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Finding an internet plan that is best suited to your needs is a difficult task, to begin with, but let us say that after going through intense, painstaking comparisons between internet service providers and their plans, you have finally found a winner. The next step now is ordering the package and getting the service installed.

It seems like such an easy task, but with so much information to process and with your mind already exhausted from searching for an internet plan that fits the budget and your needs, you might find yourselves delaying the process. Whether it is anxiety that is the cause of procrastination, it is still precious time lost and nobody wants that. So, here is the ultimate guide on how to set up an internet service to ensure you have stress free experience in getting your internet connection set up and running.

Ways You Can Order

There are multiple ways by which you can order your preferred internet plan. You can ask the provider in person by visiting their franchise or, go for contactless service and give them a call on their helpline. You can also order online if that is more your style. Needless to say, each option has its own benefits.

Benefits of Ordering in Person

A face-to-face conversation always feels better than a voice over the phone. You can put your questions to trained customer representatives and as they answer, you get to see their expressions and reactions. The human touch makes it all the more engaging and helps put all your queries to ease. What is more, if you plan on doing WiFi installation on your own you can pick up the router while you are at it which is sure to reduce the overall time in getting your connection running. If you are living in a large metropolitan area you might find a store close by so it makes perfect sense to drop by. If it is Spectrum Internet that you seek you should have no trouble given their wide coverage. They are more likely than any other provider to have a store near you.

Then again, given the contagious nature of the novel coronavirus, this option has some life-threatening consequences which you would want to avoid. You might as well give up on it till the second wave has passed at the very least.

Benefits of Ordering Over the Phone

Talking out your options with a trained representative is the way to go especially with a deadly virus on the rampage and social distancing protocols in place. They can walk you through all the packages and even tell you about the promotions you might have missed which could save you some major bucks. WOW Internet has great customer service and if that is who you are going with you will have an amazing experience. Once that is done, you can expect a follow-up email confirming your subscription and details which get all the information in writing. Pretty neat, right?

Benefits of Ordering Online

Many among us balk at the mere thought of having to converse with other people and would prefer going completely contactless. Thanks to the internet, we have the option to do just that.

Websites feature detailed plans for providers and their frequently asked questions section makes it all the easier for people to know their packages. You can plug in your zip code and get localized results on all the plans available in your area which removes all ambiguity. Is not that great? It comes in extremely handy with TDS internet since their packages vary from area to area.

To be sure, you will have to talk to a salesperson for confirmation after placing the order but that just requires you to confirm the purchase, and voila! They will schedule an installation at your address right away. The question that remains then is: Do you want professional installation or would you prefer to DIY it?

Process for Internet Installation

Once you place the order the next step is getting it installed. For some, the process is pretty straightforward. Just get it professionally installed and you are done. Of course, this can get pricey. A great way to cut costs is getting the self-installation kit and doing the labor yourself. Given how easy the self-install Spectrum is it is definitely worth considering. For a fraction of the cost, your internet connection will be ready to use. If, however, you already have the equipment or wish to save even more by buying your own devices, you can install it yourself without the kit. This requires a bit more technical know-how but if you are willing to put in the time to research, it is easy even for those not proficient in computer.

So, if you have that sorted out and mind-made, let us get to ordering and installing your internet.

Ordering Professional Cable Installation

When you order your internet plan, you will be asked to select the installation process along with it. If you have chose to get it installed by a professional then your internet service provider will dispatch an installer to your address. RCN internet offers a free installation service from time to time so you might want to get it at the right time.

With that said, each provider has its own unique procedure by which they choose the time for installation. It is heavily influenced by the availability of the installer and even with the best coordination the time they drop by can greatly vary from the one quoted to you.

To be on the safe side and ensure you do not miss the installer make sure you have scheduled two hours of extra time in case they are late for installation. It can also take longer to install sometimes so clearing additional hours can save you from a lot of stress on that day, especially if you are a busy body.

To speed things up we would also suggest that you move the large furniture pieces away from the wall and your TV sets so the installer can get to business right away.

Also, we can not stress enough how important it is that you check if the service is functional before they leave. Check if you are getting the download speed you subscribed to or you will have to call in a technician again which will only cost more.

Working with a Self-Install Kit

For internet users, self-install kits are the way to go. They are easy to set up and take no time at all. However, if it is cable TV you are looking to install we would suggest you cough up the extra bucks and let professionals handle it.

A typical self-install kit contains the following:

    • Modem
    • Router
    • Coaxial cables
    • Internet cables
    • Instruction manual

The step-by-step instructions are pretty straightforward and if you follow them you will be done in no time. Most times it is just plugging the devices together correctly so it is easy enough, but if you still have issues you can call customer support for help. Cox internet offers tech support 24/7 so even if it is the middle of the night, you can count on them to help you out.

Using Your Own Equipment

If you have a modem or router lying around there is no reason why you should have to rent these devices from the provider and incur additional monthly fees. After all, it is all about plugging in the devices correctly, right? If you follow these steps you will have your equipment set up in no time:

    • Connect your modem to a phone jack or coaxial jack
    • Next, plug in the modem’s power cord
    • Using an Ethernet cable connect your router to your modem
    • Plug in the router’s power cord to an electric source
    • Then call your tech support and tell them the Mac address for your modem

To find out the modem’s MAC address, check the sticker on the device or log into the configuration page. Voila! They will turn on your service and you will have a high-speed internet connection without having to pay extra.

The process to Confirm Your Contract

Not every provider binds you in a year, two-year-long contract, but quite a few do, and reading the finer print in these drafts is a must before you sign up with them. What is more, even the providers that do not have binding contracts have certain expectations from their users, and going over them with your provider is essential in ensuring both parties are on the same page.

When you sign up for their internet plans over the phone or online you will be emailed the contract to peruse. Since the process for each provider varies, however, you can also be asked to visit their website and sign an e-contract. For people visiting an outlet, you will be able to get the contract on paper for signing. Make sure you read everything to ensure all the things you agreed upon are confirmed.

Make Sure to Get the Satisfaction Guarantee

Most of the internet service providers offer a satisfaction guarantee that you can avail in the first 15 days. If you find that you are not getting the speeds advertised or the connection is just not living up to your expectations you can cancel it in the agreed-upon time period without any worry of incurring an early termination fee.

Beware however that speeds can be up to 25% lower over the Wi-Fi due to signal degradation so plan accordingly.

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Final Words

Finding an internet connection suited to your needs and getting it installed is a cumbersome process that causes many to stay with the same provider for years on end and suffer silently. We hope that with this guide you will not count yourself among them. Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does professional internet installation usually cost?

The average cost of getting your internet installed by a professional is $100. However, if you get it in a promotion that fee might be waived off and you will not have to pay anything extra.

Can you do WiFi installation yourself?

Of course, you can. Just get a self-install kit from your provider and follow the instructions that come with it. You will have it installed in no time.

How long does it take to get the internet installed?

If you already have a working line at your residence you will have it installed in a few days. If not, you are easily looking at two weeks.