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Orlando is a lively city in central Florida. Home to mesmerizing places like Cinderella’s magical castle at Walt Disney World, Epcot and Magic Kingdom Theme Parks, Universal Orlando™, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ —this magical city offers an awe-inspiring blend of epic entertainment and fun options for everyone. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Baby Boomer, young single, food lover, shopaholic, vagabond, or simply a tourist—Orlando, FL is a great place to live in, and an ideal vacationing destination too. 

With world-famous restaurants, high-end shopping outlets, funky art galleries, epic concerts, theatrical performances, and sports venues, the city offers its 200,000 residents a staggering number of Instagram-able places to boast about! Maybe that is why Orlando is the 10th most connected city in Florida!

While there are 15 residential internet service providers in Orlando, that promise to offer high-speed internet at affordable rates, not many can beat Charter Spectrum which is available to a whopping 99% of the city. 

Reputed nationwide, Charter Spectrum™ has been ensuring provision of fiber-rich cable broadband, cable TV, and home phone services to millions of homes across the U.S., long enough to have become a household name.

With happy customers in 40 states including Florida, a natural consequence of offering the most HD content, reliable and fast internet, and a feature-rich digital phone service —Spectrum aims to make lives easier for the inhabitants of Orlando.

Spectrum Internet in Orlando, Florida 

Spectrum Internet in Orlando, Florida offers stalwart and fast connectivity. On average, the provider delivers a starting speed of 100 Mbps to web-surfers in The City Beautiful– ample to ensure glitch-free downloading for not just one, but multiple devices. 

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It doesn’t matter whether you fly-solo or are part of a big household—Spectrum Internet in Orlando, Florida offers speed tiers to cater to a broad spectrum of digital needs of its vast consumer base. 

Spectrum delivers three power-packed internet packages free of data caps in Orlando, FL: Standard, Ultra, and Gig. However, it is to be noted the price, speed, and availability can vary depending on your location. 

The Standard Internet plan offers speeds up to 200 Mbps, albeit the most commonly available speeds range from 60 Mbps to 100 Mbps. This package offers reliable, high-speed internet at only $49.99/mo. (for 12 months) so that you can explore the World Wide Web without breaking the bank. Moreover, you can add Spectrum Wi-Fi to your plan for as little as $5 per month to enjoy wall-to-wall seamless connectivity at home!

If you live in a full House like the Tanners, or you are just someone who works from home, subscribing to Spectrum Internet Ultra is the right choice for you! Glitch-free speeds up to 500 Mbps, a FREE high-quality modem to keep broadband roadblocks at bay, and integrated Wi-Fi connectivity—the Spectrum Ultra Service surely offers great value to the residents of Orlando for an affordable price tag of $69.99/mo. for 12 months with Autopay.

Spectrum Internet Gig is a high-tier plan priced at $89.99/mo. for 12 months with Autopay.  This fiber-rich internet plan offers soaring download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, and upload speeds as high as 35 Mbps— so that you can surf the web, stream and download movies, and share large files in a snap without getting stuck in buffering-loops – no matter how large a household you live in, and how many devices are connected.


Perks of Subscribing to Spectrum Internet in Orlando, Florida

  • No Data Caps—enjoy unlimited downloads, sharing, streaming, and social media surfing without fearing monthly data limits.
  • Free Security Suite—get impenetrable online security without paying extra, and keep all hackers, spyware, malware, and viruses at bay.
  • Top-notch Parental Controls—easily control and manage your child’s online activities to keep them safe from cyber threats, inappropriate content, and cyber-bullies. 
  • Innumerable Wi-Fi Hotspots—connect to 600,000 FREE nationwide W-Fi hotspots while you are out and about, exploring the magical city of Orlando or beyond.


Spectrum Home Phone in Orlando, Florida

Apart from providing ultra-fast internet and fun-packed TV services in Orlando, Spectrum offers an exquisite digital home phone service as well – one that amps up the chatterbox in you. 

With Spectrum Voice you can make unlimited nationwide calls as well as connect to your loved ones in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and more, without ripping your pocket. 

But that’s not all!

Get Spectrum phone and say adios to the days when you annoyingly said “I can’t hear you” or “Wrong number!” on the phone—Spectrum home phone in Orlando, Florida does not only come with crystal-clear voice quality but 28 incredible features including Voicemail, 3-Way Calling, Call Blocking, Caller ID and many more. 


Spectrum Cable TV in Orlando, Florida

Stuck with a lackluster TV service that doesn’t fulfill your entertainment needs? Tired of watching the same channels over and over again? Don’t worry, just pick up the phone subscribe to Spectrum Cable TV in Orlando, Florida and bring your dead TV set to life. 

The fun-packed Spectrum TV exposes you to the world of limitless digital entertainment to jazz-up your evenings. Cable TV from Spectrum offers up to 200 channels, thousands of on-demand titles, premium HD channels, DVR service, and the Spectrum TV app, which lets you take your entertainment on-the-go.

Spectrum On-Demand lets you binge on your TV favorites in vivid picture quality —you can watch wherever and whenever, while the DVR service from Spectrum allows you to record shows in SD or HD and watch on your own timeline. 

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Sick of your boring commute? Don’t worry! Spectrum TV subscription does not only keep you entertained at home, but allows you to watch juicy TV content when outdoors too. Just connect to your nearest free Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspot, and open the Spectrum TV App on your iOS or Android smartphone to watch content while you are on-the-go.


Fuel Your Binge-a-thons with Spectrum Packages in Orlando, Florida  

Your fun-packed Spectrum TV comes with perks such as an intuitive on-screen TV Guide, with convenient navigation, FREE HD, Parental Controls etc. You may also qualify for the 30-day money-back guarantee depending on the offer you subscribe to – a generous allowance from Spectrum to assure you that you’ve made the right choice!

Spectrum cable TV in Orlando, Florida, offers entertainment aficionados the opportunity to choose from not one but three TV packages: Select Signature, Silver, and Gold— they let you access an exhaustive channel lineup at affordable rates - including entertainment, news, education, culture, weather, sports, music and more. 


Spectrum TV Select Signature

Price: $59.99/mo. for 12 months

If you are looking for great value at an affordable price, or if your household is not too big on TV, this TV package is all you need! With 125 channels including famous networks such as CNN, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Food Network, E! and many more with free HD programming, Spectrum TV Select Signature will surely look after all standard household needs.


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Get Premium Channels without Paying a Fortune

Spectrum TV in Orlando, Florida proudly offers entertainment options that are not easy to beat. If you wish to add premium movie or sports networks, you can easily do so by subscribing to these separately or by upgrading to the next tier of Spectrum TV channel lineup at a reasonable price. Moreover, when you subscribe to Spectrum Cable TV, you can also watch Pay-Per-View Events at the best price in town!


Save BIG with Spectrum Bundles in Orlando Florida 

Spectrum offers an array of incredible bundles in Orlando, FL. Here are some popular ones:

Internet + TV Select Signature + Voice

Price: $124.97/mo. for 12 months with Autopay when bundled

  • 300 Mbps bandwidth
  • 125+ channels
  • Unlimited calling in US, Mexico, Canada


Internet + TV Select Signature

Price: $109.98/mo. for 12 months with Autopay when bundled

  • 300 Mbps bandwidth
  • 125+ channels


Internet + Voice

Price: $64.98/mo. with Autopay for 12 months when bundled

  • 300 Mbps bandwidth
  • Unlimited calling in US, Mexico, Canada


Get Your Spectrum Services NOW!

Double and triple plays by Spectrum packages in Orlando, Florida are the most value-packed offers around. Take your pick and subscribe to the one that fits your digital usage. 

You can merge Spectrum Internet in Orlando, Florida with Spectrum TV and digital phone service to save, or get standalone plans to fulfill your connectivity and entertainment needs as you prefer. Contact the 24/7 Spectrum phone number for guidance, and subscribe to the internet, TV, and phone plan best for you, with a 1-year price lock and with complete freedom from contracts!


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Spectrum available in Orlando, FL?

Yes, Spectrum offers affordable HD cable TV, high-speed internet, and home phone services in Orlando, Florida.

Which is the best Spectrum bundle in Orlando, FL?

Spectrum offers a wide range of cable TV, internet, and home phone bundles in Orlando, FL to fit your budget and usage. Visit Spectrum Bundles to find out more.