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Let’s be honest. The Internet plays a key role in the day-to-day life of millions of Americans and billions of people across the globe. Internet access, which was considered a precious luxury back in the day is now a necessity. It’s impossible to live without a high-speed internet connection in today’s digital age.

Internet Service Providers like CenturyLink are working relentlessly to deliver quality high-speed connections to their customers so they can lead comfortable lives. Of course, like every other technical service, internet service from a well-known provider also comes with a few downsides like frequent disconnection and power outages. However, one can face such issues with any other provider as well.

While most ISPs are actively trying to maintain and sell their top-notch services, there is no avoiding the occasional disconnection issues and power outages. From waiting for your favorite shows to stop buffering and compromising with blurry and choppy video quality to fighting endless lagging during online games and browsing with a snail-speed connection, slow internet will completely hinder every possible plan you have set for the day.

Covering 36 states of the country with exceptional service quality, CenturyLink is no stranger to such issues. It’s tremendously difficult to sustain a powerful position in a competitive customer market. However, CenturyLink internet makes sure to take care of its customers the right way and avoid disastrous situations. How? Thankfully, there are a ton of ways to fix your CenturyLink internet speed. If you’re a current CenturyLink user and facing rare power outages, weak internet signals, frequent connection drops, and other CenturyLink internet problems, you’ve come to the right place looking for ways to overcome them.

To fix the problem with your CenturyLink internet, you must first identify the problem. What is the nature of the issue and do you need to get in touch with customer support to fix it? What is the source of the problem? Is your modem at fault or is it a smaller issue like damaged wiring? Is there a power outage in your area?

We’re going to cover the most common CenturyLink problems down below, plus offer quick solutions! But before you dive in, let’s take a look at the secret weapon you will be using a lot to fix problems with your CenturyLink internet service – the Troubleshooter tool!

About the Troubleshooter!

The Troubleshooter tool from CenturyLink solves a myriad of problems you may be facing with CenturyLink internet. It’s designed to identify any existing problems and known outages with your line or equipment and jump-start the repair process without having to ask for approval. You can always run the Troubleshooter tool to check for an issue with your home internet and create a ticket with optional alerts for repair, create, cancel and manage repair requests, and offer additional resources to fix problems with the internet and/or phone service.

All you need is your billing phone number or your account number (it may be of 9, 11, or 13 digits, based on your area) along with your service zip code to use the Troubleshooter tool from CenturyLink. To make sure you use the tool to its maximum capability, make sure you stay on the page when testing is in progress. It takes only a moment usually.  Turning off the computer or closing the window cause the entire process to shut down. You will need to restart the test again at a different time.

Make note that you can also use the Troubleshooter tool if you’re already signed in to My CenturyLink. The link under the My Products tab will autofill your account details and automatically run the troubleshooter for you as well!

Problem: Modem Issues

Your CenturyLink modem may be disconnecting for multiple reasons. Some reasons could be the modem is positioned in a tight, small space, disconnected or torn wires, Wi-Fi signal interferences, and outdated firmware

Solution: Check for Loose Wires

One of the most common reasons for frequent disconnection is loose wiring. Check if the wires are plugged in properly or not. They may have torn or come loose with time. Loose and damaged wires will inevitably cause major connectivity issues. Connect them properly or replace them.

Solution: Re-Position the Modem

Where your modem is located at home makes all the difference. The modem should be positioned in an open and big central space at an elevated position to avoid overheating and signal interference. Make sure the modem is placed at least 10 feet away from physical blockers like metal appliances, ceilings, walls, blockages, water containers, and more.

Solution: Change Modem Channel

  • Connect your laptop, PC, or phone to the internet
  • Type in the browser’s address field
  • Open Settings and enter username and password
  • Go to Wireless Setup from the main menu
  • Choose 2.4 GHz from the sidebar on the left
  • Click Radio Setup
  • Pick any channel from 1 to 11
  • Pick a wireless power level between 10% to 100%
  • Choose the right 802.11 mode
  • Click Apply to save settings and you’re good to go!

Solution: Check for Signal Interference from Other Devices

Sometimes, electromagnetic interference turns out to be the culprit. Due to signal interference from other electronics like ovens, microwaves, and fridges, the signals of your CenturyLink internet service get weaker. The only way to fix this is by maintaining a 10 feet distance between such electronics and your modem.

Solution: Update CenturyLink Modem

If you’re using your own modem, the lack of technology or the outdated firmware can become a daunting issue. To avoid this problem, consider switching to a CenturyLink-approved modem for you will always have a compatible and updated modem that won’t cause any modem-related problems.

Solution: Rebooting CenturyLink Modem Manually

It’s important to reboot your modem every few months. There are no drawbacks to rebooting your modem.

Here is how you can manually reboot your CenturyLink modem step by step!

  • Unplug the power cord
  • Make sure the lights are turned off on the modem
  • Wait for 1 minute
  • Plug in the power cord again and wait for the power light to turn green
  • Go online to test your connection once the lights turn green

Solution: Rebooting CenturyLink Modem via My CenturyLink app

  • Log in to the My CenturyLink app
  • Select My Products
  • Select the Reboot Now button OR schedule the reboot at another time
  • The reboot will be in progress once selected
  • Wait for a few minutes
  • Once the light turns green, go online and test the connection.

Problem: Area / Home Outage

Internet users across the globe face internet outages. It’s a common problem for those users living in smart homes, smart cities, running online businesses, working in IT companies, or working online remotely. The dramatic shift from physical to virtual medium has changed the way internet services work in terms of sustainability.

Despite being rated as one of the top internet providers in the country with the best infrastructure, CenturyLink cannot protect itself from internet outages. But, it is however very well prepared to counter any internet outage.

Why Do CenturyLink Internet Outages Happen?

CenturyLink outages happen due to a number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Lack of backups: One of the strongest reasons why internet outages occur is due to the lack of reliable backup plans. Having a backup mechanism prevents network downtime and allows the provider to move to the backup network in case of an internet outage. The customers of an ISP without any backup system may shift to alternatives when there is an internet outage.
  • Lack of maintenance: the expanding CenturyLink infrastructure across a variety of states in the country makes it difficult for the ISP to meet maintenance requirements completely. Poor maintenance practices can produce negative network downtime which isn’t at all common coming from CenturyLink.
  • Natural occurrences: Mother Nature is a strong force no provider can wrestle with. Extreme weather conditions drive up the chances of internet outages occurring. This is when a reliable ISP should always be prepared and equipped to overcome such situations and mitigate the impact

Solution: Using the Troubleshooter tool

There are 2 ways you can detect an internet outage.

Area Outage: The CenturyLink Troubleshooter will notify you with ‘Known Outage Found’ when an outage is identified in the entire area, instead of your house. It keeps you up to date with the estimated time needed to resolve the problem and the latest information. Plus you can keep track of the status of the resolution so you don’t have to contact the CenturyLink customer support team to report issues or find quick fixes somewhere else. The Troubleshooter tool is considered an asset by CenturyLink customers when it comes to problem-solving.

Home Outage: This is where the Troubleshooter will scan your lines and equipment to identify the source of the issue and assign you a repair ticket. It saves you the trouble of calling the CenturyLink customer support team as well. You’re the only internet user affected in the case of a home power outage.

To Wrap It Up

We hope this comprehensive yet useful blog comes in handy for diagnosing common CenturyLink problems with your internet service. While internet outages, weak internet connectivity, and frequent connection drops aren’t something you’d face every single day especially after fixing the problem, if the problem sustains, get in touch with CenturyLink’s 24/7 available and accessible customer support team at 1-855-349-9310 and find help faster!

Plus, despite the service outages and several disconnection issues, why do you think people still sign up for its services? Along with its top-notch customer services, the value-added CenturyLink internet plans are to thank for that!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I reboot CenturyLink modem via My CenturyLink app?

  • Log in to the My CenturyLink app
  • Select My Products
  • Select the Reboot Now button OR schedule the reboot at another time
  • The reboot will be in progress once selected
  • Wait for a few minutes
  • Once the light turns green, go online and test the connection

Why is my CenturyLink internet disconnecting?

Your CenturyLink internet may be slowing down for a number of reasons. Check for loose wires, check for signal interference, re-position the modem, reboot the modem and update the firmware.

How do I fix my CenturyLink internet?

The 24/7 available CenturyLink customer support team can be reached at 1-855-349-9310 and help restore your internet connection super quick!