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Wide Open West, commonly known as WOW!, is the 6th largest residential cable service provider with a footprint in the Midwest and Southern U.S. – The growing numbers of WOW! subscribers, approximately 7 million countrywide, stand as a testimony to the provider’s commitment to deliver top-notch TV, internet and phone services, with all the sought-after features, at truly pocket-friendly rates.

The WOW! Cable TV, brings you non-stop fun-fueled quality entertainment at great value for your money. That is in fact reason enough for WOW! lovers to dispute the common saying that good things don’t come cheap. Of course sometimes that is true, as is with WOW! TV.

WOW! spans 10 states with its services, ensuring provision of rich entertainment choices that can support the cravings of TV fanatics and fuel their frequent binge-a-thons without them having to break the bank. With three well tiered channel lineups, and the open offer to bundle TV service with high-speed broadband, WOW! makes it all the much more inexpensive to opt for subscription.

With WOW!, you won’t have to worry about sudden price hikes either, because once you subscribe to a WOW! Bundle, the price is locked for 12 months and you are free to enjoy your brand new subscription to the fullest. Moreover, because WOW! cares about customer satisfaction big time, as a new subscriber you get to benefit from a 30-day money-back guarantee – an offer that speaks volumes of provider’s confidence on one hand, and acts as a source of reassurance for the customer on the other. This way, you would simply know that getting WOW!-ed was the best decision you could have made.

WOW! TV - Just too good to be true!

Bored of watching repetitive content and want more? Make your ordinary TV experience extraordinary with WOW! TV that lets you access a well tiered cable channel lineup with the power to keep you glued for hours without getting bored.

With WOW! TV you get up to 140 channels, HD quality premium networks like HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, an array of sports networks, as well as access to high On Demand content that helps you fully satiate your thirst of juicy TV entertainment. Blockbuster movies, latest episodes of your favorite TV shows, flaming-hot news and invigorating sports – everything that may be on your list, is included in your WOW! TV package.

Tired of binge-watching your favorite TV content while sitting on the sofa for hours? Well, with WOW! TV’s online portal you can watch WOW! On-demand channels showing your favorite movies, shows and programming in other genres. And that too on any of your devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets – all you need is a high-speed internet connection in case you are outside your house and do not have access to WOW! Internet.

You can ALWAYS count on WOW!

If you want to catch-up on the latest dramas, recently filmed star-studded shows, just-in-news, on-going events and more, at any time of the day, wherever you want, you can surely count on WOW! to deliver.

WOW! TV brings you entertainment that is high in quality as well as plenty in quantity, so that you never feel bored or frustrated even for a split second. Now TV lovers can conveniently watch their favorite content 24 hours a day, every day of the year - without strain on the pocket!

Want to add more bling to your life without getting broke?

WOW! aims to eliminate reasons that may hold you back from subscribing to a high-dose of epic TV entertainment. That is why WOW! Bundles bring such good value for money.

With TV packages starting at $74.99 you can treat yourself by getting more than one service at discounted rates and stay fully equipped.

If you decide to get a WOW! Cable plan, don’t forget to chat with WOW! Customer Service to find out about the most demanded promotional deals and features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is WOW! TV Available 24 Hours Daily?

WOW! TV brings you up to 140 channels available to entertain you 24 hours every day along with On Demand content and premium sports networks!

Will I get Cinemax with WOW! Subscription?

WOW! brings you premium subscription channels such as HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ® along with local cable channels.