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Kinetic Secure is one of the most premium online security suites on the market. It is powered by Kinetic by Windstream internet and works through the Windstream Internet gateway device to bring you protection and security no matter where you are. All users of Kinetic by Windstream can subscribe to this security suite for an additional charge.

In this article, we talk about some of the things you can enjoy with this elite online security suite as well as Kinetic Secure Package requirements.

Why Choose Windstream Kinetic Secure?

Windstream Kinetic Secure is an internet security software, intricately designed to enhance your home network security. Not only does Kinetic Secure protect you and your family members from online scams such as credit card fraud, identity theft, and more but also safeguards your devices against cybersecurity threats such as viruses, Trojans, etc.

Both of these features are extremely important for the complete and secure online experience that we so crave in this day and age. Plus it is priced at a very convenient rate of $14.99 per month which is quite affordable for all the value that it adds to your network.

As the world turns into a global village courtesy of the internet, more and more of life’s aspects are going online. This not only includes work and learning but also shopping and entertainment, among other things. Hence, it is imperative that all online activity is secure which is only possible through an all-encompassing online security suite like Windstream Kinetic Secure.

Here are some of the best features that you can enjoy with the Windstream Kinetic Secure:

  • Enhanced internet security: Get complete peace of mind with enhanced internet security protocols powered by Kinetic Secure. Browse, work, shop, and learn over the internet without any security concerns as well as connect any smart devices such as cameras, safely.
  • On-the-go Protection: Download the Internet security OTG App on all your devices and even stay safe on the go – perfect for frequent travelers and those relying on public networks often!
  • Intelligent parental controls: Customize your own parameters of content filtering for search engines and more with the Windstream Kinetic Secure.
  • 24/7 Technical support & Wire Protection: Receive all the help you might need with tech support on the line 24/7 and all around the year. Explore your service thoroughly and ask any questions or problems that may pop up. In-home wire protection comes included with the service.
  • Network Management: Manage your network and Windstream account through the Go Kinetic App with Kinetic Secure services and keep in touch with your network details, billing, and more.
  • Identity theft protection: Kinetic Secure monitors all online activity surrounding your identity, credit card info, scores, and social security number. It keeps you and your family safe from the horrors of identity theft.
  • Unique virus protection: Smart software detects viruses and malware on websites and emails and blocks it at once.

Kinetic Secure Package Requirements

While Kinetic Secure is the knight in shining armor for all those who are looking for a safe internet experience, it does come with certain prerequisites. These Kinetic Secure Package requirements as they are called, include:

  • Customers should subscribe to an internet plan by Kinetic by Windstream and be using a Kinetic-compatible Gateway device.
  • For out-of-home security on other networks as well as network management, customers need to download or install the Go Kinetic App on their devices.
  • Premium Tech Support will be available for remote services through its internet service and over the phone. Since it is a remote service, home repairs and other such things are not included.
  • The Kinetic Secure pack is only available for customers with a permanent foundation home. Customers on trailers, motor homes, boat houses, etc. cannot subscribe to the service.
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Kinetic by Windstream – Internet Plans Pricing

To get Kinetic Secure for your home network, you do need to get an internet plan from Kinetic by Windstream.  Kinetic internet is available in different bandwidth tiers ranging from 100 Mbps to 8 Gig, although the latter does have limited rollout at the moment. However, in most areas, you can enjoy speeds up to 1 GIG along with unlimited data and zero contracts at a price point that is quite market-competitive.

You can get a plan that best fits the needs of your home. For smaller families, the basic internet would suffice whereas bigger families may need higher speeds to the likes of 300 Mbps or 1 Gig. Check out what your budget is like per month and then choose an option that best fits the glove.

Let us take a look at Windstream internet plans by Kinetic. To check availability in your area, call our customer care representative at 855-349-9312.

Kinetic Plan Max. Download Speed Promo Price
Kinetic High-Speed Internet Up to 100 Mbps From $50/mo.*
For 36 months with AutoPay.
Kinetic Fiber 300 Mbps Up to 300 Mbps From $39.99/mo.*
For 12 months with AutoPay
Kinetic Fiber 1 Gig 1 Gbps New Customer Promo $69.99 $39.99/mo.*
For the first 3 months with AutoPay (month 4-24 $69.99)
Kinetic Fiber 2 Gig 2 Gbps From $99.99/mo.*
For 24 months with AutoPay

*Price includes a $5.00/mo. discount with AutoPay, option to disable at the next step. Prices may change after 12-month promo. Taxes & fees extra.

*Data effective as of publish date. For the latest plans & prices in your area, call 855-349-9312.


The importance of online security rises day after day, as cybercrime threats continue to increase. Choosing Kinetic by Windstream and backing it up with Kinetic Secure as one of the most elite online security suites not only protects you over the internet but also all your loved ones’ identities.

Customize your Kinetic Secure package the way you see fit; utilize parental controls, network management, remote safety, and a whole lot more – for only $14.99 per month. For more information or to subscribe, call 855-349-9312 now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get a Kinetic Secure package for online security?

Yes, if you are a Kinetic Internet user, you can get a Windstream Kinetic Secure package for internet security. These services work as a team to get you not only the best internet experience but also the safest one. For more information or to get the service, call 855-349-9312 now.

Is technical support included in Kinetic Secure?

Kinetic Secure by Windstream offers 24/7 remote technical support for all your questions, queries, and concerns. Anything that can be handled remotely will be solved through this support service although for bigger issues you may have to visit a store or call for a technician to visit.

Get Kinetic Internet today! Call 855-349-9312 now.