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There is no other time like Christmas. As soon as December begins and the winds turn cold and crisp, a certain magic settles upon the air. And, what better way to enjoy this holiday cheer than meet up with your family and huddle around the fireplace to watch a bunch of Christmas movies? As long as you have access to a cable TV connection, you can easily enjoy some of the greatest holiday movies of all time.

Xtream Powered by Mediacom offers cable TV services that get you the best of all flavors, especially when you get Variety TV bundled with any internet service tier. This way you not only get to watch your Christmas films on TV but also use the high-speed internet to stream your favorite titles on OTT platforms.


Enjoy the Holidays with Your Favorite Christmas Movies on Mediacom Cable TV

Variety TV by Mediacom offers an interesting array of over 170 cable channels. If you have the service, you can watch some great Christmas movies at this time of the year. We have handpicked some of the best holiday special movies that you can watch on select channels with the  Mediacom Cable Variety TV plan.


ABC Channel

1.      Finding Harmony

The passing of a legendary music producer, JT Grayson, leaves his daughter, Samantha/Sam Colter, with the Fame Ranch. Grayson and Sam had not been close for a long time, and she had established herself as a resolute single mother, away from home. The ranch is mainly a juvenile support system for troubled young boys, but Sam, who is already overwhelmed by her defiant and stubborn teenage daughter, Harmony, decides to sell the ranch.

This movie is a beautiful drama film and focuses on how Sam deals with the demons of her past and how she must choose a life to live — the one she built or the one she ran away from.


2.      Toy Story That Time Forgot

This animated movie is a holiday favorite although one that is perhaps a toy nightmare. It revolves around a post-Christmas playdate where Bonnie takes her favorite toys: Buzz, Woody, Trixie, and Rex to her friend Mason’s house. The kids dump the toys in Mason’s room to play video games on the console instead. Bonnie’s toys soon realize that the room is dominated by huge dinosaurs from the Battlesaurs playset, who are extremely aggressive and are unaware that they are merely toys.

Watch this thrilling yet comical unfolding of events with your kids over the Christmas holidays on ABC Channel for a little junior fun!


Freeform Channel


1.      The Search for Santa Paws

The Search for Santa Paws takes us on a journey all the way from the North Pole into the heart of New York City, where Santa comes down to visit. He has his beloved friend, a talking pup named Santa Paws; however, the two are separated due to an accident. As the Christmas spirit quickly starts diminishing after Santa’s magic crystal is stolen, it is up to Santa Paws and two orphan girls, Quinn and Will, to save him — and ultimately Christmas.

This Christmas thriller movie with its light comedy is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats. Plus, the younger ones in your home will be appropriately entertained by the premise of the movie and of course, all the cute musical performances.


2.      Home Alone: The Holiday Heist

It isn’t really Christmas until you watch at least one of the Home Alone movies — and the Holiday Heist gives you the perfect dose of it all. The Baxter family moves from California to Maine in the midst of the Christmas holidays, much to the dismay of their children. Convinced by the neighborhood rumors that their house is haunted, Finn, the younger brother of Alexis is left quite paranoid. As the parents leave for a work Christmas Party, some thieves decide to break into the house to steal a priceless piece of art, not knowing that the kids are still home – and can be quite dangerous.

This holiday movie is the perfect one to kick-start your Christmas cheer. How will the kids work around protecting their house and belongings? Watch all the Home Alone movies on Freeform this Christmas with your children!


3.      Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer – The Movie

A little reindeer is born with a curiously glowing red nose, which causes him to be the center of unwelcome attention and ridicule while growing up. As Rudolph grows up and joins the school, he fiercely dreams of being chosen as one of Santa’s reindeer — known as the Flyers — even though he is often mocked for harboring such a dream. Santa meets Rudolph and tells him that his nose is grand and that he has a pure heart, which is what a reindeer really needs.

The evil queen, Stormella, conjures up a snow and ice storm for Christmas to stop Santa from reaching children across the world. Will Rudolph and his friends be able to save Christmas? Watch this holiday classic and enjoy all the animated and adorable fun it has to offer.


Hallmark Channel

1.      Three Wise Men and A Baby

Stephan, Taylor, and Luke are brothers, who have drifted away over the years. When they find themselves thrown together with a baby in care over Christmas, things take a dramatic twist. Over the holidays, however, the three brothers learn to bond all over again to leave the past wounds behind – and rediscover their love for Christmas along the way.

This Christmas special by Hallmark is going to leave you in high spirits if a little teary-eyed. Enjoy as a family movie with its light comedy and fun-filled scenes.


2.      A Cozy Christmas Inn

When real-estate executive Erika travels to Alaska over the Christmas holidays to acquire a Bed and Breakfast hotel, she is taken by surprise. Her ex, Andy, is the one running the hotel and the deal is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. As Erika spends a little time in the small town, she finds herself falling in love with the place – and perhaps, Andy too.

This light Christmas Hallmark movie is the perfect thing to watch while huddled up with a mug of hot cocoa. Lose your heart to the romance of Christmas magic and the love that makes it all possible.


Lifetime Channel

1.      Dear Christmas

Natalie Morgan is a very popular host of a podcast called Holiday Love, which is a hit with the people. Sharing true stories of holiday-time love and budding romances with the listeners, Natalie is considered a love guru by many.  However, she has never truly experienced a whirlwind romance to call her own. In a turn of events, Natalie goes back home to spend Christmas with her family where things get interesting. Will Natalie have a taste of an unbelievable holiday romance herself when a local firefighter, Chris, starts hanging around?

If you are into sappy holiday romances like most of us, this movie would definitely leave you craving for more. After all, a little drama, humor, and romance are what all of us need!


Get into the Christmas Spirit!

Christmas is one of the best times of the year, and internet and TV providers add to that cheer each year. Offering the best of internet and cable TV plans and deals to help more and more people connect to the Christmas magic. Watch your favorite movies, connect with your dear ones, and let this be a time for reconciliation and love.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  1. Are Christmas movies available on Mediacom cable TV?

A large number of Christmas movies are available on Mediacom cable TV, especially on the Variety TV lineup. Choose from a wide selection of movie genres, including romance, animated, children’s movies, musicals, and more.

Learn more about Mediacom Variety TV lineup or call now at 855-349-9315.


  1. How can I get Mediacom cable TV?

You can get Mediacom cable TV bundled with an Xtream internet plan. There is complete freedom to choose a speed tier of your liking and you can get the Variety TV plan with its 170+ channels for the full spectrum of TV services.

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