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Showing yourself some self-love is extremely important which is why undermining the benefits of a cable connection is a complete no-no. Sure it sounds like you are wasting a ton of time watching a dumb box but the kind of calm it brings in your life must be appreciated.

After a rough day at work, its the shows we love that bring back normalcy in our lives. Whats more, they stimulate the mind and help us connect with other people at a deeper level. The bond shared by those in a fandom runs thicker than blood, as anyone whos observed it would agree. TV is also a great way to keep yourself abreast of the latest events. News channels are a must if you want to know whats happening around the world. And thats not all! Living a life without baseball, Americas greatest past time is unthinkable. Or is it basketball that you prefer? Either way missing the game is akin to social suicide and a major reason for you to get a cable TV subscription ASAP.

Given how important a role it plays in helping us integrate with the world that surrounds us, cable TV sure comes with a rather steep price. Though, you think it should be considered a basic necessity by now. In any case, you will have to spend on this everyday essential. But maybe not too much, since we have compiled information on some free and low-cost cable TV options for you – that wont burden your pocket and give you what you need.

Finding Cheap Cable TV Deals 

What you need to keep in mind about cheap cable TV deals is you should know what to ask for. When you call customer service and inquire about cable deals, you will hear about the offers most advertised. There is less earning from the cheap TV plans so they usually steer clear of mentioning these offers until you bring them up. Then, how can you make sure they tell you about these deals?

To put it simply, keep these three things in mind when you call customer service: Ask for local-only TV plan, avoid adding on premium channels and upgrading equipment, and look for a bundle deal because that is were all the savings are for sure.

Basic cable plans and Bundles

With the COVID-19 threat still very much present, cable TV and the internet have become our lifeline. Allowing us to work and earn a living, as well as keeping us sane in these trying times, the internet-TV duo is now more important than ever before. Getting an affordable cable plan then is the way to go.

The thing about most budget cable TV plans is that it is only when you bundle them with other services that they become real pocket friendly. Lower end cable TV plans start at around $50 a month, and while there are a few basic local channels lineups you can get for even less, those are very limited in scope and are usually only available in bundles. See where were going with this? So, as you shop for cable TV deals you might also want to get your internet service from the same provider. Chances are you need it anyway so it is not a loss.

Cox TV Starter

Perhaps the cheapest cable TV plan currently available in the market is Cox Starter TV. Offering access to 75 channels, Cox TV Starter costs a mere $25 per month. The great thing about this plan is that you dont need to bundle it with any other service. Sure the plan is bare-bones, but with all the popular American channels like Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, CW, C-Span, and PBS included in the lineup, your modest TV needs will be well covered. You also get 50 Music Choice channels. If you are looking for an internet connection though, make sure you bundle it with Cox internet service. Youll gets a better price.

Xfinity Basic Cable Plan

One of the cheapest TV plans out there is the Xfinity basic cable plan. For $30 a month it lets you watch 10 channels including the must-haves ABC, CBS, Fox, CW, and NBC. With the Xfinity Stream app, you can watch networks included in your channel lineup on your mobile devices as well. Just make sure to get Xfinity internet alongside. That will help you save more. Sounds interesting? Well, it is!

Suddenlink Local Broadcast

For those looking for a plan below the $50 mark, heres another one you might want to look into. Suddenlink Local Broadcast comes for $34.99 a month and gives you about 30 or so channels. Sure, it is a bit more expensive compared to Cox Starter TV, and Xfinity Basic Cable, but depending on where you live, this could be the one you find most suitable. While comparing though, make sure you consider additional costs as well. Also, remember that Suddenlink TV comes bundled with the internet, and you must weigh the pros and cons of that before making a decision.

RCN Basic Plans

RCN has some of the best plans on offer and if you are looking for a cheap one this provider wont disappoints you. RCN offers two bundle plans with a basic cable that you will find particularly interesting.

The first is the Basic TV 25 Mbps internet bundle, which along with a 25 Mbps internet connection lets you watch 65 channels at the bargain price of $37.79 a month. With a lineup that covers all popular American networks, you are sure to be satisfied. Not to forget, RCN Internet gives you a reliable connection which you will be glad to have subscribed to.

If you prefer a faster internet connection, wed recommend you get the Digital Basic 50 Mbps internet. You will have access to the same number of channels with a 50 Mbps internet connection for just $47.79 a month.

Both the above bundles fall under the $50 price mark, but if your willing to go a bit above, there are more plans you will find interesting. You can upgrade to include a 250 Mbps or 500 Mbps connection for an additional $10 and $20 respectively – relative to the 50 Mbps bundle with Basic Cable TV. That is great, right? Just make sure to check availability in your area.

Mediacom Internet 60 Local TV

If you like RCNs basic plans, you are sure to find Mediacoms plan just as interesting. Where RCN offers 70 channels and 50 Mbps internet for $47.79, Mediacom offers 50 channels and a 60 Mbps internet connection for almost the same i.e. $49.99 a month. Mediacom Internet is just as good so you know you will be covered.

Picking RCN or Mediacom will simply depend on availability in your area, the channel lineup on offer versus your preference, and of course, whether you are more inclined to get a good internet plan.

Spectrum Select Voice

If you are willing to spend $50 the best option out there would be Spectrum Select, which offers access to 125 channels. Sure these dont include premium channels but Spectrum TV does have some quality channels that will keep you entertained. The plan costs $44.99 a month. If you also get their internet, you can subscribe to both services for $89.98 with a $5 discount on the internet. That way you will be able to stream your Spectrum Select TV on your hand-held devices anywhere in the house via the Spectrum TV app. Itll cost you almost $50 more but if you need a good internet connection anyway, you are good to go.

Streaming Services

If you are looking for a way to watch TV for a low price, and you dont mind streaming, then that is your best bet indeed. The only downside is you must have a high-speed internet connection if you want to enjoy streaming. Otherwise, it will only prove to be a disaster. In case, you already have a good internet plan, just go ahead and choose a streaming service. But, which streaming service should you opt for? Well, here is information about some that you might want to look into.



Sling TV Orange

Hulu Plus Live TV

AT&T TV Now Plus

Base price

$20/ month for 60 Live TV Channels

$30/month for 30 channels

$55/month for 55 channels

$55/month for 45 channels

Free trial





ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC channels

Not included  

Fox and NBC only in select cities

Available in many markets

Available in many markets

Best For

Lifestyle and entertainment channels



Great Value since you can bundle it with AT&T Internet

Cloud DVR






Watching Live TV via streaming is the future. While it is more convenient than cable TV, it does tend to get expensive due to the internet service required. Then again, depending on your lifestyle this could be it for you. So dont be shy to give it a try. Bundling the service with the internet is a great way to go, as is the case with AT&T TV NOW and AT&T internet that offer you all.

Well, thats all for now. Your sure to find a plan here that suits your cable TV needs. Let us know what you think. And, if you know a good deal that we missed, wed love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get cheap cable TV and the internet?

If youre looking for cable TV and internet service your in for some luck as the cheapest plans usually come in a bundle. As far as the question “where can you find them?”, this is exactly that place. You can find cheap cable TV deals on BuyTVInternetPhone. Just insert your ZIP code here.

How do I get cheap cable TV and internet for low-income households?

Who doesnt like getting free TV channels? Sadly, you dont really get that but what you can do is to avail of the governments Lifeline program and use that assistance to benefit from a good internet service. That way youll be able to access the essential TV via streaming.

How to get cheap cable TV without the internet?

Cox TV Starter can be subscribed to as a standalone cable TV plan and its one of the cheapest out there. If you prefer to only get a cable TV connection then you must check this out. And if you are willing to invest up to $50 then you can go with Spectrum TV Select as a standalone service.