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The internet service provider known as Kinetic by Windstream has a nationwide footprint that covers spans 18 states across the U.S. Kinetic by Windstream boasts an extensive fiber-backed network coverage that supports multi-gig speeds as well as innovative technology and constantly evolving equipment that ensures you receive the best experience possible. You can always count on high-speed top quality internet services, unlimited internet plans, and more with Kinetic by Windstream.

Kinetic by Windstream participates in the FCC Affordable Connectivity Program, connecting thousands of low-income houses to high-speed internet at low prices. In this blog, we discuss affordable connectivity with Kinetic by Windstream – exciting features, perks, and pricing that make the Kinetic by Windstream internet plans a top choice for many people across the U.S.

Kinetic by Windstream: National Footprint

Kinetic Internet service offers high-speed internet service in over 18 states throughout the U.S., whereas Kinetic Fiber, which supports multi-gig speeds, is a little more limited. Here is a list of all the states where you can enjoy high-speed internet powered by Kinetic by Windstream up to 100 Mbps:

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    Affordable Connectivity Program

    Kinetic by Windstream is a proud associate of the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). This government initiative hopes to provide internet services to low-income households to help them get in touch with employment opportunities, remote learning, stay connected to loved ones, and more.

    Kinetic by Windstream through ACP would give you a credit of about $30/month towards your internet service bill. Whichever internet plan you pick, you will only have to pay whatever comes on top of this credit per month. This is a great initiative and ensures that all households receive internet service no matter what the income may be.

    To get Affordable Connectivity from Kinetic by Windstream, you must be eligible for receiving the service. The eligibility criteria for ACP are:

      Once you have confirmed your eligibility to the ACP from Kinetic by Windstream, the rest is pretty simple. All you have to do is fill out their online form for the Verifier Application. Then you can select any plan from Kinetic by Windstream that you feel would be best for your household. Finally, you have to complete your enrolment with the ACP and request the credit towards your internet.

      Kinetic by Windstream – Internet Plans

      Here is a quick look at all the internet plans that Kinetic by Windstream has to offer. You can receive your ACP credit towards any of these plans.

      Internet Plan Max. Download Speed Price
      Kinetic High-Speed Internet 100 Mbps $50/mo.*
      For 36 months with AutoPay
      Kinetic Fiber 300 300 Mbps $39.99/mo.*
      For 12 months with AutoPay
      Kinetic Fiber 1 GIG 1 Gbps $39.99/mo.*
      For the first 3 months with AutoPay (month 4-24 $69.99)
      Kinetic Fiber 2 GIG 2 Gbps $99.99/mo.*
      For 24 months with AutoPay

      *Price includes a $5.00/mo. discount with AutoPay, option to disable at the next step. Prices may change after the promotional period ends. Taxes & fees extra.

      Why Choose Kinetic by Windstream?

      Kinetic by Windstream is a wonderful option for households of all kinds – purely because of the flexibility and convenience it offers. The internet plans are not just packed with great value, but they are also priced well and work with FCC to make affordable connectivity more widely available. Some of the top reasons to pick Windstream internet are:


        The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) initiative by FCC is a remarkable way for low-income families to connect to the internet and make use of the resources available online. Kinetic by Windstream not only participates in ACP but also makes it super easy for families to connect with each other.

        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        Can existing customers of Kinetic by Windstream qualify for the ACP?

        Yes. If the dynamics of an existingKinetic customer change and they qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), they too can enjoy the service at a reduced rate. A monthly credit of $30 will be allowed per month for such users to use towards their internet service.

        Is Kinetic by Windstream available in my area?

        Kinetic by Windstream offers service in 18 states across the country. To learn of Kinetic availability in your area, call our experts now at (855) 349-9312.