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You won’t be surprised to know that about 81% Americans go online every day ! The evolution of internet has made us highly dependent on the World Wide Web for almost everything.

Today, an internet connection that lacks the potency to cope with the growing digital needs of the consumer is a public enemy! How? Let me explain. From ordering pizza to buying diamond rings and from video calling your family and friends to managing business operations remotely, the internet has become a crucial part of our existence.

It doesn’t matter who we are or what we do, the internet has flipped our lives upside down and has transformed all walks of life, not just the means of communication. Whether you want to book tickets to Tampa’s exciting Gasparilla Music Festival or update yourself on the latest news and weather forecasts, you are just a click or two away from doing it all in a jiffy because you have got the cyber-power on your side.

Stats show the US had about 275 million internet users in 2018 and the number is expected to rise exponentially to a whopping 310.1 million by 2022.

Tampa, FL, a city with 392,890 tech-savvies is the 12th most connected city in Florida and is among the top 7 cities in the USA that are competing with Silicon Valley for acquisition of professional talent.

In the past, due to low-level competition, there were limited options available for Tampanians in terms of fast and reliable ISPs. Jumping on to the current, there are about 22 ISPs in Tampa out of which 8 offer internet connectivity to Tampa’s residents. But alas! Choosing the right ISP isn’t a piece of cake for Tampanians! Most ISPs brag about blazing-fast speeds and fulfilling our digital fantasies at affordable rates, but fail miserably short when it comes to fulfilling their promises.

If you are living in Tampa, FL and questions such as: “Is my ISP the best in town?”, “Am I paying an humongous amount to get this service?”, “Is this ISP offering a good deal?” and “Do I need more Mbps?” keep circling in your head, then my friend, you are in a dire need of a worthy internet service provider. And you’ll be delighted to know that Charter Spectrum™ has got all you need and much more!

Why Choose Spectrum Internet?

Nothing can be more infuriating than your overpriced ISP ditching you while you’re on an important WhatsApp call, coping with tight assignment deadlines or when you’re seconds away from having a winner-winner-chicken-dinner moment on PUBG.

Spectrum Internet in Tampa, FL aims to solve all your internet worries with its highly-reliable internet connection that comes with extraordinary speeds, incredible features, and unbelievable perks that are super easy on the pocket and simply too hard to resist.

Tampanians can now bid adieu forever to their incompetent, sluggish ISPs with broadband roadblocks because Spectrum Internet guarantees to furnish 100% value-added service with the following features that come as a blessing for its Spectrum Family:

1- Astonishing Download That Won’t Cost You an Arm and a Leg

The overall performance of any internet connection can be judged by the download speed it provides in that price. Spectrum offers Tampanians fiber-fast download speeds, the fastest starting speeds from any U.S. ISP i.e. 100 Mbps. And that too for only $49.99/mo. with the price locked for a whole year. Spectrum Internet ensures consumers can enjoy seamless streaming, swift downloading and smooth social-media or web surfing, without frustrations born of lags and disappointments caused by endless buffering loops. Each internet connection from Spectrum comes with a free internet modem, and you can opt for highly economical Spectrum Wi-Fi so that you can roam around your house freely while binge-watching on your favorite Netflix show or Snapchat-ing.

2- No Data Caps and No Speed Throttles

Most ISPs offer internet connections that come with monthly restrictions on the amount of data you can consume. An internet connection can be a total turn off when you have to live with the fear of hitting the data limit and dealing with the consequences, such as slowed down speeds, overage charges, and even service termination. Spectrum has a transparent “no data caps” policy that allows Tampanians an absolutely free online experience whether they are downloading pictures, streaming movies or music, or uploading content on social media platforms. And guess what! Unlimited data from Spectrum isn’t just limited to your Tampa home but you can access Spectrum’s nationwide Wi-Fi hotspot network free of cost to access the World Wide Web from anywhere, at any time, while you’re on the go!

3- No Contracts Because We Believe in No Strings Attached!

Spectrum understands is consumers and also how vital it is for them to not lose the sense of freedom when they enter a service subscription. Spectrum therefore does not believe in chaining the subscribers in any way. Unfortunately, a vast majority of ISPs tend to lure their customers into signing contracts that force them to stick to their subscription even when they are dissatisfied. Spectrum however doesn’t bind its customers to any contracts, so that they can easily walk away from Spectrum whenever they want. No Early Termination Fee (ETF) comes to hit them as a penalty for seeking what they want. Moreover, Spectrum actually helps you get out of the trap, by offering to pay up to $500 to compensate you for the ETF charged by your ex-provider in case you switch to Spectrum Services.. Now, that is real customer service aimed at putting the customer at ease.

4- Strength and Reliability You Can Count On!

Finding a reliable internet connection in a coastal city like Tampa, FL that doesn’t bail on you on a rainy day can be challenging. If your internet connection slows down terribly when it rains, you need to switch to Spectrum right away!

Spectrum employs a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Cable (HFC) network that boasts high environmental resistance, unlike traditional copper cables that tend to snap when they come in contact with water. HFC networks are highly reliable and don’t let the internet speed take a dip when it rains so that the Spectrum’s Tampa Family can enjoy beautiful rainy days while staying indoors.

5- Impenetrable Security to Shoo Away Cyber-threats

As they say “everything has a price”, the same is true for an internet service. Apart from having so many benefits and bringing so much ease to our lives, the internet comes with its fair share of downsides too - viruses, hackers, cyber-crooks always looking to find naïve internet-users to exploit their personal information and details.

Spectrum Internet does not only offer top-notch internet connectivity but comes with a highly-efficient impenetrable security suite that guards your internet-enabled devices against all kinds of viruses, spyware and potential cyber-threats, helping you explore online platforms without anxiety. And it doesn’t end here! Spectrum Internet also allows you to set parental controls to moderate your child’s internet activity and save the young ones from exposure to age-inappropriate online content. The cherry on top: this top-notch security suite comes absolutely free with your Spectrum internet connection!

6- Save BIG with Spectrum Bundles

They say good things usually come in packages. Well, Spectrum Internet in Tampa, FL also comes in super affordable bundles that include a variety of other telecom services you can choose from. For a full dose of non-stop entertainment, you can add cable TV to your internet subscription, and for unlimited connectivity you can add Spectrum home phone service as a third entity in the package. Spectrum bundles are super-savers and offer great value for money in terms of the perks and the add-ons available.

7- 24/7 Customer Support

Although it’s quite rare that you will face an issue while you’re using Spectrum Internet, but in case you do, customer support in Tampa, FL will always be there to help you with your concerns.


The internet is a vital part of our lives and has become more than just a medium to get information or communicate. Having a reliable internet connection that is not just affordable but offers high-quality service with reliability is extremely important in today’s world if one is to stay competitive and on top of things. Spectrum Internet Tampa, FL comes with all the great features and perks that make your subscription a real good bargain that brings you safe and prompt access to the cyber-world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I find Spectrum internet in Tampa, FL?

Spectrum Internet in Tampa uses Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Network to power houses with super-high speeds starting at 100 Mbps. You also get additional perks like no data limits, free security protection and high quality modem internet.

Are Spectrum Internet and TV packages available in Tampa, FL?

Internet and TV packages by Spectrum are a popular bundle choice in Tampa, FL. To know about its availability at your address, reach out to Spectrum sales support at 1-855-423-0918.