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Located on the banks of the Zumbro River, Rochester sits well in the rolling bluff lands of southeastern Minnesota and is home to more than 122,000 people. Apart from the esteemed Mayo Clinic, the city offers a host of attractions including the Quarry Hill Nature Center, Rochester Art Center, Douglas State Trail, Plummer House, and Charles E. Gagnon Museum & Sculpture Garden. But as anywhere else life in this glorious city demands a reliable internet connection—without which numerous day-to-day activities can slow down.  

There are around 21 ISPs in the city, and 12 offer residential services—with a variety of wired high speed internet options, including DSL, cable, and fiber. Albeit, the fiber gigabit service is delivered by more than one provider, coverage remains pretty limited except with MetroNet.  

The futuristic MetroNet network has an admirable footprint which covers an estimated 84% of Rochester. The provider’s claim to fame is its coveted Fiber service, which connects its 100% fiber-optic network with thousands of miles of fiber optic cables, directly to homes and businesses. MetroNet packages—standalone or bundled—are all priced competitively for the residents of Rochester, Minnesota. And, each comes packed with fun-fueled and valuable features and add-ons—combined with great functionality.

Read on if you live in Rochester and prefer the range of speed delivered over a pure fiber optic network. MetroNet Internet service is high-quality, widely available, and stands unrivaled—add an IPTV service and a reliable phone backup at home—and you have a complete connectivity and entertainment solution under one roof!

Our article today looks into service offerings and features available to MetroNet customers in Rochester, Minnesota—you may have recently moved to Rochester or perhaps just looking to switch providers—either way learning about MetroNet in Rochester will help you in the decision making process.

MetroNet Internet in Rochester, MN

MetroNet Internet service stands out among other ISPs in Rochester because of its focus on bringing cutting-edge fiber internet to every neighborhood in the city. As a result, you enjoy faster speeds without any buffering loops, lag time, pixilation, or pausing. And a great lot of bandwidth for your entire family to connect multiple devices wirelessly via MetroNet Fiber!

MetroNet Internet Service Features & Add-ons

A subscription to any MetroNet internet plan gets you symmetrical upload and download speeds with no data cap. And includes a FREE WiFi router. Meaning, you benefit from a stable and strong in-home WiFi signal which kills dead zones around your house. You can make MetroNet Whole-Home WiFi a part of your monthly subscription or as an add-on service for $9.95/mo. on top of your monthly service fee.

Plus, MetroNet makes switching of service easy—you can get up to $150 in contract buyout to cover charges incurred when you leave your previous provider before the end of the contract term?all this without binding you with a long-term contract.

MetroNet Fiber Plans


WholeHome WiFi


Max Download/Upload Speed


Price Details


200 Mbps WholeHome WiFi

200/200 Mbps


for the first 12 months & $59.95 for the next 12 months

500 Mbps WholeHome WiFi

500/500 Mbps


(2-year Price Lock Guarantee)

1 Gigabit WholeHome WiFi

1 Gbps/1 Gbps


(2-year Price Lock Guarantee)


MetroNet Internet Plans & Pricing

Here are the MetroNet Internet packages available in Rochester, MN—evaluate speed tiers, see which perfectly suits your internet lifestyle—and call 1-844-343-1143 to place an order.

MetroNet Internet Plans

Max. Download/Upload Speed


MetroNet Fiber 100 Mbps

100/100 Mbps



MetroNet Fiber 200 Mbps

200/200 Mbps


for 12 months

(Standard rate of $59.95/mo. applies thereafter)

MetroNet Fiber 500 Mbps

500/500 Mbps


for 24 months
(Standard rate of $69.95/mo. applies thereafter)


MetroNet Fiber 1 Gigabit

1 Gbps/1 Gbps


for the first 6 months & $69.95/mo. for the next 12 months
(Standard rate of $89.95/mo. applies thereafter)


MetroNet Fiber TV in Rochester, MN

For customers who value reliability and a variety of choices, MetroNet TV offers a complete suite of attractive packages. In fact, MetroNet Fiber TV has something in store for everyone.

MetroNet TV service in Rochester brings you 3 options to select a channel lineup from—Basic, Standard, Preferred—with more than 100, 240, and 290 channels respectively. Each lineup is carefully designed to satisfy the needs of everyone from modest TV watchers to TV-buffs. And, no matter which plan you sign up for—Music Choice channels come on top of TV networks.

You can access your TV service via any internet connection. But why take the risk when you can pair it up with fast and consistent MetroNet Fiber Internet and benefit from an incredible televisual experience. Because MetroNet Fiber Internet never slows down.

MetroNet TV Service Features & Add-ons

When you sign up for a MetroNet plan in Rochester—a good deal of local and popular networks comes along—making sure you stand covered at all fronts. And if you are hungry for more entertainment, MetroNet lets you customize your channel lineup with à la carte premium channels or mini packages.

HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX®, and STARZ® for movie and TV show lovers. And for sports lovers the MetroNet Sports Plus Package with America’s most loved sports networks brining all the action right on your TV screen. What’s more, the HD Elite Package gives you the option to add more HD channels to the menu.

And to top it all, MetroNet gives you a variety of TV equipment options—Whole-Home HD/DVR and HD Set-Top Boxes—to enhance your televisual experience at economical price points.

MetroNet Fiber TV Plans & Pricing

Here, take a look at popular MetroNet IPTV packages in Rochester, MN?with regards to pricing however, we recommend you call at 1-844-343-1143 to determine the accurate price as MetroNet TV prices tend to vary considerably with your location.

Similarly, you must also confirm the channel lineup to make sure your must-watch networks are available in the plan you are considering. Because like the price, channel availability may also vary with the area you are in.

MetroNet TV Plans

Max No. of Channels

Sample Channels

Promo Bundle Price

MetroNet Basic Fiber TV



Under $40/mo.

($9.95 Tech. service fee applies)

MetroNet Standard Fiber TV


A&E |Animal Planet | BBC America CNN | CNBC | Disney Channel | Discovery Channel | ESPN2 | E! | FX | NBC Sports Network | Nickelodeon | NFL Network | Syfy |

Under $100/mo.

($9.95 Tech. service fee applies)

MetroNet Preferred Fiber TV


Big Ten Network |CMT Music | CBS Sports Network | Disney Junior | Discovery Family | MTV2 |  Nicktoons | truTV  

Under $110/mo.

($9.95 Tech. service fee applies)


MetroNet Fiber Phone & Bundle Deals in Rochester, MN

MetroNet Fiber Phone offers crystal clear call quality via the fiber-powered home phone service. Enjoy unlimited local calls and get up to 1,000 free domestic long-distance calling minutes.

And to sweeten the deal, MetroNet phone service in Rochester comes equipped with 17 digital calling features including Call Forward Busy, Call Forward Remote Access, Call Hold, Caller ID, Selective Call Rejection, Three-Way Calling, and more to make communication simpler and easier for all customers. The service is available as a discounted Special for $4.95/month when you bundle it with the internet.

With MetroNet bundle deals, Rochester residents can enjoy amazing flexibility and reliability at economical price points. Design your own Double or Triple Play deal—depending on your family’s in-home connectivity and entertainment needs—and relish the convenience of a single bill every month.

Why Choose MetroNet Rochester, Minnesota?

As a leading home internet, TV, and phone service provider in Rochester, Minnesota, MetroNet covers residents at all fronts. Not only the product is widely available, but it is also excellent in quality and is competitively priced.

Rochester sure has other ISP options—such as HughesNet which delivers satellite broadband service, and cable broadband from the likes of Spectrum, which also covers the city. But, if you are looking for fiber optic services, MetroNet stands unrivaled.

There You Are!

We hope with the information in this article and more here, you can find the ideal match for your needs with a MetroNet offer. If you are inclined to find out more about MetroNet in Rochester, MN—reach out to MetroNet Customer Service at 1-844-343-1143. Speak to an expert for advice before you place an order to learn about the best deals available in your area so you can make the most out of your MetroNet package.



How to get MetroNet in Rochester MN?

If you want to sign up for MetroNet services in Rochester, give a call to MetroNet Customer Service at 1-844-343-1143 to check offer availability & pricing at your address, and place an order.

How much is MetroNet in Rochester MN?

The price of MetroNet packages varies based on what is included, and where you are located. You can subscribe to standalone MetroNet Fiber Internet starting from $49.95/mo. for symmetrical speeds up to 100  Mbps. For details on MetroNet packages in your area call 1-844-343-1143.

How to contact MetroNet?

You can get in touch with MetroNet Customer Service at 1-844-343-1143.