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If you are looking for powerful fiber internet, unlimited data, and no long-term contract in the Midwest, MetroNet Internet may be your safest bet!

Founded in 2005, MetroNet is the leading internet provider in the US delivering high-quality fiber optic services in more than 250 communities across 16 states, with the greatest coverage in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio.

In April 2021, MetroNet inaugurated its services in the Tallahassee, Florida, market as well. Albeit limited in coverage, MetroNet stands unrivaled because of its concentrated focus on delivering a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband service at competitive rates. In addition to that, MetroNet offers Fiber Phone services in residential neighborhoods.

Whether you need a standalone internet service or a complete connectivity suite under one roof, MetroNet is definitely worth a shot for any modern-day family. Our article today is about MetroNet Internet reviews, features, plans, availability, and phone service offerings to help streamline your decision-making process. So, let’s get started!

MetroNet Internet – Perks & Features

MetroNet Internet& service stands out among others because of the provider’s focus on bringing the advantage of cutting-edge fiber internet to every neighborhood it serves. No matter how many people are online at the same time, the provider makes sure everyone enjoys fast and symmetrical internet speeds without facing any lag time, buffering loops, pausing, or pixilation. Plus, MetroNet offers a great deal of bandwidth for small to large families to connect multiple devices wirelessly via MetroNet Fiber!

No Data Caps

MetroNet understands its subscribers' preferences, therefore, it gives them the freedom they want. No matter which MetroNet internet plan you choose, it comes included with unlimited data. Which is undoubtedly a great perk and you don’t have to worry about running out of data and paying an overage fee. In fact, you will be at peace knowing that you will not lose your connection or face throttled speeds at any time of the month if you surpass your data allowance.

Contract Buyout Offer

If you want to opt out of sub-par internet service, MetroNet has got you covered! The provider offers to compensate its potential subscribers for an early termination fee that they may incur from their current provider when they subscribe to MetroNet fiber internet. With the offer, you get up to $150 buyout.

You can get a contract buyout upon switching to MetroNet — all you have to do is send out a copy of your final invoice from your ex-provider. Consequently, you will receive the corresponding credit on your account. Keep in mind that you get the contract buyout based on the early termination amount you are charged from your ex-provider. You need to ensure that you send all pertinent details to the provider within 60 days of service installation.

No Annual Contract

What makes MetroNet stand out from its competitors is the fact that the provider doesn’t bind its customers to contractual obligations. Those who are not up for commitments can opt for a month-to-month payment option.

On the other hand, if it’s specified in the order that the subscribed service is contract-based, you will have to pay a pro-rated early termination fee if you want an early cancelation of the service.

MetroNet Internet Speeds & WholeHome Wi-Fi

MetroNet gives you the choice to pick from four speed tiers i.e. 100 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1 Gig, and 2 Gig. Additionally, the provider has recently launched a 5 Gig-level residential internet service for its subscribers in select areas to enjoy improved performance. Each plan delivers equal upload and download speeds over a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) connection, all this without any data caps or long-term contracts. However, you may be required to provide a 10GB WAN/LAN compatible router to go with the multi-gig service.

For speed tiers, 1 Gig or less, you can make the MetroNet WholeHome WiFi a part of your monthly subscription or get it as an add-on service for $9.95/month. Consider reading MetroNet Whole Home Wi-Fi review online before you make a purchase.

MetroNet Internet Plans & Pricing

Take a look at the& MetroNet Internet & plans and pricing available to customers who prefer to not bundle the internet with WholeHome WiFi. You’ll find that most plans come with free installation. However, speed tiers, perks, and prices may vary with location so we recommend you call at & 844-343-1143 & to find out which plans are available in your area. And choose the one that perfectly suits your online lifestyle.

Here’s what you need to know about MetroNet Internet price:

MetroNet Internet Plans Max. Download/Upload Speed Pricing
MetroNet Fiber 100 Mbps 100/100 Mbps $49.95/mo.
MetroNet Fiber 500 Mbps 500/500 Mbps $69.95/mo.
MetroNet Fiber 1 Gig 1/1 Gig $89.95/mo.
MetroNet Fiber 2 Gig 2/2 Gig $119.95/mo.

*Data effective as of publish date. For more details, contact MetroNet customer service at 844-343-1143.

MetroNet Fiber Phone & Bundle Deals

The fiber-powered MetroNet home phone service is the best option for a connectivity backup around your house. Besides crystal clear call quality, MetroNet phone subscribers get to benefit from unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling minutes.

Perks & Add-Ons

If you don’t want to lose your connection to the outside world because of extreme weather or disruption in your cellular network, MetroNet Fiber phone delivered over 100% fiber network will prove to be a trusty backup! The phone service gives you a crystal-clear calling experience alongside an array of popular calling features inclusive of voicemail. To make communication easier and simpler for all customers, a MetroNet fiber phone subscription comes with up to 18 digital calling features:

  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Call Forward No Answer
  • Call Forward Busy
  • Call Forward Remote Access
  • Call Hold
  • Call Forward Variable
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID Deluxe
  • Caller ID Delivery Blocking
  • Call Return (*69)
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Transfer
  • Repeat Dialing
  • Call Waiting with Caller ID
  • Selective Call Rejection
  • Three-Way Calling
  • Speed Calling 30
  • Voicemail

The best part is that you can bundle MetroNet phone with internet service. When you do exactly that, you will be able to enjoy more for less! So enjoy reliability and flexibility with a MetroNet bundle and the convenience of paying only one bill every month for two different services. There’s absolutely no hidden fees.

MetroNet Availability

The futuristic MetroNet network has an admirable footprint 250+ communities across the US with the greatest coverage in the following areas:

Bettendorf, IA Carmel, IN Davenport, IA
Evansville, IN Fayetteville, NC Fishers, IN
Greencastle, IN Greenwood, IN Indianapolis, IN
Lafayette, IN Lansing, MI Lexington, KY
Rochester, MN Rochester, MN Tallahassee, FL

Bottom Line

Now that you know about MetroNet’s availability, plans, features, and pricing, it’s time to opt for your preferred plan. Before making a buying decision, don’t forget to go through MetroNet customer support and Internet reviews online. For information regarding the provider and offer availability in your neighborhood, call 844-343-1143 and speak to a MetroNet Customer Service representative before you place an order. They will inform you about the offers deliverable at your address. And may just help you make the most out of your MetroNet subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How good is MetroNet?

MetroNet provides 100% Fiber internet and full-featured Fiber Phone that come with added benefits like no data caps or annual contracts, same and next-day installation (in select markets), unlimited local calling, free wireless router, and much more. So it’s definitely a good service provider.

How does MetroNet work?

MetroNet delivers cutting-edge 100% fiber-optic internet service at competitive rates to all customers under its network coverage.

How much is MetroNet monthly?

While prices tend to vary considerably with your location, MetroNet Internet plans start at $49.95/mo. for MetroNet Fiber 100 Mbps plan and go up to around $119.95/mo. for MetroNet Fiber 2 Gigabit plan.

Who owns MetroNet?

MetroNet is currently led by its CEO, John Cinelli, who co-founded the company with his father. Now, the Cinelli family owns 23% of the stakes in the company, while KKR and Oak Hill take up the rest.


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