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We live in a day and age where almost everything is governed by the internet. The different types of connectivity continue to leave a lasting impression on our lives. Out of all the internet types, fiber and cable prove to be the most dependable options for those looking for uninterrupted connectivity. While the former has limited availability because of its expensive technological infrastructure, the latter has expansive coverage across the U.S. Amid the giants engaged in the provision of both fiber and cable, Optimum manages to outshine the rest.

Headquartered in New York, Optimum offers fiber and cable internet service across 21 U.S. states. The provider is committed to offering an unrivaled connectivity experience to its subscribers. With state-of-the-art services and defining features, Optimum poses tough competition to the top ISPs in the U.S.

If you are looking for a service that comes with no mandatory contracts and a 30-day money-back guarantee, then Optimum is worth a shot!

Optimum Internet Availability

Optimum offers its internet, TV, and phone services at the best price. The provider has continued to improve its overall services in a bid to stay relevant to the broadband industry and user experience. Optimum is currently accessible to over 20 million U.S. residents, making it America’s 4th largest cable provider. The provider happens to have the most prominent services in West Virginia, New Jersey, and New York.

However, Optimum 100% fiber service is available in only a fraction of its total footprint, mostly in the New York tristate area and in some gigabit-capable markets like West Virginia and Texas.

Here, take a look at Optimum Internet availability by state. If you are looking for Optimum’s network, it is widely accessible in the following states:

  • California
  • Arkansas
  • Idaho
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Connecticut
  • Missouri
  • Arizona
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • Texas
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • Mississippi
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Kentucky

Is Optimum Available in My Area?

Once you have decided you want to sign up for Optimum services in your area, the next step you have to do is discover Optimum availability by address. The best way is to ask around people in your neighborhood. But that’s not the only way.

To quickly find out the availability of Optimum Internet services at your address, just enter your ZIP code here and you will come across the best deals from all the local providers available in your area. And if you want to avoid all the hassle, simply call Optimum Internet customer service at 844-520-8978 and have experts help you check out Optimum availability in your area. They can also answer all your questions and give the best possible advice based on your needs and budget.

Optimum Internet Plans at a Glance

Optimum Internet service offers a variety of standalone and bundled plans. The provider has something in store for everyone to ensure every potential subscriber comes across a plan that fits their unique needs. It could be a standalone internet plan or blazing-fast internet complemented by Optimum phone service and/or Optimum TV.

When it comes to the standalone internet service, The provider not only provides plenty of perks but also has good coverage in the U.S., making it a reliable option. Optimum Internet plans come in an array of speed tiers ranging from 300 Mbps to 940 Mbps. However, Optimum Internet speed tiers tend to vary from one location to another, depending on the available network infrastructure in the area.

For your convenience, we have put together the regular price points for internet-only plans from Optimum. Let’s take a look!

Internet Plan Download Speed Data Price
300 Mbps Internet 300 Mbps Unlimited data $40/mo.
For 12 months plus taxes w/ Auto Pay & Paperless Bill
500 Mbps Internet 500 Mbps Unlimited data $60/mo.
For 12 months plus taxes w/ Auto Pay & Paperless Bill
1 Gig Internet 940 Mbps Unlimited data $70/mo.
For 12 months plus taxes w/ Auto Pay & Paperless Bill
*Data effective as of published date. For the latest plans and pricing, contact Optimum customer serviceat 844-520-8978

Why Optimum Internet Service?

Optimum makes sure it satisfies the needs of its customers, here’s what makes the provider all the more worthy!

  • No one wants to sign up for an internet plan only to realize that the provider has capped their monthly data. With limited data, subscribers consider terminating the subscription but they also don’t want to pay an early termination fee.
    1. If you want to get out of this dilemma, consider opting for Optimum. The provider offers an unlimited monthly data allowance. This simply means that subscribers can indulge in different online activities even during peak hour
    2. With no restriction on monthly data allowance, you can download music, heavy files, and games, stream your favorite TV shows to your heart’s content, and communicate with your loved ones without a single worry in the world.
  • Nothing is better than experiencing connectivity without the fear of speed throttle and overage fee.
    1. So, there’s absolutely no need to dig through a haystack to find a needle, you can simply opt for Optimum plans to meet your unique connectivity and entertainment needs.
  • There are many internet service providers out there that bind you in a contract. When you decide to make a switch, they end up jolting you with an early termination fee.
    1. If you want to break free from the chains of a yearly contract, consider subscribing to Optimum service.
    2. Optimum frees you from the shackles of yearly contracts and sets you free just by respecting your freedom.
  • The primary reason why Optimum has a no-data cap policy is that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and doesn’t bind its subscribers to a legal contract.
  • In fact, the provider comes with a contract buyout of up to $500 to compensate for your past-due bills with your previous provider
  • Whichever internet plan you subscribe to, you don’t have to worry about the price hike — the price shall remain locked for 12 months.
  • In addition to that, you are less likely to witness a drop in Optimum’s service quality. Once the 12-month duration is over, you will be free to continue or switch the service!

Optimum TV at a Glance

Optimum TV plans also have 3 tiers of channel lineups in store for you. Optimum’s variety in channel lineup spices up your televisual experience. With a voice-activated remote, you can control your TV with your voice command. The best part is that the provider gives you the freedom to pair any speed with any channel lineup you may want.

If you want to get the maximum value on your investment, consider bundling Optimum phone service with internet and TV. This way, you will get a complete entertainment and connectivity package at a reasonable rate.

Core TV

  • 200+ channels including local channels, ESPN, MTV, HGTV, and more

Select TV

  • 290+ channels including local channels, Boomerang, STARZ ENCORE, History, and more

Premier TV

  • 340+ channels including local channels, NFL Network, SHOWTIME®, ESPNU, and more

Wrapping It All Up

In today’s connected world, it’s beyond impossible to survive without a reliable internet connection. If you’re looking to switch to a new internet connection or considering an upgrade, Optimum plans are the way to go. With a diverse range of unmatched services and enticing features combined with the latest technology and around-the-clock customer service, Optimum is definitely worth a shot. All these defining features and perks make Optimum a no-brainer for anyone looking for an unrivaled connection in the U.S.

However, before you subscribe, you need to know about Optimum availability at your address. All you have to do is do a little research, contact Optimum Internet customer service to ask questions before signing up, place an order, and let the Optimum team take care of the rest! So don’t wait around - join the Optimum family today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Optimum available in my area?

Optimum has remarkable coverage across 21 U.S. states. To confirm Optimum availability in your area, reach out to Optimum customer service at 844-520-8978 and learn about the best offers near you!

How much is Optimum Internet?

The price of Optimum Internet plans starts from $40/mo. for 12 months. The price shall be locked for the first 12 months after which it will be subject to change. For details on Optimum Internet pricing in your area, call 844-520-8978.

Is Optimum fiber optic available in my area?

Optimum fiber internet has limited availability in parts of the provider’s service area. To determine Optimum fiber availability at your address, contact Optimum customer service at 844-520-8978.

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