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With the 13th largest land swath within its borders and a population of over 3 million, according to the U.S. News & World Report Utah is the 3rd best state to live in. Over the years, Utah has depicted consistently strong economic growth and one of the lowest unemployment rates. Offering the best in business opportunities and environment, it has come to rank #5 with regards to fiscal stability. To top that all, perhaps quite as you’d expect, Utah is also ranked among the top 30 most-connected states.

All of this is very heartening for anyone making a move to Utah. Knowing you’re moving to a state which offers plenty of opportunities for a quality life, and also that you won’t have to scramble around to get your hands onto fast and reliable home internet, can lighten quite a bit of your burden.

Today in this article we’ll introduce you to a Fixed Wireless option, widely available in Utah, and help you understand what makes it a viable choice. But, first let us just give you a quick overview of broadband access in Utah.

About Broadband Access in Utah

Terrestrial broadband coverage in Utah stands at over 88%, and 98.8% state residents have access to a wireline service. Fiber accessibility in the state is also impressive at a little over 68%, while Cable broadband and DSL enjoy widespread availability, at 91% and 95.4% respectively.

One of the biggest names in the nationwide ISP industry i.e. Xfinity from Comcast has a strong footprint across Utah. And so does CenturyLink. As for wireless internet service types, you get satellite internet pretty much everywhere from the likes of HughesNet, and Fixed Wireless also has a strong representative i.e. Rise Broadband.

A good number of Utah cities including Bicknell, Centerville, Draper, Escalante, Glendale, Koosharem, Layton, Marysvale, Orderville, Panguitch and Teasdale are proud of their 100% connected status. But, there are others where finding a decent wired option can be difficult. For instance, Cedar Valley with broadband coverage at 39.3%, Corinne at 50.8%, Huntsville at 18.3% and Trenton at 21%.

Fortunately in underserved cities, where wired options are available to a limited number of residents or none at all, Fixed Wireless from Rise Broadband is a true saviour, as it is for multiple suburban and rural communities standing in the same shoes.  

Rise Broadband Utah: A Practical Option for the Underserved  

True that fixed Wireless internet is more so utilized by underserved cities, and suburban and rural communities, but that does not imply it is not a practical option for someone who also has access to wireline services. It all depends on what you need the internet for, and the budget that you are able to allocate for the purpose. After all, if what you do online can be taken care of with download speeds up to 50 Mbps, and you are also situated in the line of sight of a Rise access point, there is little reason why you shouldn’t consider Rise Broadband as an alternative to wired internet deals.

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So what is fixed wireless internet?

Well, essentially speaking it is not much different than a wireline service as far as establishing the backhaul connection to the internet. Fixed wireless also does so via a landline hardwired network, usually fiber optic. It is from the backhaul tower onwards that no wirelines are utilized, rather the signal is carried forward via the air over a terrestrial microwave platform using a series of cell towers. At your end the connection originates from the Rise access point located within a few miles, which receives the signal from the backhaul tower and rebroadcasts it in your direction.

Rise Broadband makes use of focused point-to-point wireless devices to rebroadcast the signal in most service locations, but in more densely populated areas LTE tech is also utilized. The difference is LTE tech allows the signal to be sent out in a general direction, covering more users with a single cell tower. Either way, the arrangement is able to deliver fast and reliable internet speeds.

This type of network infrastructure is far less costly to establish compared to wired networks. And much quicker as well because it involves less of the bureaucratic process at state and municipal levels. Rise Broadband is therefore able to allow this cost-effectiveness to trickle down to the consumer, making Fixed Wireless an affordable way of accessing high-speed internet. Especially so when all you have is rather expensive DSL for the slow speed it gets you, and/or satellite internet which offers comparable speeds but with an expensive price tag.

Flexible Rise Broadband Plans for Utah

Speed, Data & Contracts

The 2 most popular Rise Broadband Internet plans offer 25/4 and 50/5 Mbps speeds. The best part about each is the flexibility offered in terms of data allowance, and an annual contracts.

Meaning Rise Broadband in Utah gives you the choice to pick each of these plans with 250 GB data or unlimited. Sure you must pay a higher price, about $20 more, for the unlimited data option, but it is there for you to take if that is what your needs dictate. Similarly, you can pick any plan and keep it on a month-to-month basis, but Rise also lets you sign up for a 1 or 2 year contract, and by doing that you can earn some perks such as a discount on the upfront cost of installation.

As for what Internet speeds can do for you, here are some straight facts. You may think the 25/4 and 50/5 Mbps speeds are relatively lower than what Cable and Fiber broadband deliver in urban regions. Which is not wrong. But for rural and suburban communities with only one wired option or none at all, having high-speed Fixed Wireless in the Rise price range is a lifesaver. Even if you happen to be in an urban vicinity located in good range of a Rise access point, and you need internet for a small family with standard usage, we recommend you weigh up fixed wireless internet from Rise against available wired options.


Rise Broadband Internet

25/4 Mbps Plan

  • 2-3 connected devices
  • Download music & stream HD movies, chat on video or work from home
  • Capped or unlimited data option available

Rise Broadband Internet

50/5 Mbps Plan

  • 3 connected devices
  • Download multiple HD movies, play competitive online games, make conference calls etc.
  • Capped or unlimited data option available


In-Home WiFi Options

Rise Broadband Internet service is flexible too, with 3 tiers of internet equipment to accommodate houses of different sizes and layouts. For standard coverage Managed WiFi works well. It gives you 1 Deco M4 wireless router at $5/month. For bigger houses there is Premium WiFi and also Premium Mesh WiFi. These include 2 and 3 Deco M4 wireless routers respectively, and cost you an additional $5/month per device.

Bundling Options

Rise Broadband gives you the choice to include a digital home phone, a VoIP service with all the essential and popular calling features. It gets you unlimited domestic long distance talk time, as well as to landline numbers in 60 countries. The best part is you can pay the discounted rate when you bundle Rise Broadband ActivePhoneTM with internet.

As for TV, while Rise does not offer a TV service under its own roof, it does partner with DISH satellite TV service, so you can add a DISH plan to make a Rise Broadband double or triple play.

The Endnote

Rise Broadband Utah covers a population of over 2 million, with fixed wireless internet offerings for homes and businesses. And Rise Broadband reviews qualify it as one of the best internet options in Utah. Whether or not it is the right choice for you depends on what kind of budget and home internet needs you have.

For people with no access to a wireline service, or those who are stuck with a less than desirable wired option, Rise Broadband Internet sure makes good sense. But you must not write off fixed wireless internet as an irrelevant option even if you are living in an urban setting with Cable or high-speed DSL options at hand. Weigh out Rise Broadband plans against your needs and run a comparison with other offerings. You may just discover the goodness of flexible Rise Broadband plans. And, if you wish to speak to an expert at Rise Broadband Customer Service call at 1-844-343-1169. They’ll be able to advise you and determine offer availability for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any discounts on Rise Broadband Internet?

When you bundle Rise Broadband Internet with Rise ActivePhoneTM you can enjoy a discounted rate for the home phone service. And, when you choose to sign a contract with Rise, you can earn a discount on the upfront cost of installation and also puts out promotional offers from time to time. Call us at 1-844-343-1169 for more information.

Do I need to sign a contract with Rise Broadband?

Contracts are not mandatory with Rise Broadband plans. However, you do have the option of signing a 1 or 2 year contract which can bring you some perks.

What will Rise Broadband do if I exceed the data cap?

Your Rise Broadband fixed wireless internet service will continue but you will be charged an additional $5 for every 10 GB that you exceed by.

How can I get a free Rise Broadband webmail account?

When you sign up for Rise Broadband Internet, you get email accounts included with the service. You can access your emails via webmail or a third-party email client.

How can I report a Rise Broadband outage in my area?

You can contact at the technical support number or email the customer care team. Find ways to contact and report Rise Broadband outage in your area.