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If you love to absorb the beauty of nature day in day out, and you are also a fan of outdoor activities, Colorado is where you belong. The tax-friendly state with one of the strongest state economies, is known for its enchanting landscape dotted with forests, rocky mountains, canyons, high plains, rivers and desert lands. And what adds to the spirit of vacation-style living in Colorado is the 400 established beer breweries, along with its famous beer festivals. Plus, Colorado is among the top 50 most connected states!

Broadband Access Landscape in Colorado

Nearly 97% Colorado residents are able to access a wireline service. While DSL and Cable are the most widely available wired internet types, Fiber is also accessible for about 62% population. But as impressive as these statistics maybe, a number of Colorado’s rural counties still lag behind in terms of broadband access. Some communities are even unable to access 25 Mbps wired internet, while others are altogether outside the reach of wireline services.  

Over the recent years, Fixed Wireless has emerged as one of the most viable options for rural and suburban residents, removed from the reach of wired broadband infrastructures. It is perhaps the quickest and the most cost-effective ways of making fast and affordable internet available as an alternative to slow DSL or pricey satellite internet. And, from the looks of it Fixed Wireless Access is expected to keep gaining the attention of concerned authorities and investors, resulting in expansion of coverage across the US.    

In Colorado, while you find AT&T, Xfinity from Comcast, CenturyLink, Spectrum and TDS, providing wired network coverage, fixed wireless internet is delivered by multiple ISPs, including Rise Broadband. As elsewhere in the US, satellite internet from HughesNet is another option for Colorado communities outside the reach of all other types of internet.

Rise Broadband Colorado: Here Is Why It Is the Better Choice!

Rise Broadband is the largest fixed wireless internet provider in the US, with over 16 states covered. The Rise network is operative throughout rural and suburban parts of the Midwest, Rocky Mountain, and Southwest regions. In Colorado, Rise Broadband covers an estimated 3 million people, with top availability in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas.

So, how does it work? Well, in sparsely populated regions Rise Broadband utilizes Line of Sight tech, with focused point-to-point wireless devices to rebroadcast the signal. While in densely populated areas LTE tech is used as it sends the signal out in a general direction, covering a larger population with a single transmission tower. As long as you are situated in the line of sight of the Rise access point, you’re able to enjoy a fast and seamless connection. Rise installs an antenna at your end, which together with the modem gets you connected to the largest Fixed Wireless network in the US.
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Fixed wireless internet presents a unique alternative to wireline services. Relative to wired or satellite internet, links are far less complicated, quick and cost-effective to deploy. And, luckily, Rise Broadband allows this cost benefit to trickle down to you, making the service cheaper and far more affordable compared to other fixed wireless ISPs. 

All in all, Rise Broadband thus makes for a more than worthwhile option for anyone looking for high-speed internet access in the underserved parts of Colorado. Even if you are not happy with cable or high-speed DSL providers in your neighbourhood, and either do not have access to Fiber or no need for such a fast connection, Rise Broadband plans can prove to be a good fit.

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Rise Broadband Plans in Colorado

Popular Speed Plans

While Rise Broadband Internet plans offer a variety of speed tiers, the 25/4 Mbps and 50/5 Mbps plans are the most popular. Now, if you are located within the reach of wired internet, Cable or Fiber, these speed tiers may not seem very appealing to you. But, if you are faced with limited or no wireline service, fixed wireless internet plans from Rise Broadband in Colorado, will make a lot of sense. In fact these download/upload speeds are pretty adequate for standard household usage, and even multi-device connectivity via Wi-Fi.

Rise Broadband Internet

25/4 Mbps Plan

  • 2-3 connected devices
  • Download music & stream HD movies, chat on video or work from home
  • Capped or unlimited data option available

Rise Broadband Internet

50/5 Mbps Plan

  • 3 connected devices
  • Download multiple HD movies, play competitive online games, make conference calls etc.
  • Capped or unlimited data option available


Flexible Data & Contract Options

Perhaps one of the best aspects of the Rise Broadband service is its flexibility. Not only do you get a choice of capped and uncapped data plans for the above mentioned speed tiers, but you can pick a contractual or non-contractual plan. 

When you subscribe to capped data, your allowance is fixed at 250 GB per month, which is just right for 90% Rise subscribers. Because to be fair, while the idea of unlimited data may seem very liberating, it is not what everyone needs. As for an annual contract, when you sign one, you do become eligible for a few perks such as a waived or discounted professional installation.  

Rise Broadband in-Home Wi-Fi

As for Rise Broadband in-home Wi-Fi, the provider offers you a cheap option with its Deco M4 wireless router at only $5/month. It is a scalable system, and depending on the size and layout of the residence, you can also opt for Premium or Premium Mesh package at $10 or $15 per month respectively.

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Bundle Rise Broadband Internet

Rise Broadband encourages you to add services to your subscription and earn a discount. Americans love to watch TV, but in regions where there is no cable, the only option is a satellite-based TV or streaming services which are highly dependent on fast internet.

So, if your home needs a source of TV entertainment, and/or you’d like to save some bucks every month on your cellular service, Rise Broadband has a solution for you.

Rise ActivePhoneTM gives you unlimited domestic long-distance calling, as well as to landlines in over 60 countries. And, the digital service comes complete with essential and popular calling features. Also, you can include a DISH plan to your Rise subscription to complete the service suite for your home.

Final Thoughts

For those in search of a good broadband connection in Colorado, Rise Broadband Internet is available in a number of cities, while being a fast and affordable rural internet option to fit the needs of underserved communities. If you still feel leery, we recommend you sift through Rise Broadband reviews, and try to shape a more first hand picture. Alternatively you can contact Rise Broadband Customer Service at 1-844-343-1169 , and speak to a representative. They can not only confirm availability in your area, but offer pro advice to help you pick the right plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I pay my Rise Broadband internet bill online?

Yes, you can use your Rise Broadband online account to pay your bills online. Sign into your account with your Rise Broadband credentials, and navigate to Pay My Bill. You get two options, make a one-time payment or sign up for AutoPay for convenience.

Can I self-install Rise Broadband internet?

Rise Broadband Internet service cannot be self-installed at this time. The provider charges a one-time installation fee of $150. If you find that steep for your liking you can always check for a promotional offer from time to time or simply sign up with a 1 or 2 year contract. Promo offers often include pro installation, while signing a contract can also get you a discount or waiver on the installation fee.

Why is there a Rise Broadband outage in my area?

Rise Broadband outage can be a result of many issues. It is possible there is some disturbance in your antenna’s Line of Sight, which is why it cannot receive a strong and stable signal. Other than that, extreme weather conditions can cause any internet to underperform or blackout. You can check for service status updates on the provider’s social media accounts, such as on Twitter or Facebook.

How can I get a free Rise Broadband webmail account?

When you sign up for Rise Broadband Internet, you get email accounts included with the service. You can access your emails via Rise Broadband webmail or a third-party email client.