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The internet is the technology responsible for facilitating almost everyone’s life. This brilliant tech enables people to commute, work, socialize, and entertain themselves in the most convenient of ways possible.

As a result, you would want to subscribe to the most reliable internet service imaginable. Fortunately, among so many internet service providers in the country, you have the option of subscribing to Mediacom Cable.

Mediacom Internet 1 GIG is among the most amazing plans offered by Mediacom Internet. This plan has everything included that one requires from an internet plan, which is blazing-fast internet speeds, reasonable price, generous internet data allowance, and a reliable connection.

A Little Bit About Mediacom

Being the 7th largest cable internet provider in the country, Mediacom is offering high-speed internet, rich TV channel lineups, and a phone service to more than 2.5 million customers across 22 states of the country.

This internet service depends upon a hybrid of fiber and coaxial cables, which result in fiber-like download speeds for the customer that may be enjoyed at cable-like prices. Moreover, the internet service provider offers multiple speed plans for the subscribers, the most premium of which we are here to tell you about today.

Mediacom 1 GIG Internet – Speeds You Dream Of

The internet speed is the first and most important thing a person looks for in an internet plan. Luckily, among other things, this is where the Mediacom Internet 1 GIG plan shines. Here you may access download speeds as high as up to 1000 Mbps. And backing it up is a maximum upload speed of 50 Mbps. However, the exact internet speeds are not guaranteed. This is the maximum potential of the plan, and exact internet speeds vary by region.

Mediacom 1 GIG Internet Introductory Price

Currently, you would be charged an initial monthly fee of $79.99 per month for the Mediacom Internet 1 GIG plan. And this is exclusive of any modem rental, installation, or activation fees. Furthermore, this price will only be for a period of 12 months that begin at activation.

Mediacom 1 GIG Internet Regular Price

After the introductory period is over, you would have to pay the full price of the Mediacom Internet 1 GIG plan. As of now, the standard monthly price for this plan is $139.99 per month. But don’t worry, you won’t experience this big of a price hike in the second year. In the second year, the monthly price will increase only by $30, then in the third year, you’ll finally be billed as per the regular price. And again, this does not include any activation, installation, or modem fees. And if you opt for any additional features, you would need to pay extra for that as well.

Mediacom Availability

As we mentioned above as well, Mediacom’s internet services are available in 22 states of the country, that include Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Ohio, and 18 others. This means that more than 6.5 million people in the country can enjoy the lightning-fast internet speeds offered by Mediacom.

Data Allowance

Alas! Mediacom does lack in this aspect. Currently, none of Mediacom’s internet plans allows users to enjoy limitless monthly internet data allowance. Still, fear not, as the Mediacom Internet 1 GIG plan comes with an extraordinary monthly data allowance of 6000 GB. And we can confidently say that this allowance is almost impossible to consume completely. And in the rare case that you do consume it, you may still enjoy access to the internet connection by paying $10 for every additional 50 GB.

Other Fees

Mediacom charges additionally for both activation and installation. For all internet plans, you would have to pay a fixed fee of $99.99 for installation. And activating your internet subscription will cost you $10 additionally. While you cannot avoid the activation fee, you could still get away with the installation fee. What you could do, if you think you can manage it, is install the Mediacom router and modem yourself. This way, you could save around a hundred bucks on installation.

Added Benefits

In addition to providing access to mind-boggling internet speeds, the Mediacom 1 GIG Internet plan also comes with the following added perks:

Xtream WiFi360Pro

Mediacom understands that mere internet connectivity is not enough. It has to be wireless to offer maximum comfort to the user. Thus, the service provider offers the sensational Xtream WiFi360Pro that makes for the ultimate wirelessly connected environment. With this device, you may enjoy whole-home connectivity. And for the dead zones in your home, Mediacom offers WiFi 360 Extenders to maximize its range. Though, this luxury may be enjoyed for free for the first 3 months only. Moving forward, you would have to pay $10 plus tax per year.

Xtream Wi-Fi Hotspots

Instead of searching ‘fiber internet near me’ whenever you are away from home, you could turn to this amazing benefit that Mediacom offers to its subscribers. Mediacom has deployed dedicated Xtream Wi-Fi hotspots in 12 states of the country that the Mediacom subscribers may connect to and enjoy unlimited internet.

Total Defense™ Security Suite

Mediacom knows that merely changing the password is not enough to secure your network. To cater to the need for security, Mediacom offers its trademark Total Defense Security Suite that makes for secure browsing sessions over the network. Moreover, this security suite is capable of protecting up to 5 devices simultaneously on the network.

Bonus Tip!

If you wish to add further value to your Mediacom Internet 1 GIG subscription, you ought to consider bundling it with a TV and/or phone service from the service provider. This way, you could access a vibrant TV channel lineup and a phone service with free nationwide calling at highly affordable rates.

On a Final Note

The Mediacom 1 GIG Internet plan is ideal for people who like spending their days competing in intense gaming matches or binge-watching TV shows in 4K. And if you consider yourself among those power users, then do not waste any time in contacting the Mediacom customer service team.