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A modem is a key device for a robust and reliable internet connection. That's why you should always pick the right modem. But why it is so important? Because your modem receives the encrypted data moving through the cable, fiber, or other medium sent by your ISP (internet service provider). Then, it demodulates this data into digital signals.

These signals are passed on to your router thus easily transmit to your wireless devices which results in a seamless online experience. Therefore, a modem is referred to as the fundamental gateway to online activities, WWW (World Wide Web), and enables a trouble-free flow of data between your internet service provider and you.

You must be thinking, “Where do I get a modem?” Worry not because most of the ISPs provide customers with the company's modem in their internet packages and plans. You will get a DSL modem from a DSL provider, a fiber optic modem from a fiber internet provider, and a cable model from a cable company.

However, if you go for cable companies that provide cable-based internet speeds you need to connect your modem to the coaxial outlet to transport data traffic across a complex network of cables.

But if you are a subscriber of a cable provider such as Astound broadband powered by RCN then you can go for either RCN Modem or BYOM (bring your modem). The company allows you to decide which option to choose. So, you can go for whatever suits you; either lease the RCN Modem or BYOM. That’s what we call true freedom!

Make My Life Easier with RCN Modem

We know that Astound Broadband Powered by RCN is a giant cable service provider in the country and offers exceptional internet services for decades. RCN Internet is free from buffering, lag, data caps, and loading bars that ensure super-fast speeds. Its state-of-the-art cable network has made it possible for customers across the country to enjoy consistent internet speed. So, customers can work, stream, browse, game, shop, surf, or do anything online unlimitedly.

But even then before sealing any deal, we would advise you to check out the pros and cons of leasing RCN Modem. For your convenience, we have listed down how it can benefit or disadvantage you in this blog.

The Biggest Advantage

The first advantage is automatic speed upgrades that you would receive from RCN cable. Also, for any malfunctions or other issues in your device, you don't need to worry about replacements. The ISP will swap it without charging you an extra fee. Moreover, there will be no compatibility issues as well so you can enjoy the internet speed mentioned in your internet package or plan.

The Biggest Disadvantage

However, the decision to lease an RCN Modem brings aggregated costs and you need to pay around $15 (average) every month across different states of the country. Also, the pricing, availability, and cable speeds vary by state and region.

Collectively, these per month charges will be hard to pay off by the end of your contractual year. As it turns out to be a sum of $180/year ($15 x 12 months). You can save this amount for a gift for loved one by acquiring your modem. The good thing is it will not affect the quality of RCN Internet service.

Introducing the “Bring Your Own Modem” Deal

If you have decided to go for BYOM to save monthly rental fees you are good to go because RCN has allowed you to do so. However, there are some important things that you must be aware of before buying a modem from other sources.

Fortunately, RCN has provided some recommendations for its customers who want to bring their modem. We have listed those recommendations below for you so you can link your modem to RCN to enjoy the fastest internet speeds.

RCN Modem Recommendations

DOCSIS Standard: 3.0 or 3.1.

Internet Plan: You need an internet speed of 330 Mbps (up to) for 3.0 and 500 Mbps or more for 3.1 DOCSIS Standard.

Downstream Channels: Must have 24 downstream channels for 3.0 and 32 for 3.1.

RCN Modem Requirements

You can use any modem that bears these specifications besides US DOCSIS and Motorola MB8600 DOCSIS 3.1 to make it fully functional with an RCN cable network. For instance, if you are unable to get a modem with such specifications you can go with minimum modem requirements by RCN.

DOCSIS Standard: 3.0 and 3.1.

Internet Plan: Internet speed of 250 or 330 Mbps (up to) for 3.0 and 500 Mbps-more for 3.1 DOCSIS Standard.

Downstream Channels: You can go with 8 or 16 downstream channels for 3.0 and 32 for 3.1.

Apart from that, there are plenty of requirements and technicalities that you need to fulfill if you want your modem to keep up with RCN cable and internet. Additionally, you need to upgrade your modem to experience better internet speed at home. In case it becomes non-functional, you’d need to fork over the money to replace it.

Sound troubling? Of course, it is. Your life is not meant to be spent searching RCN-approved modems and maintaining modems at your home or office. Especially when you are busy with various other important things in life. It may be overburdening for you to keep your BYOM fully functional with RCN.

RCN Modem

If you have found it difficult to buy your modem because it’s tough figuring out RCN compatible modems and other reasons then this option is way better for you. It frees you from a series of issues and efforts you are required to put into the entire process of achieving a well-functioning internet connection in your space.

All you need is to seal the deal with the ISP to get RCN Modem in your internet plan. Now the issue is resolved. The company will provide you with a comprehensive kit bearing essentials for setting up RCN Modem. You must be wondering how you will install it. Well! This is why we are here.

We have designed an easy and quick step-by-step guide for you so you can install your kit to connect with RCN. So, let’s get started.

What’s Inside Your Kit

First, check your self-installation kit to know what gadgets and devices are provided by RCN. You will get a MoCA Filter, coaxial cable, cable modem, power cord, Ethernet cable, and RF connector. Don't forget to carefully install the MoCA filter as it is critical for the security of your network. Once you thoroughly check and confirm that you have received all these things in your kit, it’s time for the installation of RCN Modem.

Connecting Your Modem

For your convenience we have added a pictorial representation in this guide as well so you can have a better understanding of the installation process. Now insert your MoCA filter into the cable outlet at #01 and its other end to the coax cable at #02.

Done? Good! Then put either end of that coax cable into the modem at #03. Moving forward get the power cord and connect its one end into point #04 on RCN Modem and the opposite end into your electric outlet. Your device has been successfully connected. Easy, isn’t it?

Activating Your RCN Modem

Before jumping to the next step give at least 30 seconds to your modem so it can power up. Now contact the RCN customer service by dialing 800.RING.RCN (800.746.4726). Follow whatever instructions you receive from the representative of RCN.

Now remove the power supply of your modem and shut down your computer. And after 30 minutes turn on both. It will warrant that you receive the finest modem service.

Wireless Set-up

RCN Modem has wireless competence so if you have smart devices at your home like tablets or laptops you can connect them all with your modem. Follow these steps if you want to enable your modem to work with your devices.

  • Read the SSID (network name) and Pre-shared Key which are mentioned at the bottom of the modem.
  • Now go to the wireless settings option on your devices and search for a wireless network with the same SSID.
  • When you spot the SSID, select it and put the Pre-shared Key.

Congratulations! Your device has been connected to RCN Modem. Welcome to RCN internet.

Final Words

For a better online experience, you can try different RCN Internet speeds until you find the right fit. Follow this guide if you want to get your modem installed with the least effort and enjoy the finest internet services with a reliable modem today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does RCN put any limitations on bringing your own modem?

Yes. In the following cases, you will not be able to utilize your own modem:

  1. Customers who use a digital phone service must use an RCN Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter.
  2. Customers in RCN fiber-to-the-home areas are required to utilize RCN internet equipment.

How much do I have to pay to get an RCN modem?

With RCN, you have the option of using a regular modem/router combo or a separate router and modem. Both alternatives will cost you around $18.95 each month, but one thing is certain: you will have the best time possible.

For only $9.95 per month, you can upgrade to Enhanced in Home Wi-Fi, which will provide fast and reliable Wi-Fi throughout your entire home. This enhanced in-home Wi-Fi system comes with one base eero and one beacon eero. The Eero secure+ security solution from RCN protects your Wi-Fi from cyber-attacks.