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Optimum is one of the largest providers of internet and TV services in the U.S. that extends out into 21 states.  A huge provider such as Optimum not only offers high-speed internet, a TV experience that is truly innovative, and of course, customer service that tends to all your needs, big and small.

In this article, we talk about ways you can reach Optimum customer service, availability hours, services rendered and more. Let us begin!

How Can I Contact Optimum Customer Service?

There are several ways to contact Optimum customer service, including live chat and phone. If you have run into a technical problem or have an account problem, billing concern, or more, Optimum customer care will be happy to help you through the process on either of these channels.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the Optimum phone number for sales support, you can reach them This service is available 24/7 and the agent will be more than happy to not only guide you through the process but also suggest you what plans and packages go best for your home.

Is the Optimum Customer Service Available 24/7?

All of the Optimum tech support is available 24/7, so if you ever run into equipment issues, account problems, outages, or other such trivial concerns, you can always reach out to customer care. As aforementioned, it is available round the clock with a chat and a phone option so you can access the service through whatever is easier for you.

As far as Optimum sales support is concerned, it too, is available 24/7. All you have to do is dial the Optimum phone number at 844-520-8978 and wait until you are connected to a live agent. The customer care representative will help you make a choice for your home and family and get you a smooth experience of a fully connected home!


Optimum customer service is always ready to help you with any problems that you can run into as an existing Optimum user. Technical concerns, account problems, or anything else are quickly dealt with through Optimum customer service, which is available 24/7.

Whether you are planning to get a new service or upgrade your Optimum plan, Optimum sales support is available at your disposal around the clock. The customer care representatives are polite and helpful and would assist you in choosing a plan for your family and home.

Learn about the best Optimum offers in your area or call 844-520-8978 now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Optimum?

Optimum is an internet service provider in the U.S., serving over 8.2 million customers in 21 states. The provider offers high-speed internet, TV, and other services to its customers. To check availability in your area or learn more about the service, call 844-520-8978 today and get the best deals at your address!