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Ever since its launch in 2005, Metronet has evolved and grown to become the country’s largest independently owned fiber-optic service provider. Headquartered in Evansville, the family-owned business has continued to focus on delivering cutting-edge fiber-optic internet from the very onset of its journey. And today its operation has expanded from Greencastle, Indiana, to 13 states and over 200 communities, with more getting added as Fiber construction continues;

MetroNet currently ranks #5 among the largest fiber internet providers in the U.S., with a little over 5 million people able to access its Fiber-to-the-Home service. The service not only brings you the 100% advantage of Fiber, but packs great value with unlimited data and contract-free plans to seal the deal.

As the end of November approaches, there is a buzz of excitement in the air―in anticipation of the up-and-coming discounts. MetroNet has already put out its Black Friday offer for the interested consumer. So, if MetroNet’s Fiber network now covers your neighborhood, there is more reason for you to sign up for a Fiber-to-the-Home connection. It is a hard to come by opportunity, that too with such good value for money.

In this article, we outline the Black Friday deals from MetroNet, and also give you a quick rundown of its plans and prices so that you can sign up right in time for the Holiday season―when without a doubt, you’d want to binge-stream your movie favorites!

MetroNet Black Friday Offers – 2022

MetroNet recently launched its hot Black Friday deal, which is valid until the 30th of November 2022. Customers, who sign up before the limited-time offer expires, can enjoy free installation with all MetroNet packages―regardless of the speed tier. Plus, when you go for the MetroNet 1 Gig or MetroNet 2 Gig plans, you also qualify for a $100 Gift Card.

To become eligible for the FREE $100 Gift Card you must however pay for 2 months of qualified MetroNet services. Thereafter you’ll be provided with a link via email for you to claim the gift card, and MetroNet will then mail it to you. Keep in mind this may take up to 3 weeks after submission of request. In case qualified services are canceled or downgraded before the 12th month of your subscription, the gift card amount will be billed to your account. Only one gift card offer is valid per household.

These discounts come on top of the appealing prices that MetroNet Fiber plans are offered at. Signing up for a MetroNet package at this time will not only allow you to enjoy cutting-edge pure fiber internet, but a bunch of savings on the side!

MetroNet Plans & Pricing

When it comes to plans and pricing, MetroNet is super flexible with its arrangement. With coverage in soon-to-be 16 states, and 4 speed tiers to encompass the range of consumer needs, MetroNet adjusts its pricing depending on how competitive the local market is. But what can be said is the rack rates are market-competitive; promotional offers, where available, get you 100% fiber internet at  an enticing discounted price; and overall all MetroNet plans bring great value. Unlimited data and the no annual contract freedom only make it more of a popular choice among users.

Let’s take a look at MetroNet packages, so you can have an idea of what to expect―do remember the price and terms are bound to vary depending on your location. What we show here is the rack rate, that you’d pay on a month-to-month basis, with no hike after 12 or 24 months.

To determine the exact offers available in your area, reach out to our MetroNet Customer Service at 844-343-1143.

 Internet Plan

Max. Download/Upload Speed

Promo Price

MetroNet 100Mb

100/100 Mbps


MetroNet 500Mb

500/500 Mbps


MetroNet 1 Gig

1/1 Gbps


MetroNet 2 Gig

2/2 Gbps


Why Choose MetroNet for Your Home?

A valid thought process would be to wonder why MetroNet is the right choice for your home. What does MetroNet bring to the table that is unique and adds value to your home?

The answer is simple. MetroNet is known as one of the few providers that delivers Fiber-to-the-Home connections, and brings 100% advantage of fiber-optic internet to your doorstep―plus the perks―all at great prices. And when you add the free installation and $100 Gift Card Black Friday offer to that, you’ve got the recipe for a pretty good deal―both in terms of service quality and value.

We have compiled some of the top reasons for you to pick MetroNet Fiber for your home―take a look:

  • A 100% Fiber-Network ensures you get the fastest possible symmetrical speeds at your address. You can pick a speed ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps, with the 2 Gbps speed tier also available in select areas. Choose any plan that goes best with your household needs.
  • MetroNet internet plans do not require you to sign an annual contract―so as long as you’re on a month-to-month plan, you can cancel the service without being liable to an early cancellation fee. The sense of freedom allows you to thoroughly experience the service and enjoy all the good things it has to offer. If however you choose to take advantage of a promotional offer, its likely to have a 12 or 24-month service term attached to it, but then there is a price guarantee too.
  • No MetroNet package comes with a data cap―which means you get to enjoy unlimited data with all plans. Whether you work remotely, game, stream, video chat, or do anything else, you can rest assured there is more than enough data to go around for everyone.
  • MetroNet offers include the Eero wireless router in the price of the plan. You don’t have to pay separately for the equipment, while you enjoy wireless connectivity at home.
  • MetroNet offers you up to $150 in contract buyout―so if you’re looking to compensate for your early cancellation charges from the current provider, you can switch knowing what MetroNet offers its new customers.
  • Enjoy FREE WiFi access across many MetroNet service areas via WiFi hotspots. Connect to a secure high-speed connection on-the-go without having to think about viruses and malware making their way into your device.

Hurry Up and Take Your Pick!

MetroNet is the perfect solution for all your internet troubles―a pure fiber-optic connection, at a great price with value-added service features paired with a free installation if you sign up with the Black Friday offer. And if you’ve been meaning to get a 1 or 2 Gig plan, there is not just a free installation but a $100 Gift Card!

Since this deal is certainly a steal and worth great value, call at 844-343-1143, and check for offers running in your area now. Get your hands on a 100% fiber optic connection before 30th November 2022, and be ready when the Holiday season starts―you can look forward to great streaming sessions vial super-fast, reliable fiber internet speeds from MetroNet.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the MetroNet Black Friday offer for 2022?

The MetroNet offer for Black Friday, 2022, is packed with value. Get a free installation with any plans, and if you sign up for the MetroNet 1 Gig or 2 Gig plan, there is also a $100 Gift Card that you receive. To get the MetroNet Black Friday deal or for more information, call now at 844-343-1143.

What do you get with MetroNet Internet?

MetroNet offers a Fiber-to-the-Home connection with speeds up to 2/2 Gbps in select locations. The 1 Gig plan is however readily available. Lower speeds include 500/500 and 100/100 tiers. There is unlimited data and no mandatory annual contracts. Plus, you get the wireless router included in the price of the plan, so there is no monthly rental fee to put up with. To learn more about MetroNet, reach out to our expert helpline at 844-343-1143.