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If you are a cyber surfer, TV buff or chatterbox dwelling in the West Coast, you must have heard of Wave!

As the 11th largest residential cable service provider in the U.S., Wave has been fulfilling the ever-increasing connectivity needs of 455,000 hyper-connected lives in California, Oregon or Washington.

Wave TV— Your Digital Dream Come True!

It doesn’t matter if you are a hearty binge-watcher, news geek or a sports enthusiast, subscribing to Wave TV is the best decision you could make. The captivating charm of the Wave TV Channel lineup will keep you glued to the screen for hours!

As one of the best communication and entertainment mediums in your neighborhood, Wave offers you an exhaustive channel lineup to keep you posted on all the current happenings in the socio-political world as well as the latest in the universe of entertainment, while you sit cozily in your home-sweet-home.

It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of NFL RedZone®, TMC, Starz Encore®, HBO®, Disney, Comedy Central or Lifetime Real Women--- you can watch all this and much more with Wave Cable TV to lighten up your evenings.

Sick of boring lunch breaks at work? Or hate long road trips?

With the Wave Cable subscription, you get to download the FREE Wave TV on-the-Go app to jazz-up your life with juicy entertainment from ABC, A&E, ESPN and many more when you are out and about—all you need is a high-speed internet connection, your Wave authorization, and… that’s all! Just simply install the app and stream-away!

The Juiciest Wave Channel Lineup

If you switched to Wave because your previous TV service did not offer as juicy a channel lineup to satiate your TV-pangs, you’ve made the right choice.

The free TV on Demand service by Wave lets you binge-watch the latest episodes of your favorite TV series, movie megahits, hot news and sports events, as well as premium HD channels, which you may have subscribed to.

With Wave TV, you also get 12 months of free DVR service powered by TiVo® - search, record and watch all your favorite movies and TV shows on your own timeline.

Wave offers all TV-loving households to choose from a plethora of entertainment, music, sports, news and even kids channels, enough to give the entire clan a high-dose of epic entertainment 24/7/365.

What’s even better is apart from enjoying an exhaustive, and largely customized channel lineup, TV aficionados can subscribe to premium channels such as Cinemax®, HBO®, STARZ®, if they wish to spice up life still more.

Subscribed to Wave? Here is what to Do Next

If you have subscribed to the Wave Cable TV service, congratulations on upgrading your TV entertainment and welcome on board! After signing up, you must have been given the choice to either go for pro-installation or order a self-installation kit to set up your Wave HD-DTA Cable box.

While pro-installation sounds like a great idea to save yourself from the hassle of understanding all the technical mumbo-jumbo, choosing to self-install your HD-DTA Cable box might sound like a better option to if you’re tight on budget, or have the confidence and tech-skills to get it right.

If you are a DIY freak who chose to order a self-installation kit to set-up the Wave HD-DTA Cable Box yourself, you would need to wait for a couple of working days to get your hands on it before you roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Once the Wave shipment with the self-install kit arrives at your doorstep, you can follow the simple steps given below, and easily set it up all by yourself.

How to Self-Install the Wave HD-DTA Cable Box

The HD-DTA Cable box that’s shipped to you by Wave, along with other set-up essentials, is a small yet high-quality black box that swiftly converts all signals to let you watch your favorite TV content in a digital format.

Setting up the Wave HD-DTA box is nothing complicated, quite like building IKEA furniture from scratch. If you follow all the instructions correctly, the whole process isn’t going to take hours nor will it leave you with numb fingers or mind.

So, let’s not keep you waiting and dive right into the instructions, shall we?

1. Unbox and Check the Equipment

First things first, open the self-install kit that you just received and check if you have all the equipment listed below:

• HD-DTA Cable box

• Coaxial cable

• Remote control & Batteries

• HDMI cable

• Power cord

2. Coaxial or HDMI?

Examine your TV outputs to find out if you need to connect the HD-DTA with an HDMI cable or a coaxial cable.

• If you have a Standard Definition Television (SDTV) you will use a coaxial cable.

• In case you have an HDTV you will be using an HDMI cable.

3. Spot a Place

Next, find the cable wall outlet nearest to your TV set.

Look for the port labeled as “Cable IN” at the back of the HD-DTA box and plug the cable from the wall into that port.

4. How to Connect the HD-DTA with an HDMI Cable

In case you have an HDTV, you need to connect your TV set with an HDMI cable like so—

• Find the port labeled as “HDMI” on your HD-DTA and connect one end of the HDMI cable to it.

• Next, look for an HDMI port on the back or front of your HDTV, and plug-in the other end of your HDMI cable.

• Take a note of the HDMI port you are using as you will be needing this information later.

• Now, grab the power cord and connect it to a secure electrical outlet.

• After that, connect the DC input behind the HD-DTA box.

• Then, pick up your HDTV’s remote control and switch the HDTV to HDMI input to finally connect your Wave HD-DTA Cable box.

5. How to Connect the HD-DTA with a Coaxial Cable

If you have an SDTV, you will be using a coaxial cable to connect your TV set by following the steps given below:

• Grab the coaxial cable and join one of its ends to the port that’s labeled as “TO TV” on your HD-DTA.

• Look for an input that says “COAXIAL INPUT” or “CABLE IN” and connect the other end of your coaxial cord to this port on your TV.

• Next, plug in the power cord to the closest electrical outlet and connect the DC input behind the HD-DTA cable box.

• The HD-DTA can work on either channel 3 or channel 4 on your TV, so choose the one that you would like to use.

• You might need to change your SDTV’s input to “CABLE” or “COAXIAL”using the remote control.

Bravo, You Have Done It!

Now that you have successfully set-up your Wave HD-DTA Cable box with your HDTV or SDTV, you can proceed to activate it by following these steps:

How to Activate Your Wave HD-DTA

1. Call Wave’s 24/7 Customer Service

2. Dial 1

3. Type in the phone number that’s registered with your Wave account, and press the “#” sign once you are done typing

4. Enter your ZIP code

5. Dial 1 to get Technical Assistance

6. Dial 1 to Reset Equipment

7. Dial 1 for Video Equipment Authorization

The Final Word

While self-installing the Wave HD-TV Cable box isn’t much of a big deal, if you do face issues you can go through the steps once again, and make sure all cables are connected tightly. However, in case your channels don’t get authorized within 15 minutes after completing the steps mentioned above, feel free to contact Wave’s customer service to seek further guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What comes in the Wave TV Self-install kit?

The self-install kit includes HD-DTA cable box, Coaxial cable, remote control, batteries, HDMI cable and a power cord.

Is Wave TV available in my area?

You can contact Wave Broadband customer service at 1-844-343-1375 and learn about Wave services available in your area.