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Having a good internet connection is essential for survival in the 21st century. We have come to rely so heavily on this technology that imagining a life without it is simply impossible. No matter where we go or what we do, having access to it at all times is a must.

The Internet allows us to travel the unknown with ease. No matter how big a challenge we may encounter, overcoming it just becomes a matter of time with access to the World Wide Web. Knowing the collective wisdom of the human race spanning centuries is just a few clicks away, is a great source of comfort. It is not surprising then, that choosing the right mobile broadband service is an all-important task which must be given its due of research.

If you are in fact looking for a reliable high-speed internet connection for your mobile, you have come to the right place. Today, we will talk about what makes Spectrum Mobile a broadband service worth recommending – one that offers great quality and reliability at affordable rates. In case you need a little persuading before you subscribe to mobile broadband service from Spectrum, do read on. We have researched the providers mobile internet service and from the looks of it, this is where you will find the best mobile connection, one that is easy on your pocket too.

What is Spectrum Mobile?

Spectrum Mobile, offered by Charter Spectrum™, is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). This means the service provider does not own the wireless network infrastructure that provides connectivity to its subscribers. Instead, Spectrum has an agreement with Verizon to piggyback on their wireless network, while partially making use of its own Wi-Fi hotspot network, in order to ensure the provision of mobile broadband services. This arrangement has its disadvantages, but the flexibility and cheap rates thus made possible, more than make up for any downsides making it a great choice for broadband connectivity on the go. You do not even have to change your number, just port it and you are done. Finding yourself more interested in the service? Youll love the packages on offer!

Spectrum Mobile Plans - The Cost Involved

Spectrum Mobile offers two plans. The first, By the Gig plan, costs $14 per GB. You can share this data with up to five lines, ensuring you are loved ones are connected to you at all times.

The second is the Unlimited Data plan and it is exactly what it sounds like. Priced at $45 a month, this package lets you use unlimited data so you can stream to your hearts content.

Like the plans already? We knew you would! Not exactly easy to find matching offers in the industry.

Who can Subscribe to Spectrum Mobile?

Before we move forward though, you should know that in order to subscribe to Spectrum Mobile plans you must first be a customer of Spectrum Internet. Only then you become eligible to benefit from Spectrums mobile broadband service. Even if you are a new Spectrum internet user, you can sign up for Spectrum Mobile with two lines under your account. To loyal customers, Spectrum allows a maximum of five lines on one account, while new subscribers can add more lines after a 30 day period. Call the Spectrum phone number today, and get the plan that serves your needs! And while you are at it we would suggest bundling your internet subscription with Spectrum TV to leverage an even better price.

Spectrum Mobile Plans - The Benefits You Get

Getting a practical mobile phone plan is sure to improve your everyday life. Whatever you need, wherever you need it, you can get it with ease. With Spectrum, you also do not need to worry about the high cost generally associated with mobile broadband services. By the Gig and Unlimited Data plans from Spectrum Mobile, render you totally safe.

You can choose the offer which is sure to prove a valuable addition to your lifestyle, serves your daily connectivity needs and fits your budget. Whichever plan you choose, you will get these benefits:

  • Unlimited talk time in the U.S. and to Canada, Mexico and more
  • Free global texting from the U.S. to over 200 countries worldwide
  • Access to around 500,000 Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Competitive roaming rates in 200 countries
  • Convenient switching of plans between By the Gig and Unlimited Data
  • The best part: No binding contract!
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This is just the beginning, there are tons of advantages of subscribing to Spectrum Mobile. Lets briefly look into what each plan has to offer:

By the Gig Plan

For people who value flexibility, this is the plan for you. You only have to pay for the LTE data that you use. If you have limited use of the internet on your mobile device, but at the same time don not want to lose access to the internet while on the go, you should sign up for this plan. If, however, you find that you tend to use a lot of data on the go, getting the unlimited plan is the better option.

Confused which plan to get? Don not be. Given you can easily switch between the two anytime during the billing cycle, we suggest picking whichever you think you would like and try it out. If you do not find it suitable you can always change with no harm done.

Unlimited Data Plan

Getting a mobile broadband service that offers unlimited data for $45 per line is a great bargain which you wont be hard to put to find anywhere else. You can take the internet with you wherever you go, in abundance, and the best part is you can set up a hotspot for no additional charge. Great, right? So go ahead and kill your boredom on those long commutes back from work with Spectrum Mobile. You will always have enough data to stream your Spectrum TV favorites.

Get Your Family Onboard

These plans are great for any family. You can add up to five lines and mix and match the plans according to what works for you. Think three lines will work perfectly with By the Gig, and two on Unlimited Data? Go for it!

Just remember, you can add lines after the first 30 days of your new Spectrum subscription have passed. In the first month, you only get two lines to which you can add on later.

If you have subscribed to By the Gig on your lines and the 1 GB data limit is exceeded, you can conveniently get 1GB of more shared internet at $14 a month.

High-Speed Internet Guaranteed!

Spectrum employs the reliable 4G LTE network by Verizon to provide you mobile broadband. Given the reputation, Verizon carries in terms of speed delivered over its network, and given the reliability of Spectrum Internet itself, you can rest assured you will be able to leverage a high-speed connection on the go. Do not take our word for it, ask current users and make an informed decision.

Which Phones are Compatible with Spectrum Mobile services?

Changing internet providers is a tad more difficult when it comes to mobile phones. Not every service is compatible with every cell phone out there. So, chances are you might have to buy a new device, but before you do so, it would be worthwhile to confirm if your phone is compatible.

BYOD plan

Spectrums Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plan accepts a range of not only iOS but android phones as well. If you already have one of these devices, youre good to go. To help you out, we have compiled a list of compatible phones:




iPhone SE

Samsung A10e


iPhone 6S

Samsung A20

Pixel XL

iPhone 6S Plus

Galaxy S8

Pixel 2

iPhone 7

Galaxy S8

Pixel 2 XL

iPhone 7 Plus

Galaxy S9

Pixel 3

iPhone 8

Galaxy S9

Pixel 3 XL

iPhone 8 Plus

Galaxy Note 9

Pixel 3a

iPhone X

Galaxy Note 10

Pixel 3a XL

iPhone XS Max

Galaxy Note 10


iPhone XS

Galaxy S10


iPhone XR

Galaxy S10


iPhone 11

Galaxy S10e


iPhone 11 Pro


iPhone 11 Pro Max


If you cant find your phone on this list, worry not. Visit Spectrums official website to learn more.

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Buy a Spectrum Phone

If you do not have a compatible phone, worry not. Spectrum sells a number of phones and was sure youll be able to find a suitable one for yourself. If you cant buy it outright, wed suggest you take Spectrums to help to finance one. The 24-month installation plan is a great deal to consider. Youll be able to upgrade to a better phone with ease and get a good internet plan at the same time. You also have the option to trade-in your device for another. That is sure to save you a few bucks!

Once you figure out your phone and sign up, Spectrum will give you a SIM card to activate your line. There thats it, plug it in and you can enjoy broadband services from Charter Spectrum™.

If you are confused at any point, call the Spectrum sales phone number i.e. 1-855-423-0918 and they will help you sort out whatever it is that you are stuck with.


How is Spectrum Mobile plan’s coverage?

Spectrum Mobile utilizes one of the best wireless networks in the U.S. You’ll get great coverage, alongside fast data speeds almost everywhere.

How many Spectrum Mobile plans are there?

Spectrum Mobile offers two mobile plans. The first is an unlimited data option, and the second plan is a pay-by-the-gig plan. Both the plans have unlimited text and talk time.

How do I know if I’m eligible for Spectrum Mobile?

Spectrum Mobile is only eligible for those who have already subscribed to Spectrum’s internet services.

Do you have to buy a new phone with Spectrum mobile?

You can bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to Spectrum Mobile or purchase a mobile from their limited collection.