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Whether you are madly in love or suffering from mildly crippling loneliness, HBO Max has got you covered with a plenty of romantic movies including The Photograph—a perfect movie to commit your evening to. The Photograph is Stella Meghie’s romantic drama that weaves together love stories from the past and present. It features a star-making performance from Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield which invites the audience to look beneath the surface of a standard meet-cute.

So, get your popcorn ready, your weekend entertainment is sorted with The Photograph on HBO Max!

The Photograph (2020): A Shimmering Romance

The Photograph, written and directed by Stella Meghie, feels like a soft throwback to romantic films that left their viewers in good spirits as they filed out of the theater. It is a congenial love story—sweet enough to enjoy during a holiday dedicated to candy hearts.

To find historical photos for a story he’s working on, reporter Michael (Stanfield) finds himself in the archives of the museum where Mae (Rae) works as a curator. Michael is totally smitten, but Mae is more careful, her mind engrossed in thoughts of the recent sudden death of her mother. As their relationship progresses, Mae feels the need for a reckoning regarding her mother’s past. Soon after she finds a photograph hidden in a safe-deposit box, she tries to dig into her mother's early life—an investigation that leads to an unanticipated romance with a veteran journalist.

These days there is so little starry eyed you-had-me-at-hello romance in American movies that when a new love story pops up, it is difficult not to root for it. That’s exactly the case with The Photograph—a movie about parallel affairs of the heart. One suffers from fear of commitment while the other is hindered by ambition and miscommunication. The movie tells its audience that falling in love is easy—cue the surging orchestrations, passionate kisses, and thunderbolt looks—but if it really were that easy there wouldn’t be much to tell, so also bring on the tears, pain, and suffering.

Watch The Photograph on HBO Max

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Ways to Get HBO Max?

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Which TV Providers Include HBO Max?

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Optimum & Suddenlink

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Tune in to HBO Max and Watch The Photograph on Any of Your Favorite Devices

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Phone or Tablet

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There You Are!

With The Photograph on HBO Max, you will be able to experience a rather odd modern-day romance that tugs at the tear ducts—intriguing and captivating!

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Go forward with your search for the right ISP, and browse through the options from what’s available in your neighborhood. And, once you are all ready to sign up, dial 1-855-349-9328 to get advice and assistance from experts!

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is The Photograph on HBO Max?

Yes, The Photograph is available to watch on HBO Max.

2- Who wrote The Photograph movie 2020?

The Photograph is a romantic drama film written and directed by Stella Meghie.

3- Is The Photograph based on a true story?

Even though it is a work of fiction, The Photograph was inspired by a true story.

4- Where was The Photograph filmed?

The Photograph movie is filmed in New York and Queens Museum.

5- How much did The Photograph movie make?

The Photograph movie made approximately 20.7 million USD at the box office.

6- Where Can I see the movie The Photograph?

You can sign up for HBO Max at just $14.99 a month and stream The Photograph movie. Moreover, you may get free access to HBO Max by subscribing to select AT&T services

7- Does Netflix have The Photograph?

Yes, The Photograph movie is available on Netflix.