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AT&T wireless plans are widely available and come in two distinct types – postpaid and prepaid plans. Both have their own unique sets of features that appeal to different types of people. If you have limited usage and do not like being tied down with a phone plan of one service, AT&T prepaid plans are definitely for you.

In this article, we discuss how prepaid users with AT&T Wireless can pay their bills online. So let us begin!


How to Pay for Prepaid Plans by AT&T Wireless

The AT&T prepaid plans can sometimes feel like an entirely different thing – especially when the whole payment process comes around. However, there is not anything to worry about, for it is quite simple. Depending on what is easy for you, you can pay for your prepaid AT&T plan online through your account, prepaid card, or even over the phone. Let us look at how to navigate the process through each of these payment methods.


A.Pay Online

The online payment on your AT&T account can be processed through a debit card, credit card, or even a checking account. Here is a list of steps you need to follow for this to work.


B.Pay through an AT&T Prepaid Card

This process uses credits that you can refill your prepaid account with. You will purchase an AT&T prepaid scratch card for a certain value and then input the number once you scratch off the silver strip. Here is how you can pay using this method.

With AT&T Unlimited Prepaid plans, you can also sign up for auto-pay through your checking account, debit or credit card. Auto-pay usually comes with some discounts so it will also help you save some money if you are planning to stick with the service. 


C.Pay over Phone

If you don’t have access to the internet to make an online payment, you can always go old-school and refill your AT&T Wireless prepaid account using your phone. Here is how.




Perhaps you are hoping to add more value and fun to your plan? AT&T internet can definitely help with that! Say hello to ultra-fast internet speeds of up to 5 Gigs on one of the largest gig networks in the country with no annual contracts, unlimited data, free equipment, and more!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What do I get with AT&T Internet?


AT&T Internet plans not only come in a variety of speed tiers that you can choose from based on your needs of up to 5Gbps, but AT&T Fiber plans are also completely unlimited and come with no contracts. There is no equipment fee and no price hike after 12 months. AT&T internet plans get customers great value for the best prices.


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  1. Does AT&T Wireless offer prepaid plans?


AT&T Wireless comes with both prepaid and postpaid plans and you can choose whatever you like. For prepaid plans, any leftover data simply rolls over into the next month so it is not wasted.


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