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Imagine yourself relaxing on a comfy couch at home, laughing at hilarious memes while surfing the web, playing cute YouTube videos, or maybe streaming Netflix. You are having a peaceful and relaxing time, when out of nowhere, it all stops. Google crashes. Your video stops loading. Your movie gets paused right when the most exciting part is about to set in.

Even if you figure out it is one of the rare days when your Optimum service is down, keeping your cool in is tough—to say the least—so it is absolutely fine if you feel infuriated at some point. We’d all feel as if we have stepped back into a dark age of sorts.

But, as an Optimum Internet subscriber, you can rest assure anytime an unexpected outage situation develops, the provider is ready to pull out all stops to restore the service at the earliest. Moreover, you always find them at your service to help you make it through the process. So, if you are experiencing an Optimum outage in the area, here are the answers you may be seeking.

Optimum Outage: What Are the Possible Causes & What Does Optimum Do to Restore Service?

Unforeseen circumstances are inevitable—and so you may face disruption in your Optimum internet service—partial or total. Among other reasons for such an outage, the more common ones are road accidents, road construction activities, and harsh weather—factors that are quite clearly beyond Optimum’s control. Yet, here is how the provider deals with such situations:

“Is Optimum Near Me Down?”

Before you try to fix the problem, or call Optimum for technical support, it is suggested you check the service status in your area. Optimum provides its subscribers easy ways to check for a service outage—pick any to suit your convenience.  

Via Your Optimum Account’s Web Interface

Optimum subscribers get easy and ready access to their Optimum account via the web. Sign into your online Optimum account here. To check if there is an outage in your area, hover the cursor over the Support tab in the top right hand corner of the page. Next select Service Status—any information regarding a wide area Optimum service outage affecting you will be available here.

Via the Optimum Support app

You can download the Optimum Support app from Google Play Store for Android and the iTunes Store for iOS devices. This app gives you the ability to manage your Optimum account and services via your mobile device—just as you can do it via the web.

Access service status updates. Address technical issues directly from your cell phone. View your billing information and pay your bills. Retrieve your Optimum ID and reset your password. Get updates about an upcoming appointment status. Find Optimum Stores. View frequently asked questions. And, connect to Optimum customer support.  

Via Service Outage Notifications

Via your online Optimum account you can also sign up to get service alerts via phone call, email, or text message. Sign into your account here. Navigate to Communication and Preferences. Click on Edit and input the information as per your preference. Once you are set up, you will receive alerts regarding a pre-planned or unanticipated Optimum service outage. And, you’ll also receive a service restoration message after the issue in your area has been completely resolved.

How to Report an Optimum Service Outage

If it turns out there is no update on a service outage in your area displaying under Service Status, here is how you can report the outage at your address:

How Do I Stay Connected During an Optimum Outage in My Area?

Here is how subscribers can stay connected during an Optimum service outage:

Staying connected during an Optimum Internet service outage becomes easier when you are also subscribed to Altice Mobile—because you can use your mobile device as a hotspot to connect all other devices.

Troubleshoot Your Optimum Internet Connection

In case, there are is no reported incident in your area, but you continue to experience an Optimum service outage, use this checklist followed by some quick and simple troubleshooting tips:

If nothing is out of order, the easiest fix is to restart your internet equipment as well as your internet-enabled devices to get back online.  

Optimum Outage Map

When it comes to Optimum service outages, some areas report issues more often than others. If you live in any of these Optimum service locations, chances are you may be experiencing more recurrent outage incidents than usual. Here is a list of locations that have faced the most outage episodes in recent times:

The Bronx, NY

Hartford, CT

Brooklyn, NY

Boston, MA

Newark, NJ

Jersey City, NJ

New York City, NY

West Orange, NJ

Bloomfield, NJ

Irvington, NJ

The Most Reported Optimum Service Outages

Just like some service locations, some Optimum services also report a greater number of outages than others. The table below displays the outage percentage of different Optimum services in recent times:

Optimum Services Outage Percentage (Approx.)





Total Blackout








Of all the service outages, it is the Optimum internet that constitutes around 75% of complaints. But, what you need to understand is these outages are pretty occasional given the span of Optimum footprint.

There You Are!

We hope this guide helps you understand the necessary details regarding Optimum service outages and how to deal with them. If however at some point you wish to speak to an Optimum customer service representative, you can reach out at 1-844-520-8978.For services in Spanish, contact Servicio al Cliente de Optimum at Telefono de numero de Optimum i.e. 1-844-527-5633. Optimum representatives will direct you to the concerned department or personnel.


How long does it take Optimum to restore service?

Optimum keeps a close track of the forecast for storms, and ensures fully staffed teams are on standby so as to support and guide customers during an outage. The provider also ensures its facilities are prepared with generators and backup power. During a storm, regional Optimum operation centers keep a check on the network to detect outages, so teams can be sent off immediately, and technicians can start assessing and resolving the issue.

With such measures in place, more often than not an Optimum service outage gets resolved pretty quick.

How do I get a live person at optimum?

If you wish to speak to an Optimum customer service representative, you can reach out at 1-844-520-8978. For services in Spanish, contact Servicio al Cliente de Optimum at Telefono de numero de Optimum i.e. 1-844-527-5633. Optimum representatives will direct you to the concerned department or personnel based on the problem you are facing.

Is there an optimum outage in my area?

If you want to know about a probable Optimum service outage in your area, sign in to your Optimum account here and check the service status.

Why is Optimum not working in my area?

At times you may face disruption in Optimum Internet service due to road accidents, road construction activities, or harsh weather. In case you continue to face problems even after the restoration of service, report the problem to Optimum via Live Chat or by tweeting at @Optimumhelp.

How do I troubleshoot my Optimum WiFi?

Here is the easiest way to troubleshoot your Optimum Wi-Fi: