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The Netflix fever has long engulfed entertainment seekers around the world. Regardless of the genre they prefer to watch, viewers want to access the subscription video on demand service for a myriad of reasons. It is estimated nearly three quarters of U.S. households carry a subscription to Netflix.

There are several ways to stream Netflix. You can install the Netflix app on your smartphone or watch  via the desktop app. Connect a compatible streaming box with your HDTV, or use a compatible smart TV or gaming console. But not all homes are cord-cutters. So how do you watch Netflix if you also want to stay subscribed to a pay-tv service? After all you would want to watch Netflix on the home screen, and share the fun with family.

Well there are certainly pay-tv services in the market which equip you with advanced set-top boxes to allow integrated access to a variety of entertainment options from a single platform. And, WOW! Cable is a great option if you are anywhere in the following markets:

Alabama Auburn, Dothan, Huntsville, Montgomery, Valley
Florida Panama City, Pinellas
Georgia Augusta, Columbus, Fort Gordon, Newnan
Illinois Chicago, Chicagoland
Indiana Evansville
Michigan Detroit, Mid-Michigan
Ohio Cleveland, Columbus
South Carolina Charleston
Tennessee Knoxville


So, if you have been considering WOW! and want to confirm whether or not you would get integrated access to Netflix with your WOW! subscription, read on. Our article today talks about how you can go about making sure you get to watch Netflix with WOW! Cable.

What’d you need to watch Netflix with WOW! Cable TV?

Well, if one of the reasons why you’d choose WOW! Cable is integrated access to Netflix, then here is what you must know before you subscribe.

WOW! gives you options to watch TV the way you want. And, if Netflix tops the chart of your priorities, you must ensure to choose the WOW! ULTRA setup.

When you go for ULTRA with WOW!, you essentially add on a top-end multi-purpose in-home entertainment system that relies on the ULTRA Gateway. The all-in-one Gateway not only connects you to the WOW! broadband network, but delivers your Cable. And if you subscribe to WOW! home phone, even that would connect through the ULTRA Gateway.  

WOW! ULTRA is a great way to declutter your space because a single piece of hardware connects you to the WOW! Cable network for all your subscribed services.

Features of the WOW! TV ULTRA setup

The WOW! ULTRA Gateway gives you the option to benefit from whole-home DVR, and manage recorded shows from any ULTRA-connected TV. Record a single show or an entire series. You can record up to 6 HD shows at a time and store up to 500 GB worth of video content.

The ULTRA set-top box also allows you to take advantage of a smart menu. Search for a program by keyword, title or category, across all live, VOD, and recorded content. Pause, play or rewind live TV. You can even pause live TV in one room and continue watching in another. Setup your custom channel lineup with network favorites that you often tune into. You can also customize TV listings.

Additional ULTRA features include access to apps such as Netflix and Pandora, parental controls, the flexibility to manage settings online or via the ULTRA app. This app lets you to set up new DVR recordings remotely as well as browse through listings up to 2 weeks out, and more.

All in all, the ULTRA setup is an add-on worth taking. While the equipment fee is higher than you would expect with a regular cable set-top box, you must remember it is a consolidated gateway to all your WOW! services. It not only serves as an access point for your TV entertainment but WOW! Internet and Phone.

How to tune into Netflix with WOW! Cable TV?

In order to access Netflix via the WOW! ULTRA setup, you can start from the Home Menu. Press the Menu button on the WOW! remote. Scroll down to Apps. And find the Netflix app to sign in. Alternatively, you can go to Channel 1500 to access Netflix.

When you already have a Netflix account, you can just sign in with your Netflix credentials. But, if you are not an existing account holder, follow the prompts to set up your membership via your ULTRA-connected TV, and enjoy the free trial period before it turns into a paid subscription.

Once signed in you can continue to stream Netflix via ULTRA without the hassle of switching TV inputs.

Also, keep in mind all Netflix account management and billing happen directly between you and Netflix, so if you wish to cancel the SVOD service, you must contact Netflix directly.

What more does WOW! Does cable TV get you?

WOW! Cable delivers a comprehensive entertainment solution that includes the ability to access Netflix via the ULTRA setup. But that is just one aspect of the service entertainment buffs can take delight in. WOW! TV channels are another key highlight of the service as you get an extensive range of popular broadcast TV and cable networks in the listing. 

WOW! TV lineups are categorized into three tiers. Small, Medium, and Large Cable. While the Small Cable includes local broadcast TV and public access networks, Medium and Large plans give you a variety of American cable favorites. Many popular premium networks also come included in the Large Cable plan. So depending on your family’s TV viewing preferences and budget, you can pick the one that fits the best.

If you intend to lease the ULTRA equipment, however, you may have to sign up for Medium or Large. So do check on this aspect with the WOW! Customer Service representative at 1-844-343-1173 when you call in to determine offer availability at your address.

WOW! Cable plan Key channel highlights
Small TV ABC, FOX, CW, PBS, and NBC
Medium TV AMC, A&E, TNT, TMC, FXM, Animal Planet, Discovery, Food Network, Hallmark, MTV, Lifetime, FOX News, CNN, BBC America, FOX Sports, NBC Sports Network, Big Ten Network
Large TV Discovery Family, NatGeo Wild, Disney Junior, ESPNews, MTV2, NFL Network, FOX Soccer, HBO®, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, and STARZ®/ENCORE


Additionally, you get access to WOW! On-Demand and pay-per-view programming. While the TV Everywhere feature allows you to catch on live TV and On Demand on a variety of devices e.g. PC, Tab, smartphone, etc. All you need is your WOW! TV credentials to log in and start streaming.

Streaming Netflix with super-fast WOW! Internet

When it comes to streaming, the connection you have must be reliable and fast enough for it to allow seamless Netflix viewing. And when you subscribe to WOW! Cable with ULTRA is just what you get. WOW! primarily uses a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network to deliver its broadband service. So you can expect not only fast Fiber-backed speeds but ample bandwidth and a trusty connection.

WOW! Internet plans come in a variety of speed tiers, and with appealing price tags. You can get speeds up to 1 Gig but lower plans include 100, 200, and 500 Mbps speed tiers, which are perfect for the majority of small to mid-sized households. Even with the 100 Mbps plan a small family can easily connect their devices at once for different activities, while also streaming Netflix via the WOW! ULTRA setup. While the Gig plan is ideal for homes where a number of heavy internet users and smart home devices need to connect besides streaming Netflix.

As for data, for now, the WOW! Internet service continues to give unlimited data to users in all markets except the Chicago area. Even with the data cap, Chicago customers do get a lot of data. Imagine 1.5 TB with 100 & 200 Mbps plans, 2.5 TB with the 500 Mbps plan, and 3 TB with the Gig service. That is virtually unlimited for the majority of homes.

All in all when you bundle WOW! Cable with the Internet you can run your in-home cinema pretty reliably, and at competitive rates. Here is a quick overview of WOW! Internet & TV bundles. Pick the one that fits your needs, and add on the WOW! ULTRA set up so you can get integrated access to Netflix!

WOW! Cable & Internet Bundle Max. download/upload speed Max. WOW! TV Channel Count Promo Price
Internet 200 & Medium TV 200 Mbps 130+ $104.99/mo.
for 12 months w/AutoPay & Paperless Billing
Internet 200 & Large TV 200 Mbps 160+ $114.99/mo.
for 12 months w/AutoPay & Paperless Billing
Internet 500 & Medium TV 500 Mbps 130+ $119.99/mo.
for 12 months w/AutoPay & Paperless Billing
Internet 500 & Large TV 500 Mbps 160+ $129.99/mo.
for 12 months w/AutoPay & Paperless Billing


And, if you are convinced a home phone service with unlimited local calling, 100 free minutes for long-distance calls, 15 nifty calling features inclusive of robocall blocking is what your home needs, add on the WOW! phone service. For $9.99/mo. more on the double playbill, that is a bargain deal really.


Selecting a cable provider that gets you to access to Netflix streaming is not that difficult anymore. Quite a few cable services have upgraded their digital Cable services in ways that accommodate the consumers’ love for streaming. And this is why it is necessary to judge carefully as to which of the service providers that serve your address gets you the best value for your money.

In terms of the internet service that will run your streaming, TV channels you get included in your lineup, the equipment you get to run a contemporary cable TV setup at your home, and price. WOW! Cable offers are worth more than consideration if available in your neighborhood. 

Don’t be impatient while finalizing your cable TV plan. Examine each option available on the WOW! service menu, and identity which of the WOW! bundles meet your needs and budget. For pro advice as well as to check WOW! Cable offer availability at your address you can call WOW! Customer Service at 1-844-343-1173.



Does WOW! offer a setup box for Netflix?

Yes. When you subscribe to a WOW! TV bundle, you can opt for the ULTRA setup which will allow you integrated access to apps such as Netflix and Pandora. This way you do not have to switch TV inputs as you go from live TV to streaming Netflix.

Can I set parental controls with Netflix on WOW!?

When you use the WOW! ULTRA setup it allows you to implement parental controls that come built-in. But you can also set parental controls on individual profiles via the Netflix app.  

What is the internet speed requirement for Netflix?

Netflix requires a minimum connection speed of 0.5 Mbps. Standard Definition (SD) requires 3 Mbps, high definition (HD) requires 5 Mbps, and 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) requires at least 25 Mbps for download. WOW! Internet plans range from 200 Mbps to 1 Gig and support multi-device streaming. Call at 1-844-343-1173 to find out about WOW! ULTRA bundle availability at your address.