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Xfinity Internet is a great service to enjoy on its own, but it gets even better when you pair it with Xfinity Mobile. All you need to do, so as to qualify for the Xfinity Mobile service, is subscribe to a postpaid Xfinity Internet plan. Once you have done that, you become eligible to sign up for all the perks and benefits Xfinity Mobile has to offer, including access to 5G speeds, where available.

Fortunately, as 2023 rolls in, Xfinity has put forward a range of wonderful promotions to kick-start your new year. So read on to discover some of the best Xfinity Internet and Mobile deals of the season―valid for a limited time only!

Switch to Xfinity Mobile & get a $200

prepaid card when you bring your phone

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Get $450 off an eligible Apple device

when you switch to Xfinity Mobile this month!

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For more information, call Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721