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The wait is finally over! The veil has been lifted and now we know exactly what Sony has in store for its PS5 fans. Suffice to say, it wont disappoint.

On June 11, Sony hosted a reveal event and shared with all curious gamers the details of their newest device. Here is a look into all the important things in case you missed. Ready to get into it? Well, then read on!

PS5 Specs

The next-gen console is made to offer a gaming experience like never before and on June 11 we finally got to see the new design for it. At the official PS5 reveal event, Sony lifted the veil on the much-awaited device giving us a better idea of the specs this gaming console would offer. Here are the highlights:

 So, do we like it? To answer that, well break it all down to see how it will improve the gaming experience.

How important is the SSD?

With an internal storage of 825GB, games no longer have to be limited to small worlds. Theoretically, developers can create bigger open worlds without worrying about the limitations of mechanical hard drives.

Whats more, since the SSD has more bandwidth, data can load from the SSD fast, clearing the RAM of heaps of needless data. What this means is, games wont be plagued with texture pop-in and the loading times will reduce considerably with a games fast-travel option. Just pair it with Spectrum Internet GIG to experience seamless online gaming.

This console also gives you greater control of how you install and delete games. If you want you can install the multiplayer mode instead of installing the full block of data. This allows you to launch gameplay directly. Gamers can jump straight to the aspects, like match-making, without having to boot up the full game.

Now coming to expandable storage, you should know that Sony is allowing you to use any NVMe PC drive rather than proprietary storage systems that Xbox insists on. On the downside though, the drives available in the market are behind the PS5 technology and will take time to catch up.

Custom Processor and GPU

Sony will be incorporating the Zen 2 CPU processor by AMD which has eight cores and 16 threads. What this means is that the console, delivering 3.5 GHz frequencies, will be running 8 x Zen 2 cores at 3.5 GHz, a huge jump from the 8 x Jaguar Cores at 1.6GHz as was the case in PS4.

Moving on to the GPU, you will notice the customizable AMD RDNA 2 GPU uses 36 computing units, each capped at 2.23 GHz, giving a peak performance of 10.28TF. Pretty impressive, right? Now all you need to do is tap into its full potential using a high-speed internet connection like Cox Internet.

Another great thing is that this design makes PS5 backward compatible with PS4 so you wont has to do away with your favorite games.

Tempest 3D Audio Tech

This latest version of the console has a sound system that goes above and beyond fans expectations. The complex 3D audio support brought by the new Tempest Engine, can in fact support hundreds of sound sources. The best wed seen as yet was PSVRs 50 sound sources. Now as you make your way through the rain, you will be able to hear every single drop as it makes its way down. Connected to the fast and reliable Wow Internet, you will find the frontiers between reality and the virtual world blurring. Add to this the new controller, and you will find yourself living inside the game.

What Does the PS5 DualSense Controller Offer?

Dubbed the DualSense PS5 instead of the expected DualShock 5, this new controller is all ready to set new standards. The controllers black and white color scheme is a breakaway from the previous models and signifies the paradigm shift in technology.

Consisting of Triangle, Square, Cross and Circle buttons, the controller offers haptic feedback in its R2 and L2 shoulder buttons, which are designed to be adaptive. According to Sony, these adaptive triggers play a pivotal role in stimulating actions more accurately. The controller also includes a microphone, allowing players to easily communicate with friends. As you can see, big changes are in the works.

Which Games Can You Play?

With PS5 you will never be at loss as to what to play. The majority of PS4 games, including the PSVR games, are playable on the new PlayStation, which has been designed keeping backward compatibility in mind. You can also expect first-party games in the pipeline to be cross-gen. While Sony has not as yet committed to this, were sure that will be the case.

Youll also finds it interesting to note the new first-party PS4 games submitted for certification after July 13, will also have to be compatible with PS5. Arguably, you will soon be seeing Horizon Zero Dawn sequel and new God of War game also becoming available for PS5. In that great? With a Spectrum Internet connection, its sure to be a dream come true!

As far as the third-party games go, we are likely to see their remakes making it to the new console. That sure to be the case with THQ Nordics cult classic Gothic, Gollum, WRC 9, Dying Light 2, and Battlefield 6. But, this is all about the old. Let us take a look at the new games that you will be able to play.

The New Games

At the June 11 reveal, a number of first-party and third-party games were shown off alike - including the popular Horizon Zero Dawn sequel: Horizon Forbidden West. Its beautiful imagery truly makes one marvel at the magnificence of next-gen visuals. As you roam around the clear golden beaches and tropical flora you will see intricate details never before captured so crisply by graphics. With Spectrum internet plans you will be able to teleport to the midst of it all. Excited? Well, so are we. After all, there more.

Other franchises too will be returning. These include the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in a new title, Resident Evil and Demons Soul PS5. And, who does not miss Grand Theft Auto? Well, that too will be coming back in an enhanced version. There is a multitude of other games you can expect to play. Cant wait? Nor can we, but while Sony has revealed the design for the much-awaited console the launch date is yet to be decided.

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Launch Date and Price

Coronavirus has managed to slow the world economy but thankfully, Sony has confirmed the release of PS5 will not be delayed by the pandemic. It is still on course to hit the markets in the 2020 Holiday Season in the U.S., however, a date has not been specified as yet. You can expect to buy it sometime between October and November this year. At the same time, be sure to give Spectrum a call so that they can set you up with a fast connection able to keep up with your new console.

The next thing that were sure is on everyones mind is: What will the device cost? While PS4 and PS4 Pro were priced at $399 at launch, leaks suggest the PS5 will be priced higher at $499. While that is quite a price jump, were sure you will agree it is fair given the jump in technology. Then again, the price has not been set as yet. In an interview with BBC, the Sony Interactive CEO was asked if this was the right time to release the product and that too at a higher price, to which he replied since the gaming industry is usually immune to economic recessions, it was not a worry. However, he added they had been extremely careful while deciding on the price of the new console as they did not want to lose the market.

This covers all the latest on PS5. The June 11 reveal event gave us insight into the new product which was sure you found exciting.  So, do you think you will be buying the next-gen console? Drop us a message and let us know. Wed love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will PS5 hit the market?

PS5 will be launched sometime between October and November this year.

What is the price of PS5?

While Sony has not confirmed the price as yet, reports suggest it will be priced at around $499.

Will PS5 have VR?

Yes, this new console is designed to be compatible with the current PSVR hardware. However, there are rumors of a PSVR 2 in the works.

Can I play PS4 games on the PS5? 

Yes, you can play almost all PS4 games on PS5 as it is designed to be backward compatible.