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Does your everyday life revolve around online activity? Are you also a TV aficionado? And, do you love to stay connected with family and friends far and near? Well if you happen to live in the charming city of Brookings in South Dakota, then it’s time you bid farewell to your mediocre service provider and bring Mediacom Brookings SD home!

Mediacom Cable is a worthwhile option for an excellent in-home connectivity and entertainment experience in Brookings, SD. The provider has an impressive coverage span of approximately 88.5%, giving residents a great choice in terms of wired internet. And, it is also the one provider which offers Brookings the fastest Cable broadband speed. According to the FCC Broadband Map, Mediacom makes gigabit downloads available to 95% of homes covered by its network, while speeds up to 100 Mbps are available ubiquitously.  

What however makes Mediacom the most appealing, is not its widespread availability in the city but the quality of its residential internet, TV, and home phone services which are offered at competitive prices. So if you’re interested in learning more about Mediacom services in Brookings, SD, this article will give you the answers you are seeking.


Mediacom Internet in Brookings, SD

When it comes to Mediacom Internet in Brookings, the provider offers a multitude of speed tiers designed to fit the digital needs and budget of its diverse customer base. Plus, there is more to each plan than the super fast download speeds included in competitively priced Mediacom internet plans. And that is the upload speeds, which go as high as 50 Mbps relative to max 35 Mbps delivered by most top cable broadband providers.   

Each plan comes capped. But the monthly data allowance is generous to say the least for all plans 100 Mbps or above.

You get the option to add-on powerful whole home WiFi and maximize signal reach with WiFi 360 and Extender(s) for the best connectivity experience around the house. What’s more, when you subscribe to Mediacom internet in Brookings, SD, you get free of cost Total Defense™ internet security suite that can protect up to 5 devices from falling prey to malware, cybercriminals, hackers, and numerous other security threats.

Whether you are streaming HD or browsing the web, studying online, or working from home, just choose a Mediacom plan that best suits your household needs and enjoy a seamless online experience with fast internet speeds at competitive price points.

Mediacom Internet Speed & Data

Mediacom Internet in Brookings gives you the option to choose from popular speed tiers that deliver 100, 300, and 1,000 Mbps downloads. This variety lets you choose as per your needs and budget. These  standardized plans come with 1000 GB, 4000 GB, and 6000 GB data allowance, which is more than enough for standard internet usage in small to big households. And as we said earlier, Mediacom Internet in Brookings provides great upload speeds as well. Internet 100 comes with 10 Mbps, Internet 300 gets you 30 Mbps, and the Gig service delivers up to 50 Mbps fast upstream. 

Mediacom Internet Pricing

Mediacom Internet deals in Brookings start at competitive rates i.e. $49.99 a month which gives you 100 Mbps speed along with a 1000 GB data. While the highest speed tier offers 1 Gbps speed at $79.99 per month.

The one thing you do need to keep in mind is while Mediacom promotions are competitively priced, the price hike in years subsequent to the first 12 months of promotional term can make you wonder if you are still getting good value. While this is an industry wide practice, and most service providers jack up the monthly rate after the promo term expires, you may want to run a comparison of the costs you are likely to incur following the first 12 months.

Mediacom Internet-Only Plans in Brookings, SD

Let’s have a quick look at the internet plans on offer from Mediacom in Brookings. Make sure, you pick the right speed and data for your family depending on your digital lifestyle and budget.



Mediacom Internet Brookings, SD

Max. Download


Max. Upload Speed

Data Allowance

Connected Devices


Promo Price*


Mediacom Internet 100


100 Mbps

10 Mbps

1,000 GB

Up to 4


Mediacom Internet 300


300 Mbps

30 Mbps

2,000 GB

Up to 7


Mediacom Internet 1 Gig


1 Gbps

50 Mbps

6,000 GB

Up to 10


*for 12 months. Plus, activation, installation and monthly modem rental fees.

Mediacom Cable TV Services Brookings SD

Mediacom Cable TV has something in store for every American household. Whether you are a movie, sports, reality, or music addict, Mediacom TV brings you countless entertainment options, so you never run out of your favorite TV content.

Mediacom Channel Lineup

Mediacom cable TV service in Brookings lets you select a channel lineup from 3 incredible options i.e. Local, Essential, and Variety with more than 50, 125, and 170 channels respectively. The extensive Mediacom cable TV channel lineup for Brookings revamps your good olé TV set with enormous programming options to choose from. And, no matter which lineup you subscribe to Mediacom adds Music Choice channels to the bargain.

Mediacom Cable TV Add-ons & Perks

When you sign up for a Mediacom TV plan in Brookings, you get hands down the most exciting dose of daily on-screen entertainment!

Stream and record with Mediacom state-of-the-art TiVo® DVR service that can record up to 1,000 SD and 150 HD hours. The TiVo® experience includes an ingenious on-screen TV guide, so you can navigate all your entertainment options such as networks, apps, and Xtream On Demand from one single platform. Search conveniently with voice command via Voice-activated TiVo Xtream remote. Or take your TV on the go with the Xtream TV app powered by TiVo.

Mediacom TV subscribers can add more zest to their channel lineup with à la carte premium channels and Digital Extras. And if it is the Variety TV that you go for, competitively priced mini channel packages are also available as add-ons.

  • Premium networks include: HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®
  • Digital PAKs: Kids & Variety PAK, Sports & Info PAK, Music & Movies PAK
  • Digital Extras: NFL RedZone®, International channels with a wide range of news, entertainment, and sports from Europe to Asia, the Lifetime Movie Club with 250 new and classic movies from all genres refreshed every week, and more!

To top it all, there is Mediacom Video On-Demand library with thousands of free titles, so you can watch your favorite TV content in your leisure time. Never having to miss any!

Mediacom Cable TV Bundles in Brookings, SD

Take a look at Mediacom cable TV packages in Brookings, SD. These are some of the most sought-after TV and internet bundles available in the city. Sign up for the one that best suits your family’s TV and internet needs.

Mediacom Double Play Deals

Max Download Speeds

No. of Channels

Prom Price

Mediacom Internet 100 Variety TV

100 Mbps



for 12 months

Mediacom Internet 300 Variety TV

300 Mbps



for 12 months

Mediacom Internet 1 GIG Variety TV

1 Gbps



for 12 months


Mediacom Voice in Brookings, SD

Mediacom in Brookings, SD offers a reliable home phone service to make sure you stay connected with your loved ones via crystal-clear calls. The provider gives you the option to pair your home phone service with other Mediacom services in a double or triple play bundle without stressing your wallet.

Make unlimited calls in the U.S. as well as to Canada and the U.S. Territories. With WorldTalk30, enjoy 30 minutes of FREE talk time in 67 countries. And, if you want more, Mediacom gives you the option to sign up for WorldTalk200 and WorldTalk250 for more FREE minutes, and more countries.  

And to top it all, Mediacom home phone service comes with 15 amazing calling features including Call Forwarding, Anonymous Call Blocking, Call Tracing, etc. Each service feature is specifically designed to safeguard your privacy, restrict unwanted interaction, and make everyday communication easy.   

There You Are!

If you have read over to this point, you will definitely know the benefits of getting your hands on Mediacom Xtream services in Brookings, SD, as well as the things you must take into consideration. For an expert opinion on Mediacom offerings you can call Mediacom Customer Service at 1-855-349-9315 at anytime. Representatives at this number can check offer availability at your address, and help you with landing the plan right for you. For those who prefer cable broadband and TV to other service types, Mediacom with its widespread network coverage in Brookings, South Dakota, makes for a rather obvious choice.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Mediacom available in Brookings, South Dakota?

Yes, Mediacom offers high-speed internet, cable TV, and home phone services in Brookings, SD. The provider has an impressive footprint in over 85% of the city. To check availability at your address call at 1-855-349-9315.

Are Triple Play packages available in Brookings, South Dakota?

The availability of Mediacom packages may vary from one location to another. Call Mediacom Customer Service at 1-855-349-9315 and an expert will guide you about Mediacom plans and packages available at your address.

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