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As a growing number of subscribers began to flee from the traditional cable and satellite TV entertainment, AT&T swiftly launched its online TV streaming service in 2016, known as DIRECTV NOW until rebranded as AT&T TV NOWSM in summer 2019.

This AT&T streaming service has remained a bit different from most competitors in the market, offering a rather traditional taste of Live television. With AT&T TV NOWSM you may cut the cord and do away with all the accompanying clunky equipment and binding contracts, but you’ll still retain all the perks you may have become accustomed to with your cable or satellite TV service, including a broad range of Live TV programming.

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About three years following the initial launch, the DIRECTV NOW streaming service underwent rebranding – the year 2019 saw this transformation occur as AT&T eliminated the satellite factor, and the DIRECTV NOW app morphed into AT&T TV app for new and existing subscribers.

So, if you were using the DIRECTV NOW app prior to that, you must have noticed the app name transition to AT&T TV NOWSM . The company promised to keep the shift exceedingly smooth and ensured subscribers would not require new sign-in info when the automatic update of the app occurred.

Does the DIRECTV NOW Streaming Service Require AT&T Internet?

Unlike the usual satellite TV service that requires a dish and a satellite TV box, or for that matter a cable TV service that is relayed via a cable TV box, the AT&T TV NOWSM (formerly DIRECTV NOW) is a streaming service that only requires internet connectivity to unleash the power of televisual entertainment.

But it doesn’t necessarily require the AT&T internet service to work, rather you could hook up to any good quality high-speed internet connection and start streaming your TV favorites. The quality of your streaming experience however, is highly dependent on the performance of your connection in terms of speed and consistency, so pairing DIRECTV NOW – i.e. AT&T TV NOWSM - with an AT&T internet plan would be ideal. The cherry on top, AT&T offers unlimited data if you hold a double subscription i.e. you have an AT&T Internet and AT&T TV NOW (formerly DIRECTV NOW) account.

DIRECTV NOW – The Tempting Features

Despite the fact the DIRECTV NOW (now AT&T TV NOWSM) streaming service carries the traditional appeal of satellite and cable TV services to quite an extent, it does help you do away with a lot of clutter - be it a binding annual contract or varied pieces of equipment that are necessary to relay the broadcast. With this streaming service from AT&T which neither necessitates a subscription to AT&T Internet nor restricts viewing to a single device, there is much that is different.

Here is a taste of features you get to experience with your DIRECTV NOW (rebranded as AT&T TV NOWSM) subscription:.

Programming Choices

To begin with, DIRECTV NOW (now AT&T TV NOWSM) offers a handsome range of programming – encompassing varied genres. The channel count starts out at 45 and goes as high as 125 depending on the plan you are subscribed to. Here we must add, this count excludes the large number of music channels which is usually employed by cable and satellite TV service providers to swell their channel lineups. What’s more, the first two plans on offer i.e. PLUS and MAX, include the widely-loved premiums - HBO® and Cinemax®!

Device Compatibility

The streaming service from AT&T supports a wide array of devices, including all new and old Roku devices, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, iOS and Android devices, Samsung Smart TV – support from Web browsers like the Chrome 50 and Safari 8 or higher versions is also available.

Cloud DVR Storage

Paired with True Cloud DVR, the streaming service allows a standard 20 hours of DVR and retains it for 30 days. Moreover, you can pause and rewind your Live TV shows.

Plans and Packages

The AT&T TV NOWSM(formerly DIRECTV NOW) offers a choice of six primary packages, with a starting price of $55/mo. for AT&T TV NOWSM PLUS. The ULTIMATE plan is the highest of all tiers and costs $135/mo. You also get to opt for the Spanish channel lineup with OPTIMO MÁS that brings 90 channels for $86/mo. Premium networks and international programming is on the menu too - add-on to expand your televisual horizon!

All in All…

The DIRECTV NOW service (now known as AT&T TV NOWSM) with its economical pricing plans, no contract policy, and a wide range of device compatibility is definitely one of the best alternatives out there if you are looking to opt out of cable and satellite TV services.

A bundle with the AT&T Internet is sure to make for an amazing experience – with up to 3 streams, anytime, anywhere – even on the go as you leverage AT&T’s nationwide Wi-Fi hotspot network.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have to have AT&T Internet for DIRECTV NOW (AT&T TV NOWSM)?

The AT&T TV NOWSM (previously named DIRECTV NOW) is a streaming service powered via the internet, but it doesn’t necessarily require the AT&T Internet service to work with. However, the quality of streaming experience is highly dependent on a good internet connection, so pairing DIRECTV NOW with an AT&T Internet plan would be ideal.Call now to order | 1-855-820-1220.

Does the DIRECTV NOW Streaming Service Require AT&T Internet?

DIRECTV NOW requires an internet connection to stream TV entertainment but doesn’t necessarily require AT&T internet service to work.

Is DIRECTV NOW available in my area?

Call 1-855-925-2541 and learn about the availability of all AT&T services, plans and bundles in your area.