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Windstream may be a less-known internet service provider (ISP) but one that holds great sway, especially for the rural and suburban regions of the U.S. It has a dominant footprint in the Mid-West and the East Coast and is quite popular in areas where other wired options are limited. Windstream Internet not only offers a variety of service types, but also speed tiers ranging between 50 Mbps to 1000 Mbps, so there is something for everyone to choose from. Kinetic by Windstream is known for its substantially low introductory pricing, which makes it quite a hit with the masses where it is available.

This article takes you through an in-depth review of everything about Windstream that you definitely should know before signing up for the service. So let us begin right away!

Windstream Internet: Coverage

Kinetic by Windstream internet services are available in 18 states for now, with hopes to increase their footprint in the future. However, even with this decent coverage area, it appears that the percentage of the population covered by Windstream is still quite low, at only about 2.78% according to the FCC Broadband map. This has to do with the fact that despite the great coverage across states, Kinetic Windstream mainly targets rural and suburban residents, whose population density is low and scattered across huge areas.

The states with Windstream internet coverage include New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Nebraska, Minnesota, Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. The footprint is particularly dense in Georgia, Iowa, and Kentucky, with a much wider Windstream service area than in other states.

Kinetic by Windstream: Internet types

Windstream offers quite a variety of internet types, depending on the areas of service. In rural and suburban regions where it is widespread, Windstream offers DSL service, often powered by a Fiber backbone, and is hence able to support higher speeds than conventional DSL. This is known as the Kinetic high-speed internet and supports speeds up to 200 Mbps. However, the speed availability will vary across locations. Some rural locations may have access to lower speeds, while urban areas may enjoy higher DSL internet speeds.

Conversely, Windstream also offers Kinetic Windstream Fiber that brings pure fiber-optic internet to your doorstep and gets you gig and even multi-gig speed. Unfortunately, Windstream fiber still has very limited coverage so it is only available in select areas.

Kinetic by Windstream: Plans and Pricing

The pricing plans for Kinetic Windstream can be slightly overwhelming when you start looking at them. This is because Windstream pricing and plans, as well as some other details sometimes, tend to vary from area to area, even in the same city. You can enter your address into the zip tool at BuyTVInternetPhone and it will let you know whatever offers are available in your area. You could also call Windstream customer service at 1-855-349-9312 and find out the exact speeds and pricing available at your address.

However, for the most part, Windstream pricing is quite standard despite speed variation, and we have outlined it for you in the following table.

Windstream Internet Plan

Download Speed Range

Promo Pricing

Kinetic 50

34 Mbps —72 Mbps

In select areas. For 12 months. First 3 months of internet free. Limited time offer.

Kinetic 200

126 Mbps – 232 Mbps

In select areas. For 12 months. First 3 months of internet free. Limited time offer.

Kinetic 400

376 Mbps – 450 Mbps

In select areas. For 12 months. First 3 months of internet free. Limited time offer

Kinetic 1 Gig

800 Mbps – 1,000 Mbps

In select areas. For 12 months. First 3 months of internet free. Limited time offer

Do remember that the pricing does change between locations, so not all offers may be available at your address. Plus, the internet speeds available with that plan may depend on the network capacity in your area.

In areas where multiple speed tiers are available, Windstream also lets you customize your plan however you like it with a speed and other add-ons of your choosing. However, since Windstream offers promotional pricing for the first twelve months, do expect a price hike after the period ends, and although it is not unreasonable, it is something to be wary of.

Windstream has recently also started offering multi-gig plans. But as of now, the service is only available in select areas and hence not very widely advertised.

Windstream also likes to offer little perks to their subscribers so depending upon your location you may qualify for free internet for the first three months or a free upgrade to gig speeds. In many areas, the free upgrade to gig speeds is the sweetest deal you’ll find. Free gig speeds for three months and a mere $50-$60 is charged for it from month four to twelve, who offers such great value?

Windstream Combos for Greater Value Plans

If you are looking for greater value plans with your Windstream internet, there are a few that you may consider. In some regions, Windstream offers unique combinations that add value to your internet plans. While they are priced at a slightly higher rate than standalone internet plans, these Windstream combos are quite a steal because there is no price hike after one year and you can simply follow a month-to-month contract with them.

You can choose to get a modem and a security suite or just the modem. Pricing of course varies according to the combo plan you get.

Combo Offer

50 Mbps

200 Mbps

400 Mbps

1000 Mbps

Kinetic One + Modem

In select areas

In select areas

In select areas

In select areas

Kinetic One + Modem + Total Secure

In select areas

In select areas

In select areas

In select areas

These combo offers are nice because they give you good value for your plans, not to mention a couple of other things to enjoy. The modem and the security suite by Windstream help you revamp your internet experience and live it to the fullest.

On a different note, Windstream also allows you to bundle your internet service with a home phone for a mere $20 per month added to your bill. Windstream does not have its own TV service, but you can bundle with DIRECTV and get quality TV services at your residence along with your internet service.

Kinetic by Windstream: Data Allowance

Windstream is known for its unlimited data plans, which sets it apart from many providers in the market, especially those that market DSL. All of the Windstream high-speed internet plans come with absolutely no data limits, which is a big win for rural and suburban people who have limited wired options, to begin with.

Since there are no data caps to worry about, there are also no overage charges or speed throttling either. So, you can count on smooth internet service without any bumps along the way.

Kinetic by Windstream: Contracts

One more thing that stands out with Kinetic internet plans is the contract-free arrangement that is offered by Windstream. All the Kinetic plans come with a month-to-month agreement, so you never have contracts to hold you back if you want to quit the service. Plus, there is no early termination fee (ETF) either, so you really have nothing to worry about. Opt out at any time, it’s as simple as can be with Windstream Internet.

However, if you are in on a term agreement with the promotional pricing for a year, you may have to pay an ETF if you cancel before the term ends, depending on your agreement.  Similarly, if you sign up for  DIRECTV services, you may have to sign a contract according to their offers and also pay an ETF if you cancel before your contract is up.

Kinetic Windstream: Equipment and Other Charges

Windstream is transparent when it comes to additional monthly charges that are added to your internet bill. Some things such as installation and activation will be a one-time charge, whereas others, such as equipment charges tend to be recurring monthly charges since it is a rental. Either way, here are some of the additional charges that you should bear in mind before getting the Windstream internet service.


Windstream Additional Charges

Installation fee (One-time)


Activation fee (One-time)


Equipment rental

Up to $10.99/mo.
Equipment rental charges are subject to location

If you are tech-savvy and looking to save some money, however, a self-installation option is available with Windstream and comes at no charge. You can also count on technician support on phone throughout the process so you have assistance at the ready. Nevertheless, you would still be required to pay the activation fee, and it is only after this that your internet service would be activated.

Windstream Internet: Customer Service

Windstream may have a less than adequate customer satisfaction rating, but it does try to keep its customer service on point to take care of its subscribers. Whether it is billing problems or technical issues, Windstream professionals are present 24/7 to help you through the process. You can reach out to Windstream customer service if you are ever stuck in any issue, or simply need insight on the service and need to talk to an expert.

For Spanish speakers, you can reach the Windstream servicio al cliente  at the número de teléfono de Windstream: 1-844-481-5992.


Windstream internet comes with a few pros and cons that are worth a second thought if you are planning to get new internet service. The pricing varies a lot over locations, as well as plans, so you are not always sure what speed-tiers are available in your area. In addition, unlike other providers, such as Xfinity and Spectrum, Windstream does not offer an online security suite for free which is kind of like a bummer. 

On the bright side, however, all Windstream plans are contract-free and come with unlimited data, which is something to look forward to. Plus, Windstream is able to supply rural and suburban areas with high-speed internet options even in places where wired internet providers are all but limited. And with the continual expansion of the Windstream Fiber network, you can rest assured that the provider does have some interesting things planned for the future!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Kinetic by Windstream have data caps?

Kinetic Internet by Windstream does not have any data caps, and all plans come with unlimited data. Call 1-855-349-9312 to learn more.

What are the benefits of getting Windstream Internet?

Windstream internet gets you unlimited data and comes with no contract. The promotional pricing too is very low and enticing, especially with the high speeds (50 Mbps – 1000 Mbps) that this provider boasts. Call 1-855-349-9312 to subscribe.

Is Windstream Internet available in my area?

Windstream Internet services are available in about 18 states. To check the availability of active plans at  your address, call the Windstream customer service at 1-855-349-9312, day or night!