatever you already own. Before we move to the Spectrum channel lineup though, here is a table comparing Spectrum TV Choice to Spectrum Select.

Spectrum streaming and cable TV plans and pricing



Live channels

Cloud DVR

Spectrum TV Choice


~10–40 (vary by location)

~50 SD hrs. or up to 50 shows

Spectrum Select



21 HD hrs.


As you can see, the Spectrum TV Choice plans costs almost half that of Spectrum Select plan making it an undoubtedly great deal. Were sure you wonder which channels do you get with this plan, so let us get into it.

Spectrum TV Choice Channel List

When you subscribe to Spectrum TV Choice, you get access to the following channels. They cover major broadcast networks like NBC, ABC, and Fox along with Spectrums News 1 channel. You can also watch public access and educational channels LIKE C-SPAN and CBS on it as well as shopping channels and music channels. Some channels though, like MeTV and Bounce will be available to you depending on the area you are located. Apart from these, you can choose 10 cable channels from a list of 77. These include all major national sports channels, major cable news networks, and entertainment channels like HGTV and AMC.

In addition to this, you can also include premium channels like HBO and Showtime.


FOX News Channel


FOX Sports 1

Animal Planet


Azteca América


BBC America

FX Movie Channel

BBC World News






Bloomberg Television

Hallmark Channel


Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Cartoon Network







Investigation Discovery

CNN en Español


Comedy Central


Discovery Channel


Discovery en Español


Disney Channel


Disney Junior

National Geographic

Disney XD

NBC Sports Network


NFL Network

El Rey Network




ESPN Deportes



Paramount Network

Food Network


FOX Business Network


FOX Deportes


The Weather Channel





Univisión Deportes

Travel Channel

USA Network



TV Land

WAPA América

WE tv


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Why Spectrum TV Choice?

If you arent already convinced of getting Spectrums streaming service, here are some more perks to prompt your switch.

When you get cable TV, it often comes with a slew of hidden charges in the form of the installation fees, taxes, and equipment fee. When you add these costs, even the cheapest of plans become rather expensive to get. With Spectrum TV Choice, however, this wont is a problem. Just visit the Spectrums website and sign in using your Spectrum username and password. If you prefer to watch on your mobile devices or the TV you can watch them as well. Simply download the Spectrum app on your device. If you are using the app over the Wi-Fi though you will log in automatically, which is great. Apple TV (4th generation or higher), Roku, Smart TV, Amazon Fire tablets, and Xbox One, all work well with this app so you will be set up in no time. What is more, the Roku and Apple TV apps support universal search which means you can look up the shows using the devices voice remotes.

Spectrum TV Choice or Cable?

When it comes to which is better, Spectrum TV Choice or cable, it really depends on your needs and your budget. If you are not a picky watcher then the streaming service would work well for you. On the other hand, if you need a wider variety of channels, then you would do better with getting a cable plan.

It is worth noting though that while Spectrums app works great at a basic level, it is not the best. The videos are limited to 30 frames per second which can really kill an action movie. In addition to this, using this service outside of the home is near impossible. Sure, you can stream a few channels live, but many simply dont work. The app could also do with some tweaks as it isnt compatible with all TV devices. The worst part though is that you have to scroll through a long list of on-demand channels that you dont have access to, to find the ones you can watch. This makes for bad user experience and makes it feel like an upsell to one of their cable plans.

If you want, you can essentially sign in to the individual network apps like ESPN and Fox News but it is such a hassle especially for those who watch outside a home on a daily basis. In such a case cable TV would prove more effective. Then again only you can answer the question of which is better so figure out what you want from your service before you subscribe. If you are confused though, wed suggest you do a trial of the service. It will give you a better idea for sure.

How Can I Subscribe to this Package?

Subscribing to cable TV channels is as easy as it gets.  Call 1-844-481-5997 at any time, on any day or night.

As far as the payment is concerned, you can make it online on the website. You dont have to worry about paying Charter bill yourself. Each month the amount will be deducted from your account making it a hassle-free process. Simple right? Go ahead and get your plan today. If you still have any queries, you can always call Spectrum sales. They will be able to answer all your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a DVR?

While you can rent a DVR at a minimal charge with your Spectrum TV Choice subscription, you dont necessarily need it. With access to the on-demand library, you can simply stream your favorite show.

Does Spectrum have a cancellation fee?

Spectrum does not bind you in a long term contract so you can cancel any time you want without incurring a penalty. Simply call Spectrum support to cancel their service.