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If you are looking for powerful fiber internet, unlimited data, and no long-term contract in the Midwest, MetroNet Internet maybe your safest bet!

Founded in 2005, MetroNet is the leading internet provider in the US delivering high-quality fiber optic services in seven states including Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, and Minnesota. In April 2021, MetroNet inaugurated its services in the Tallahassee, Florida market as well. Albeit limited in coverage, MetroNet stands unrivaled because of its concentrated focus on delivering a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband service at competitive rates. In addition to that, MetroNet offers Fiber TV and Fiber Phone services in residential neighborhoods.

Whether you need a standalone internet service, or a complete service suite under one roof, MetroNet is definitely worth a shot for any modern-day family. Our article today reviews MetroNet internet and TV service offerings and features to help streamline your decision making process. So, let’s get started!

MetroNet Internet

MetroNet Internet service stands out among others because of the provider’s focus on bringing the advantage of cutting-edge fiber internet to every neighborhood it serves. No matter how many people are online at the same time, the provider makes sure everyone enjoys fast internet speed without facing any lag time, buffering loops, pausing, or pixilation. And offers a great deal of bandwidth for small to large families to connect multiple devices wirelessly via MetroNet Fiber!

MetroNet Internet Speeds & WholeHome WiFi

MetroNet gives you the choice to pick from 4 speed tiers i.e. 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1 Gig. Each plan delivers equal upload and download speeds over a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) connection. And comes with a FREE wireless router. All this without any data caps or long-term contracts.

If you wish to get strong signals throughout your home, try MetroNet Whole-Home WiFi. You can either make it a part of your monthly subscription or get it as an add-on service for $9.95/month.

MetroNet Fiber Internet Plans with WholeHome WiFi

Max Download/Upload Speed

Price Details

200 Mbps Internet WholeHome WiFi

200/200 Mbps


for the first 12 months & $59.95 for the next 12 months

500 Mbps Internet WholeHome WiFi

500/500 Mbps


(2-year Price Lock Guarantee)

1 Gigabit Internet WholeHome WiFi

1 Gbps/1 Gbps


(2-year Price Lock Guarantee)


MetroNet Internet Plans & Pricing

Take a look at the MetroNet Internet plans and pricing available to customers who prefer to not bundle the internet with WholeHome WiFi. However, speed tiers and prices may vary with location so we recommend you call at 1-844-343-1143 to find out which plans are available in your area. And choose the one that perfectly suits your internet lifestyle.

MetroNet Internet Plans

Max. Download/Upload Speed

Price Details

MetroNet Fiber 100 Mbps

100/100 Mbps



MetroNet Fiber 200 Mbps

200/200 Mbps


for 12 months

(Standard rate of $59.95/mo. applies thereafter)

MetroNet Fiber 500 Mbps

500/500 Mbps


for 24 months
(Standard rate of $69.95/mo. applies thereafter)


MetroNet Fiber 1 Gigabit

1 Gbps/1 Gbps


for the first 6 months & $69.95/mo. for the next 12 months
(Standard rate of $89.95/mo. applies thereafter)


MetroNet Fiber TV

MetroNet Fiber TV offers a complete suite of attractive packages and has something in store for everyone.

When you sign up for a MetroNet TV plan, the provider makes sure you stand covered at all fronts. All MetroNet TV plans offer an impressive collection of local and popular networks. You can take your pick from 3 channel lineup options i.e. Basic, Standard, and Preferred. Each lineup is carefully designed to satiate the needs of everyone from modest TV viewers to TV-aficionados. Not to mention 45 FREE music channels regardless of the plan you choose, and FREE HD channels.

Perks & Add-ons

MetroNet gives you the choice to customize your channel lineup with mini packages or à la carte premium channels. HBO Max™, CINEMAX®, STARZ®, and SHOWTIME® for TV show and movie lovers. And for sports buffs the MetroNet Sports Plus Package is on offer.

Even without an add-on network included in your subscription, with MetroNet On Demand movies and pay-per-view events, you can expand the scope of in-home entertainment.

What’s more, MetroNet puts at your disposal a variety of TV equipment options including HD Set-Top Boxes and Whole-Home HD/DVR. Enjoy the convenience of searching for new favorites with the smart interactive on-screen program guide, and fast channel change technology. You can also setup a safe viewing environment for your kids via parental controls.

MetroNet Fiber TV Plans & Pricing

Here is a sneak-peak into some popular MetroNet IPTV packages. However, MetroNet TV prices vary considerably with your location so a better approach is to call at 1-844-343-1143 and determine the exact offerings and prices in your neighborhood.

MetroNet TV Plans

Max No. of Channels

Promo Bundle Price

MetroNet Basic Fiber TV


Under $40/mo.

($9.95 Tech. service fee applies)

MetroNet Standard Fiber TV


Under $100/mo.

($9.95 Tech. service fee applies)

MetroNet Preferred Fiber TV


Under $110/mo.

($9.95 Tech. service fee applies)


Channel Lineup

To make sure your must-watch networks are available in the MetroNet TV plan you are considering, it is essential to confirm the channel lineup. Because like the price, channel availability differs from one location to another.

To get a better idea about the kind of mix on offer with MetroNet TV channels, take a look at some of the networks included in MetroNet Standard Fiber TV Channel Lineup.  




Animal Planet HD

BBC America HD


Bravo HD






CNBC World


Cartoon Network HD

Comedy Central HD

Discovery Channel HD

Disney Channel HD

Disney Junior HD


ESPN Classic








Food Network HD

Fox Business HD

Fox News HD

Fox Sports 1 HD

Fox Sports 2 HD

Freeform HD

Golf Channel HD


Hallmark Channel HD

History Channel HD


Investigation Discovery HD

Lifetime HD

Lifetime Real Women



MotorTrend HD

NBC Sports Network HD


NFL Network HD

National Geographic HD

Nickelodeon HD



SEC Network HD

SEC Network HD (Alt)


Syfy HD

TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network)






TV Land HD

Travel Channel HD

Tennis Channel HD

The Weather Channel HD


USA Network HD



MetroNet Fiber Phone & Bundle Deals

The fiber-powered MetroNet home phone service is the best option for a connectivity backup around your house. Besides crystal clear call quality, MetroNet phone subscribers get to benefit from unlimited local calling and up to 1,000 free domestic long-distance calling minutes.

Perks & Add-ons

To make communication easier and simpler for all customers, MetroNet fiber phone subscription comes with 17 digital calling features:


  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Call Forward No Answer
  • Call Forward Busy
  • Call Forward Remote Access
  • Call Hold
  • Call Forward Variable
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID Deluxe
  • Caller ID Delivery Blocking
  • Call Return (*69)
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Transfer
  • Repeat Dialing
  • Call Waiting with Caller ID
  • Selective Call Rejection
  • Three-Way Calling
  • Speed Calling 30
  • Voicemail


And here is the best part, when you bundle MetroNet phone with Internet and TV, you pay the discounted special price which is only $4.95 per month for the first 12 months. Enjoy reliability and flexibility with a MetroNet Triple Play deal, and the convenience of paying only one bill every month for all your services.


MetroNet Availability | Popular Cities

The futuristic MetroNet network has an admirable footprint nationwide with the greatest coverage in the following areas:

  • Lexington, KY: 99.6% available
  • Davenport, IA: 98.3% available
  • Fishers, IN: 97.8% available
  • Carmel, IN: 94.9% available
  • Rochester, MN: 84.7% available
  • Lafayette, IN: 84.0% available
  • Lansing, MI: 49.0% available

Bottom Line

For information regarding the provider and offer availability in your neighborhood, call 1-844-343-1143 and speak to a MetroNet Customer Service representative before you place an order. They will inform you about the offers deliverable at your address. And may just help you make the most out of your MetroNet subscription.


Is MetroNet any good?

MetroNet provides high-speed Fiber internet, and full-featured Fiber Phone & Fiber TV services that come with added benefits like no data caps or annual contracts, same and next day installation (in select markets), FREE HD channels, unlimited local calling, free wireless router, and much more.

What type of internet is MetroNet?

MetroNet delivers cutting-edge 100% fiber-optic internet service at competitive rates to all customers under its network coverage.

How much is MetroNet monthly?

While prices tend to vary considerably with your location, MetroNet Internet plans start at $49.95/mo. for MetroNet Fiber 100 Mbps plan and go up to around $89.95/mo. for MetroNet Fiber 1 Gigabit plan.