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Spectrum is one of the most popular internet services within the U.S., serving millions of households in 41 states across the country. Spectrum offers some of the best internet plans in the industry – complete with unlimited data, contract-free arrangements, and even a contract buyout offer for eligible customers. The large coverage map also ensures that most people will find Spectrum at their address if they are interested in its services.

In this article, we discuss one of the latest deals the provider has to offer: Spectrum One. Let us take a look at all that you can enjoy with the Spectrum One deal!

What is Spectrum One?

Spectrum One is a recent promotional offer launched by Spectrum that brings you all the digital connectivity you need with incredible savings. With Spectrum One, you get to enjoy advanced Wi-Fi service and an unlimited mobile line completely free for 12 months with autopay on the purchase of any Spectrum Internet plan.

The best part about Spectrum One is that it comes with no catch — there are no extra charges or hidden fees that you have to fret about. Instead, you get to sample all the best of Spectrum services without having to pay for anything at all, saving over $400 in the process!

What is Included in Spectrum One?

You get three things as part of the Spectrum One deal as mentioned above. Spectrum Internet, Advanced Wi-Fi, and a mobile line. Let us look at how each of these adds value to your plan individually.

Spectrum Internet

The internet service is the only component of the Spectrum One that you have to pay for. All internet plans with speeds ranging from up to 300 Mbps to 1 Gbps qualify for this deal. You not only get access to high-speed internet but also unlimited data without the hassle of any contracts. Use as much data as you like for work, entertainment, and more without anything holding you back at the speeds that you love.

Spectrum Internet plans start at $49.99/month for up to 300 Mbps download speed and you can choose whatever works best for your home.

Advanced WiFi

Advanced WiFi from Spectrum ensures that you get to use the internet wirelessly on your favorite devices and all your online activity is protected. With the rise in cybercrimes and online threats, it is important to keep your information secure over the internet, as well as protect all the devices on your home network. And Spectrum WiFi does just that.

Spectrum advanced WiFi is usually priced at $5 per month, but with Spectrum One it comes completely free. That is $60 worth of secure WiFi services that Spectrum One users can enjoy without paying anything for a year.

Unlimited Mobile Line

Spectrum Mobile is still one of the newer services in the market, but one that is second to none. Get instant access to 5G all across the nation and keep in touch with your loved ones around the clock. This service includes unlimited talk, text, and data usage on a very reliable phone network. You do need to be a Spectrum Internet customer to qualify for a mobile plan.

A Spectrum Unlimited mobile line is priced at $29.99 per month but comes free once you subscribe to Spectrum One. This is around $360 worth of free mobile services that you get to enjoy for 12 months.

Together advanced WiFi and an unlimited mobile line save you over $400 when you opt for Spectrum One with autopay for 12 months. Since there are no contracts, you can opt out at any time, but the sheer quality of services and savings is worth any investment you will be putting in.

How Many Spectrum One Plans Are There?

You can get Spectrum One with any internet plan of your choosing. Therefore, you essentially get to take your pick from three Spectrum One plans. They are given in the table below. To learn more about Spectrum Internet deals in your area, reach out to us at 844-760-4220.

Spectrum One Plans

For 12 months with Auto Pay

For 12 months with Auto Pay

For 12 months with Auto Pay

300 Mbps internet

Advanced WiFi

Unlimited Mobile line

5G Access

500 Mbps internet

Advanced WiFi

Unlimited Mobile line

5G Access

1 Gbps internet

Advanced WiFi

Unlimited Mobile line

5G Access

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Data effective as of publish date. For the latest plans and pricing reach out to us at 844-760-4220.

Wrapping Up...

Spectrum One Internet deal is a great way to sample all the best of Spectrum services while also saving some money on the side. It lets you enjoy internet, mobile, and advanced WiFi for an incredible price and comes with no contracts, which means you can cancel it at any time if you feel the need for it.

Get Spectrum One now. Call 844-760-4220 today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Spectrum One Internet?

Spectrum One is an internet deal offered by the internet provider, Spectrum. With this offer, you can enjoy FREE advanced Wi-Fi and an unlimited mobile line when you purchase a Spectrum internet plan. All you have to do is pay the monthly cost of the internet with autopay and you can enjoy the free services for 12 months.

Learn more about Spectrum One. Call 844-760-4220 now!

Is Spectrum One available in my area?

The Spectrum One deal is available in almost all areas of Spectrum service across 41 states. To check availability in your area, call the Spectrum phone number: 844-760-4220.

Is Spectrum One only for new customers?

Spectrum One is available to new and existing customers of Spectrum Internet across all service areas. To learn more about the Spectrum One deal, call at 844-760-4220.