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Optimum by Altice is one of the largest providers of broadband internet in the U.S. with a service footprint that spans 21 states. Optimum service in Livingston, TX, shows a particularly good coverage with over 65% of the city receiving high-speed internet via a hybrid fiber-coaxial network along with other services by Optimum. In a city where wired internet services are somewhat limited with most of the service being through wireless, satellite, and other sources, Optimum is one of the most popular options where available.

In this blog, we discuss all that you can expect to enjoy with Optimum service in Livingston, TX. So, let us get to it!

Why Pick Optimum in Livingston, TX?

Residential Internet, TV, and other services by Optimum form a big part of life in Livingston, TX. Here is a quick rundown of all that you get to enjoy with Optimum services.

Enjoy Fast Optimum Internet in Livingston, TX

Optimum Internet in Livingston, TX, sets you up with high-speed internet delivered over a hybrid fiber-coaxial network. This way you get to enjoy extremely high speeds at your residence, with a variety of speed tiers ranging from up to 300 Mbps to 1 Gbps in most areas. There are also 2 Gbps and 5 Gbps speed tiers available, although the service tiers still have very limited coverage at the moment. Enjoy high-speed internet at your home and get comfortable with all sorts of online activities, including gaming, streaming, video conferencing, and a whole lot more.

For small households with little internet use, the 300 Mbps speed tier is quite adequate, whereas medium-sized homes might benefit from the 500 Mbps speed tier. If you have a larger home with more users, you may consider going with the gig or the multi-gig speed tiers, depending on whatever is available in your area.

All internet plans with Optimum are unlimited so you get to have fun with as much data as you require. You also get access to millions of out-of-home and secure Wi-Fi hotspots to use on the go. The 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that your investment is risk-free and Optimum will buy out your current contract for up to $100 when you switch. As a new customer, you also qualify for a VISA Gift card for up to $300 when you subscribe to an eligible Optimum plan. Plus, Optimum also offers waivers on the installation fee, no equipment charges, and other such perks to new customers, so be sure to look out for those if you are planning to switch.

Here is a quick look at all the Optimum internet plans that you can enjoy in Livingston, TX. For more information on Optimum services in your area and to subscribe, reach out to our customer care representative at 844-520-8978.

Optimum Internet Plan Max Download Speeds Promo Pricing

Optimum 300

300 Mbps

For 12 months. Autopay & paperless billing req’d. Speeds and prices may vary with location.

Optimum 500

500 Mbps

For 12 months. Autopay & paperless billing req’d. Speeds and prices may vary with location.

Optimum 1 Gig

1000 Mbps

For 12 months. Autopay & paperless billing req’d. Speeds and prices may vary with location.

Unlimited Entertainment with Optimum TV Service in Livingston, TX

Explore modern and fun entertainment with Optimum TV service in Livingston, TX. Pair an internet speed tier of your choosing with an all-time favorite TV plan, and create an Optimum Internet and TV bundle that is the ultimate package! Choose from a variety of lineups with the three available TV plans and enjoy live TV as well as a fine selection of on-demand entertainment.

The Optimum set-top box is an ingenious creation and brings you an elite entertainment experience, all included in the price. Enjoy the charm of conventional TV but not without a modern twist that lets you live the full thing. Get personalized programming as you customize your digital life, enjoy video-on-demand platforms and even find all your favorite apps directly on your TV screen. The internet plan with your bundle will help you stream all that you want on your TV, which just makes everything better than ever.

Let us take a look at some of the most popular Optimum TV bundle services in Livingston, TX. Get a gift card of up to $300 with the subscription as new customer. For more information on the matter, reach out to Optimum at 844-520-8978.

Optimum Bundle Max Download Speed Channel Count Promo Price

Core TV + Internet 300

Up to 300 Mbps


for 12 months plus taxes AutoPay & Paperless billing req’d

Core TV + Internet 500

Up to 500 Mbps


for 12 months plus taxes AutoPay & Paperless billing req’d

Core TV + Internet 1 Gig

Up to 1000 Mbps


for 12 months plus taxes AutoPay & Paperless billing req’d

Stay Connected with Optimum Phone Services Livingston, TX

Home Phone Service with Optimum in Livingston, TX, is a great addition to your household. Get to enjoy a fully equipped phone tech and service with unlimited nationwide calling across the U.S. as well as all U.S. territories. Get emergency services like Enhanced 911 and other services at the click of a single button. Enjoy crystal-clear audio on the phone, and block any annoying callers within a second. Plus, choose from a whole selection of other standard and key features of the home phone service. Call your loved ones around the world at super low rates and get uninterrupted phone service even during storms and power outages with a strong battery backup.

Add an Optimum home phone to your internet and TV plan for $15 only and convert your package to a super convenient bundle!


Optimum by Altice is one of the most popular providers in Livingston, TX, offering the full range of its services to more than half of this city. Get to live through the great Optimum Internet over an advanced and sophisticated gigabit network of this provider. Have fun with the Optimum TV service, and add on a home phone for even greater convenience. You can always count on the top quality of services with Optimum with high internet speeds, market-competitive pricing, unlimited entertainment, and a whole lot more.

Learn about the best Optimum plans in your area or reach out to our representatives at 844-520-8978 and subscribe at amazing rates!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Optimum by Altice?

Optimum by Altice is an internet, TV, and phone service provider and has coverage in 21 states of the U.S. For more information on Optimum TV and internet plans or to subscribe, call 844-520-8978 at any time.

  1. How fast is Optimum Internet?

Optimum Internet is available in multiple speed tiers ranging from 300 Mbps to 1 Gbps. 2 Gbps and 5 Gbps speed tiers are also available in select areas. To learn more about Optimum services or to get the service, call 844-520-8978 now.