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For a TV buff, there’s nothing more bizarre than being stuck with a lackluster TV service that doesn’t let you feast their eyes on juicy TV entertainment of their liking. It doesn’t matter if you are a homebody who loves to have a quality me-time indoors, a hearty binge-watcher, news lover or a sports enthusiast—if you’re living in the Midwest or Southwest of the US then it’s time you bid adieu forever to your substandard TV service provider and bring Mediacom cable TV home!

For more than two decades, Mediacom has been innovatively offering power-packed internet, Mediacom cable TV, and home phone services to millions of households. The thunder-striking 7 million customer base, and 729,000 TV subscriptions across 22 US states are enough to vouch for the 5th largest residential cable service provider in the country.

Mediacom brings you stellar connectivity and smashing contemporary entertainment that’s powered by a Fiber-Coaxial hybrid network. It keeps you posted on all the current happenings in the digital and physical world right from your couch at home.

Mediacom subscribers get to enjoy value-added services and humungous Mediacom channel lineup (for ESP user Mediacom lista de canales)at prices that stay unchanged for one whole year once the subscription starts. So, no more fretting about sudden budget constraints and unexpected big bills!

Whether it is the insightful DVR service, the intelligent guide & search options powered by TiVo®, the ingenious Xtream Voice Remote, or the fun-packed Xtream TV app by TiVo®, Mediacom cable TV surely brings you the most captivating dose of contemporary on-screen entertainment!

Record and Stream to Your Heart’s Content with TiVo DVR

The fun-filled Mediacom cable TV packages come with a state-of-the-art TiVo DVR service. Imagine recording 300 episodes of “Modern Family” to fuel your TV sprees! The ingenious TiVo DVR lets you do just that! As a Mediacom TV lover, you get to record just about anything you feel watch-worthy up to a whopping 1,000 SD and 150 HD hours!

But that’s not all!

The DVR Multi-Room service by TiVO takes your in-home cinematic experience to the next level by letting you record and watch your favorite TV content on every TV in your home.

Tired of sitting in one spot for hours? No worries, with TiVO Multi-room you can start watching a show on the TV in the lounge and finish watching it on the TV screen in your bedroom! Moreover, the pause, fast-forward, rewind and playback features on the spectacular TiVO DVR will never let you miss an episode again. Just hit the button and you’ll be back on track in seconds!

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Enjoy Easier Search with the Smart Search & Guide

Looking for your favorite shows and movies can be infuriating and time-consuming especially when you have Mediacom TV that’s oozing with hundreds of channels and innumerable programming options.

Luckily, as a Mediacom Cable TV subscriber searching for your favorite entertainment content has been made easier than ever with TiVo’s fully cohesive search capabilities. Just enter a description, person’s name, or title and that’s it! TiVo will scan through all the humungous TV programming, Xtream On Demand, and every web streaming app that’s available on your Mediacom bundle (for ESP user Mediacom paquetes) to find exactly what you’re looking for in a jiffy!

Get Hi-tech In-home Cinema Feels with Xtream Voice Remote

Having one of those sluggish days when you don’t feel like pressing buttons on your remote control to sift through channels? No worries! As a Mediacom TV subscriber, you can have hundreds of those lazy days!

Just grab the Xtream Voice-activated Remote and let your voice take charge. Just hit the blue microphone on your Xtream Voice remote and speak what you're looking for—and, voila! Numerous binge-worthy options will magically appear on the screen.

In the mood for a romantic comedy? Just say “Hey TiVo, show me romantic comedy movies!” Want to Netflix and chill? Say “Launch Netflix”. It doesn’t matter what you’re in the mood for, just say the word and the ingenious Xtream Voice Remote will find anything and everything to jazz up your day!

Watch TV-on-the-go With XtreamTV App

It doesn’t matter if you feel like lazing around the house or add fun to your boring commute, the XtreamTV App will keep you entertained in and outdoors 24/7; all you need is a high-speed internet connection and the fun-packed Xtream TV app powered by TiVo will let you enjoy an ultimate TV experience right from your mobile device.

Whether you want to watch live TV, access programming options from your Mediacom channel lineup or recordings of your favorite TV content—just launch the XtreamTV app on your tablet, computer, or smartphone anywhere, anytime and binge-away. All you have to do is log into with your Mediacom credentials and shoo away the boredom forever!

Non-stop Entertainment with Xtream On Demand

Whether you like good old classics or latest blockbuster hits, Mediacom TV subscription brings you Xtream On Demand to feed your entertainment appetite to the max. Get the liberty to choose from thousands of FREE on-demand titles showcasing content from your exhaustive Mediacom channel lineup. If you want the hottest flicks to hit the small screen, explore the “Movies On Demand” to access a plethora of dozens of titles available for rent to keep you entertained 24/7/365!

Mediacom Channel Lineup—Your Entertainment Dream Come True!

If you love sports, music, news, family TV, or local TV programming, then consider Mediacom Cable TV as your match-made-in-heaven! Just get your hands on one of the Mediacom TV’s choicest packages and relish incredible TV entertainment along with fast Mediacom Internet or crystal-clear home phone service without breaking the bank! The staggering Mediacom channel lineup breathes life into your dead old TV set by offering you exhaustive yet cracking programming options to suit your mood for the evening. What’s even better is that you won’t just get to satiate your thirst for juicy TV entertainment with thousands of On Demand titles. Instead, when you subscribe to Mediacom Cable TV, you get to feast your eyes on digital extras, premium channels such as HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ® and various other add-ons like Digital PAKS to spice up your binge-a-thons even more!

Local TV

If you have a family not too big on TV, this package is what you need! With 50 essential and famous channels and free HD programming, you stay updated with your local channels – some popular ones too, like FOX and ABC. Moreover, you get to groove on digital music from Music Choice channels. Local TV by Mediacom will keep a household with modest TV needs glued to the TV screen for hours.

Essential TV

This Mediacom Cable TV package is for those who get bored easily but have a tight entertainment budget. With Essential TV, you get to access a wholesome mix of more than 125 channels that let you say goodbye to boredom for good! Whether you’re a frequent watcher of AMC, A&E, Comedy Central, Fox Sports 1, TBS, or any other entertainment network, the Mediacom Essential TV has everything!

Variety TV

Live in a huge house like the Carringtons? Mediacom’s Variety TV package is everything a big family like yours needs to get their daily entertainment dose. With this package, you get a staggering channel lineup that is 170 strong, and all the binge-worthy networks in America, so that you don’t leave your TV set alone at all!

Mediacom Offers Choices You Can’t Ignore

If your life lacks full-fledged TV entertainment then it’s about time you call the 24/7 Mediacom Customer Service to get all the information you need about Mediacom plans and pricing available in your area. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to a Mediacom TV bundle that suits your budget and enjoy top-notch TV entertainment, fiber-powered internet, and local and international calling all in one at a price tag that’s unbelievably cheap!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get Mediacom Cable TV?

Yes, you can get TV service from Mediacom as a part of a TV and internet bundle. Moreover, you can also add Mediacom home phone to your internet and TV package for your liking. To Get Mediacom Cable TV Service, Call Now at 1-855-4349-9315

How much does Mediacom TV cost?

Mediacom offers an array of TV and internet plans to its subscribers starting at $49.99/mo. only. To Get Mediacom Cable TV Service, Call Now at 1-855-4349-9315 or order online.

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