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In this fast-paced world of today, just having an internet connection is not enough anymore. The internet speed of your network is one of the most important things that you should look for in a connection. According to the FCC, 25 Mbps of download speed and 3 Mbps of upload speed are considered high-speed broadband internet, and many people in the U.S. do pay to get such internet services at their doorstep.

A slow internet plan is quite a bummer since it hampers your tasks in more ways than one, affecting your work and entertainment life. Which nobody ever really wants, especially not when they are paying a good sum of money to the internet provider (ISP) every month. It can be very frustrating to deal with. Therefore, here are a few ways you can detect when your internet plan needs an upgrade, so you always get a speed that matches your use.

Signs That Your Internet Plan Is Asking for an Upgrade

There can be plenty of reasons why your internet speed is too slow. It could be a faulty cable, perhaps an old router, or maybe your internet speed need has just grown over time. However, it is a problem nonetheless. So, what exactly are the signs that are telltale of a slow internet connection? Here are some of the things you should look out for, for they are an indication that your internet connection and speed, are asking to level up.

 Multiple Connected Devices Slowing Down Your Internet Speed

While it is a natural response for an internet connection to slow down when multiple devices connect, it can be more bothersome for people to get lower internet speeds than the ones their internet subscription promised. Not only there has been an increase in the number of people working and studying online ever since the pandemic, but many platforms have also mainly shifted a majority of their work online, which leads to more people connecting to the internet in a single household.

This ends up using a lot of bandwidth, which in turn, slows down an internet connection. However, if you have a high internet speed plan, the change may be too subtle for you to notice. If you feel like your internet connection is slowing down too much, check your internet speeds and consider upgrading your internet plan. Typically, speeds over 100 Mbps are good enough if you have multiple people using the internet at your place. A higher speed tier may be needed if there are multiple power users or smart home devices.

Video Chats Are Anything but Fun

The advent of technologies such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, and WhatsApp has made video chatting so much easier than it was years ago. Video chats are supposed to be fun; a great way to catch up on your loved ones around the world. Nevertheless, if your connection is constantly lagging, acting up, or the quality keeps deteriorating, it can be a downright nuisance. It too is a sign that your internet plan is inadequate, and not giving you as much speed as your network needs.

If you often suffer from such problems, you can consider upgrading your internet plan or changing your internet provider. Internet speeds with Xfinity range between 50 to 1200 Mbps and are a great way to upgrade your internet services and bring you seamless video conferencing, browsing, and other exciting perks to enjoy on the side.

Paying High-End Prices for Less than Gigabit Speeds

Most internet providers offer gig internet speeds within the $100 mark, however, there are some that price their basic plans way too high. Even if you are not facing any issue with your internet plan, but are paying more for it than is standard, you should consider getting an upgrade. Either get a cheap internet plan or get one with more value. This could be from your current provider or even with other internet options available in your area. For instance, WOW! offers gig speeds at a mere $64.99 per month (for 12 months in select markets), and boasts excellent uptimes and performance, all without the hassle of binding contracts.

 Gaming and Streaming Are a Nightmare Now

Hands-down one of the worst things we ever have to experience on the internet is the buffering and lagging that comes with slow internet connections. For online gaming and even streaming, there is no bigger nightmare. Since streaming and gaming are both bandwidth-intensive activities, they can quickly slow down the internet to a crawl. When that happens, it not only affects your gaming or streaming session but also all the other online activities that you are trying to do.

The best way to combat this issue is to get a high-speed internet plan if you are a gamer or like to stream a lot. With so many gig plans in the market at good prices, it is a safe bet to go with them. You can find providers offering great plans at market competitive rates that are perfect for gaming and streaming. For example, Optimum and Suddenlink plans by Altice not only come in multiple tiers but also have affordable options as well as high-speed plans for intensive usage as such.

You End up Going over the Data Limit Too Often

If you have multiple users in your home, you might be repeatedly going over the data allowance your internet subscription includes. This is a sign that your internet plan is looking for an upgrade since the data usage is certainly much more than what you think it is. This could be especially if you have multiple devices connected to the home network and large data usage like gaming, streaming videos and music, or telecommuting.

Under these circumstances, consider going for plans that get you unlimited data. Spectrum comes with an unlimited data allowance and nationwide availability. The provider also offers a free internet modem and an internet security suite that provide more value for money.

Fiber Internet Becomes Available in Your Area

Although cable internet and other wired options are decent enough options, fiber-optic internet takes the cake in this matter. Fiber internet offers fast and symmetrical upload and download speeds along with unlimited internet data through a pure fiber-optic network. Of course, it is not necessary, but any time a fiber internet provider becomes available at your address, it is a good idea to check it out.

Some of the top fiber internet plans are AT&T Fiber 1000 and CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit, priced at $80 and $65 per month, respectively. You can enjoy gig speeds with both the plans along with unlimited data allowance in market-competitive pricing, definitely worth every dollar.

Some Parts of Your House Are Dead Zones

You may have noticed how your internet signal drops when you move from your living room to the kitchen or your room. The Wi-Fi signals are inhibited by obstructive objects, such as walls, doors, and electric appliances, which may lead to signal blockage. Thus, creating dead zones with no Wi-Fi reach in certain areas of your house. More often than not, dead zones in your home may point towards a router defect, or perhaps your router may not have a great enough reach. This could easily be remedied by changing your router.

However, if your router is working fine and you are still getting lagging or slow internet speeds, you should consider upgrading your internet plan or switching your provider.

In Conclusion

An internet plan is supposed to be a little package that fits all your internet needs perfectly. However, there can be times when your internet plan falls short of the goals you have in mind. This could be due to an increase in the number of users, network congestion, speed usage, and other such factors.

Some of the signs that point towards a burnout of your internet plan include lagging internet, nightmarish speeds, and failure to stream or game properly. Luckily, most of the time, getting an upgrade on your internet plan is enough to solve this problem. You can also consider switching your internet provider or replacing it with Fiber Internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you know when to upgrade your internet plan?

If your internet service faces frequent disruptions, such as disconnection, lagging, or other problems, and has made video calls, gaming, and streaming impossible for you, it may be time to consider an internet plan upgrade.

What do you get with Xfinity Internet?

Xfinity Internet gets you quality internet services with a speed range between 50 – 1200 Mbps, high data allowance, and safe out-of-home hotspots. You could also pair your internet subscription with the Xfinity Flex box to enjoy unlimited streaming.

Why does the internet slow down?

The internet slows down at different times of the day due to several reasons. If it only slows down at peak usage hours, it could be because your internet connection is shared and the bandwidth is exhausted. However, if your internet is constantly slow, it may be because your speed use is a lot more than what you think.

How to get an internet plan upgrade?

To find relevant and affordable internet plan upgrades available at your location, call us at 1-855-349-9328 and let us handle the work for you!